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What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? In recent years, the word “entrepreneur” has gained unusual relevance. This concept refers to people who enter the complex world of business by their means and has endless definitions that appeal not only to a profession but to a way of life.

When we hear the word “entrepreneur,” we automatically visualize people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft.


We think that our path and our conditions will be like those of these giants, and therefore, we believe we will get the same results, whether financially or professionally. But many times the reality is not what we expect; the road is difficult, and the results are not comparable to the excessive success of these people or corporations.

This situation often discourages many young people who think that entrepreneurship is synonymous with financial success. We refer to those young people who have the misconception that every entrepreneur will automatically have a fortune for the simple fact of incubating a project.

In this article, we detail all the information to know what it means to be an entrepreneur and become better at achieving all your goals and objectives.

What is an entrepreneur conceptually?

An entrepreneur discovers an opportunity, takes financial and emotional risks, and starts their own business to make a profit.

The entrepreneur knows how to identify and take the opportunities presented to them, having confidence in themself, being competent, courageous, and disciplined.

The entrepreneur is also a business leader since they can create a successful business plan for their product and encourage other people to be part of their project, either by investing capital for the business or as human capital.

Main characteristics of a good entrepreneur


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As an entrepreneur, you must have a unique business vision. A nose that allows you to anticipate the market to start a business that truly meets the needs of your target audience.


  • Initiative, what it means to be an entrepreneur

In the same way, as an entrepreneur, you must carry the initiative with a flag. A person who continually considers new proposals, improvements, and opportunities. This is decisive for the product or service that you develop to be innovative.


  • Passion

An entrepreneur without passion for what they do makes little sense. The entrepreneur must be enthusiastic about carrying out and believe in their project since their success or failure will also depend on it. It would help if you had a firm stake and passionately defend your idea.


  • Ambition, what it means to be an entrepreneur

Any project that is undertaken must be ambitious. And whoever leads it too. So being clear about what you want to achieve and, later, considering how you will achieve, will help you, as the entrepreneur, see the path more clearly.


  • Leadership

A start-up or entrepreneurial project needs a good leader who has a special influence capacity and knows how to connect with their workers. This means that the team leader will be able to communicate ideas brilliantly to generate motivation and exploit the best virtues of each of those who are part of the team.


  • Resolutive, what it means to be an entrepreneur

Another quality of a good leader and, therefore, of the entrepreneur, is solving problems quickly and efficiently. This is very important since, in a project that has just been born, it is normal for different situations to appear that will reveal the need for someone who has this quality.


  • Creative

The entrepreneur also needs to have an innovative and creative mind. You need to be a professional whose inspiration has no limits to devise an innovative project, solve potential problems with some creativity, or propose alternatives that have nothing to do with what you know so far.


  • Assertive, what it means to be an entrepreneur

Be sure of yourself and make others see it. This facet is very important since the entrepreneur will show their confidence in themself, not take detours, and orient themself to the objectives already set.


  • Learning capacity

It is necessary to have a good attitude, both for the good to come and for the bad. Learning from successes and mistakes day by day is another of the great qualities that a good entrepreneur must have.


  • Optimistic, what it means to be an entrepreneur

Being positive will help the entrepreneur turn threats into opportunities. Likewise, it will favor compliance with the rest of the qualities, since it will allow one to face any adversity with a better attitude and develop a constructive mentality.

“My possibilities should not limit me.”

Bill Gates once said: “life is not fair; get used to it.” This phrase exemplifies what should be the mentality that an entrepreneur has when starting their journey. Although it may seem like a short phrase, it is a reality that there will always be many people with greater possibilities of achieving success in this world, whether because of their relationship, social situation, education, or even their nationality.

However, these circumstances should not be a barrier for us to take flight. We should not, under any circumstances, think that we must resign ourselves to living the “destiny” that has been imposed on us and stop fighting. Overcoming this mindset will make the difference between leading an average life and breaking all the molds.

Be better, the slogan of the entrepreneur

The idea of improvement is the cornerstone of all entrepreneurship. “Being better to live better” is the motto of those who want to start in the competitive world of business. You may not forge a fortune like the tycoons that appear on the covers of magazines, but at the end of your life, you managed to be the best person within your possibilities.


Then you can feel satisfied with your achievements. If you can consolidate a greater patrimony than what you had at birth, then you did things well! That is why Bill Gates said: “to be born poor is not your mistake; dying poor is”

When we think of improving as people, of preparing ourselves to be better professionally, perhaps without knowing it, we are starting the path of entrepreneurship. With this, we are specifying the formula for success. Aristotle said it well: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit,” and that is a large part of the success of great entrepreneurs. It lies in perseverance and hard work.

Therefore, the best advice that we can offer to any entrepreneur is to incorporate the habit of being better every day, detecting your strengths and weaknesses, and achieving the established goals. To decide objectives that allow you to know yourself thoroughly as an entrepreneur and as a person, fight from your trench, from your possibilities, and only because of that, achieve financial success.

If someone could achieve it before you, what makes you think that such a feat is impossible? Stop looking for excuses: opportunities come and go and are waiting for you when you decide to use and put them into practice. To move the mountain, start by moving small rocks.

Final words

Entrepreneurship is the best way to grow economically, be independent, and have a quality of life according to your expectations, which implies developing a culture of entrepreneurship aimed at overcoming some people’s resistance to being independent.

Now that you know what it means to be an entrepreneur, you can undertake in a better way and become a better version of yourself.

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