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Work as a couple and achieve the dreams of both. When you live with your partner, have a stable relationship, or are married (as in our case), life is a combination of what they do and dreams they want to achieve individually and jointly.

When we reinvent ourselves, it is as if we multiplied our knowledge base and our perspective. This allows us to look at things from different angles. We do not renounce our old selves. We add another dimension to it.

For example, to succeed in marriage, we cannot maintain the same mentality that we had when we were single. We have to reinvent ourselves and adopt a completely different benchmark and learn to work as a couple.

But we can still relate to the thinking style of a single person. We have not lost that capacity. We have added another. We have become more multidimensional people than before, thanks to understanding our partners and working with them.

That is why when we talk about reinventing ourselves as a couple, we mean changing our mentality to find a way to make our dream come true. In this article, we present the keys to working as a couple and achieving the dreams of both.

It is time to fulfill dreams; how to do it working together?

Each of us comes to a relationship with different customs and values, knowledge and skills acquired throughout his life, his own beliefs, and other factors that differentiate us from our partner.

When we think about working as a couple, we must combine and find the connection points that have made us overcome obstacles and emotional whirlwinds to date.

How to align interests to work as a couple and have a common vision?

It might be believed that a Veterinarian and a Communicator would hardly work hand in hand, but beyond what both people studied, they had developed skills and knowledge that serve them to become a high-performance team.
But above all, we had (we have) the same vision of life and the project. When both are 100% committed, finding common ground is easy.

To align interests, it is enough to have a dream in common and find a way to achieve it together, knowing that both of you are willing to start a deep process to create something wonderful.

This process starts from:


  • Get to know each other and recognize each other


  • Rediscover your hobbies and passions


  • Intertwine your strengths and weaknesses.

It is not a bed of roses, and not all the time we are sending kisses and hugs while we work, so in this article, we give you some keys to work as a couple and achieve the dreams of both.

Keys to working as a couple and achieving the realization of your dreams

Since we have put you in the context of why it can be key to work as a couple, reinvent yourself together to achieve your dreams, and why it is an excellent option, we want to give you the keys to achieve it:


  • Be clear about the “why” and the “why.” Work as a couple


Before considering working as a couple, you have to be clear about why. And if you want to share this path with your life partner.

You must also be clear about what for, the purpose of your reinvention together.

It is very important to take this into account because you will not have the benefit or reward in mind if not. And without the for what (or the purpose), you will find yourself at the same point as before.

We recommend you write what your mission is. You can read this article where we explain in detail how to create it, your mission must be aligned with that of your partner, so it is key that both of you do it in separate places and then read it to them.

If you both have a personal mission-aligned, the entire entrepreneurial path and working as a couple will be easier for you.


  • Meet your expectations

This is very important. Even when working with your partner, do not try to meet the expectations of others but your own.

It may seem selfish, but once you feel full, it will be easier for you to help others with their goals, even your partner. It is much easier for both of you to help each other fulfill your dreams if you feel good about what you are doing.

Ask yourself: Will this reinvention help you meet your life expectancy?


  • Be clear about the objectives with your partner, work as a couple

For example, our final goal with our undertaking was to start a trip without a return date in 2018, and we succeeded because by being clear about our objective, we were making all the decisions that would bring us closer to it.
For example, We started a minimalist life getting used to having little.

We saved more than 70% of our salaries when we worked for someone else, and we used this to reinvest in our business and also have a mattress for the trip.

We invested more than 5000 dollars in training to work as a couple and not die trying. Learning from those who know is very important.

One of the reasons why we are not constant is because we are not clear about the objectives. If you are clear about your objective and the path to follow to achieve it, everything will be easier. It is important that you get used to defining objectives to work as a couple and measure them. Otherwise, it is difficult for them to improve.

We have met many people who do not want to set goals. They do not care and do not understand them. But what we have realized is that they want to take steps blindly because “a heart that does not see, a heart that does not feel.”
If you are interested in working as a couple and starting a business together (or anything), you have to create the foundations that allow you to measure and improve.


  • Be consistent and learn to motivate yourself

One of the keys to working as a couple is to be consistent, not throw in the towel. They must focus on the goal they want to achieve. If you focus on that goal, you can focus all your efforts on reaching and accomplishing it.

Do not confuse constancy with obsession. They also have to talk about other things than just their project together. It is also important that you learn to automate yourself since not even your partner will be cheering you on every day.
Eliminate from your mind that first you have to have the desire to do things, often, and in any project, you will have to learn to get the desire from the deepest. In our case, we have compiled a list of videos that help us to self-motivate and recharge batteries.

