It has been a long delivery… Almost 20 years to be precise! I am pleased to announce that I am now the proud mother of my first book, ‘My revenge on life’.

It was a Friday in August 1998, when I was with my mom on a highway in Belgium, driving from France to the Netherlands. We were stuck in a traffic jam under a tunnel when a truck hit us. I had to stay three months in hospitals. It took me another six months before I could fully walk normally again and go back to work full time. It then took me years to be fit again and I managed to do so thanks to salsa dancing. I picked up my life, grew professionally and traveled the world…

I had always said I should write a book about what had happened to me but never really took the time. I finally started working on my book more than 12 years after my accident. I guess I needed that time to ‘digest’ what had happened… And yes, writing a book is not easy. It takes time, it has to flow, it should not be boring and it needs to have an end! This was my biggest challenge: I did not have the latter till this year! At the beginning of 2018, I had decided to help expats and young professionals optimize their potential. And it was as if the universe was sending me signs… All the pieces fit in together and I just had to finish my story.

It is always with mixed emotions that I recall all the events of my accident. When I look back, I am actually grateful this happened to me. It was definitely not easy to go through this experience, but it contributed to make me the person that I am. I have always been positive; I do not give up easily and always achieve my goals. This book is just another proof of that. If this book helps at least one person, then I will have accomplished my other goal: inspire people in showing them that there is always hope even in the most difficult situations…

PS: This book is available on all the Amazon marketplaces, both in English and in French (‘Ma revanche sur la vie’).

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