Whether you are leading a team, a big organization or a company, you need to be an effective communicator, as otherwise your message will be lost.


To do so, you need to communicate clearly and in a confident tone: if you are unsure, or hesitate, if you keep saying things like ‘well, you know’, or ‘hmmm’ , or you look down, you will not be able to convey a strong message. 


You need to pay attention to your audience. Leaders know who they are and adapt their language/expressions they use to them, they adjust the speed of their speech. They prepare. They practice, rehearse. Record yourself on video and see if there are specific gestures you do you shouldn’t, if you look nervous etc. 


Being a great communicator also means being a great listener. Leaders are curious and know they don’t know everything. They are open to feedback and listen to suggestions. 


For the ladies, some additional tips:

  • Stop using ‘diminishing’ words such as ‘I’m sorry’, ‘maybe’, ‘just’..
  • Often underestimate themselves; it’s all in your head!!! Nobody knows what you’re going to say or if you forgot to say something
  • Dress. Try to match your style with that of your audience. In doubt, dress up a bit (instead of down). And try not to wear too much makeup or too much jewelry. In this case, less is more, You want your audience to focus on your message, not to be distracted by something you wear


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