There will be rainy days, and you have to learn to live with it and not let it stop you.

Recommendation: Cultivate healthy habits that allow you to enjoy the entrepreneurial journey with your partner, such as telling each other every night what they liked about the day and thanking each other for the work done.


  • Aim to meet your goals with clear tasks every day, work as a couple

It is not the same to set goals with your partner as to set out to achieve them. Much more profound is what it means to commit to yourself in achieving a goal.

Many people do not like to have them since committing to a goal means that it must be realistic and clear, not an impossible utopia to achieve. It also requires us to stop crushing ourselves and get stuck in perfectionism.

You have to learn to complete the tasks you set yourself and always work thinking about the minimum viable product that generates value and launch it. If you are falling into perfectionism with your partner, here are ten keys to combat it.


  • Define the roles that each one will have in the project

One of the most difficult things about working as a couple is dealing with two different ways of being and doing. That is why it is important that both of you have different roles in your project and that they are masters of their responsibilities.

This will save you conflict and move you forward faster.

When you decide to work as a couple, it does not mean that the two of you will be doing the same thing all the time. It means that they have decided to work together towards a dream with a joint project.

Having different roles is very important to be more productive and so that everyone knows their place in the business.

Each person who is in a project must have:


  • Your role


  • Your responsibilities


  • Its clear functions

It’s the same as if you were in a company and you had a work team. Wouldn’t everyone do the same, right?


  • How to define the roles when I work with my partner? Work as a couple

We do not all do the same in the same way, and we do not all know how to do the same things, so it is important that they feel to identify:

1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

2. Where will each add more value?

3. What do you like more?

4. What does your partner like to do the most?

Each one is a fundamental pillar in the project, and our reinvention and knowing our roles, and knowing what we have to do helps to work as a couple without stress.


  • Take care of your relationship and make the big dream board

Working as a couple also means learning to take care of the relationship while collaborating for a dream. This is why it is important to take moments of disconnection.

In our case, we never stop relaxing with a good Netflix series or a trip to the cinema that takes the project out of our heads for a few minutes or hours. Logically now that we love traveling, the trip entertains us enough.

When you want to comply, sometimes you have to use certain mental triggers to help us focus. We saw this in the documentary “The Secret of the Law of Attraction,” If you put a concept in your mind and focus on it, you will realize that all your actions are focused on achieving it.

Make a blackboard or collage with photos and phrases that remind you why you decided to work with your partner.
You can have it on your computer or cell phone wallpaper so that it reminds you every day why you want to undertake it. Much better if you do this accompanied by your partner, so they begin to align their vision of life.

Fix these wishes in your mind and work together to achieve them. In our case, the dream of living, traveling and knowing the world is what moved us (and moves us), so when we started working together, we made a mural with all our travel photos and put it in our room.

In this way, we kept it in mind, and it even served us even when we were angry or frustrated with each other (yes, it is normal we all argue).


  • The value of sacrifice, work as a couple

Being able to sacrifice is the decisive factor in reinventing yourself and working as a couple successfully.
It is important that you sit down with your partner to talk about what they can sacrifice to achieve their dream much faster.

Ask yourselves:


  • What are we willing to let go of to achieve our dreams?


  • What sacrifice can each of you make for the relationship and the business?


  • What are we not willing to sacrifice?


  • What do we need to make a dream come true?

It is very important that you sit down and put together an action plan to accomplish everything you set out to do. Goals and objectives help us to know where we are going and what we are doing.


  • Be happy and enjoy the process

If you are not happy with your partner, why do you want to work with her?

First of all, both of you must be happy throughout the entire process, from start to finish. There will be hard times, but if your happiness depends only on reaching the goal or dream you have set, we are going wrong since they will see it as an obligation rather than something that will make them happy.

You have to live with the motivation to do something that you like to face the day-to-day and our objectives from a positive perspective.


We hope that this article with the keys to working as a couple and achieving the dreams of both will help you see another side of personal and professional reinvention and give you an option to work as a couple that can be very fun and satisfying to achieve your dreams.

If you do not think about developing knowledge and training to have the skills to achieve your dreams, you will be a failure. If you plan to work as a couple or are already doing it, you have a great advantage, and you are not walking alone.

Always be grateful because you have someone supporting you and contributing to your project and life, value everything you achieve together day by day and never lose the desire to move on.

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