Verbal or written communication?

A few days ago, I published an article on communication. In there, I provided a few general tips on how to communicate effectively (

Today, I want to go a bit deeper. To communicate effectively, you need to ensure you are using the right ‘media’. We sometimes think it’s easier to just send an email but it is definitely not always the case. 

Which type of communication should I use?

Are you hesitating between sending an email or having a call or a meeting (whether it is a one-on-one meeting, a team meeting or a meeting with your stakeholders)? Then you have to assess the best way to communicate something. Because it all depends on the situation.


If you have to provide some constructive feedback to someone or give them important news that impacts them (such as informing them about some reorganization), have a one-on-one, ideally face-to-face or via video.

People should never get a surprise via mail or in a team meeting.


If you need to provide an update or discuss complex issues, have a team meeting or a conference call so that you can provide details and so that people can ask questions.


If you need a decision from your senior leaders, ask for a meeting with your leadership team so that you can outline your project/idea, answer questions & hopefully get the green light.


From my experience, emails should be kept to:

  • Inform someone in advance about the topics you’d like to talk about in a meeting
  • Summarize / confirm what has been discussed in a meeting with the most important points
  • Send some documents to review/read
  • Give some general information


What else would you add?


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