Get the best tips for writing a perfect CV. Many people do not know the importance of writing a good resume when applying for a job. Your CV is a record of all the professional and work experience you have had throughout your life. Many compare this document to a file since people must provide personal information (address, phone numbers, email, marital status, etc.).

People must take it upon themselves to write a perfect resume for the type of job they are applying for. In addition, you must take care of complementing the Curriculum with certificates or diplomas to prove your academic training.
Many people are unaware of writing a resume to help ensure success when they want to be hired. For this reason, we take care of giving you the best advice to write a perfect CV.

What can I do to write the best CV?

Writing a perfect CV is easy when you know the pertinent information. Some tips that you can consider when writing your resume are:

1. Adapt it, tips for writing a perfect CV

It is highly unlikely that you will apply for both a marketing internship and a server job for a coffee shop. If you do, the better for you. Even if you are looking for (the same) positions in the same industry, it is important to make sure that your resume fits the job description.

One trick is to have a base resume that summarizes everything you have done, studied,double-checked and achieved, and that you quickly edit it for each position that interests you.

Expert Tip: Make your resume relevant to the position by rearranging the skills or accomplishments so that the most important ones are immediately displayed and the person reading your resume doesn’t have to search for them.

2. Be part of the solution

Don’t ask the company what it can do for you: ask what you can do for the company. Instead of telling companies what they already know (that you want the job and that you have the qualifications), use it to tell them who you are, what your passions are (something related to the position you apply for), and how you can contribute to the success of the company. Make sure the text is good, short, and direct.

Expert tip: highlight the mission statement with a different font color (something subtly different, like gray instead of black) or italicize it. (But don’t go overboard with the format, keep your resume looking clean and professional.)

3. Highlight your skills, tips for writing a perfect CV

Put your experience first, then your studies. Although titles are great, you are not your title. You are your experiences, knowledge, and achievements. Those are your most important assets, and they will help you stand out. Even if you’ve just finished your studies, a part-time job, internship or volunteer job has helped you to be a responsible person.

Expert Tip: Make sure the headings for the experience and studies sections are clear. Again, a clean, well-organized resume with headings and bullets is easier to read, and someone is much more likely to read it and call you for an interview.

4. Promote your social skills

One important thing that can help you get that experience after your studies, or during your studies, is traveling abroad, especially if you live some time abroad, both studying a language and volunteering. In no time, you develop organization and planning techniques, improve your communication skills, and learn to overcome obstacles.


And you also become an independent, flexible, and creative problem-solver who impresses with your cross-cultural skills.

Expert tip: If you are passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures, include it in your mission statement, and also include in the studies or experience section any work or study-related experience you have had abroad.

5. Make a list and double check, tips for writing a perfect CV

Use our checklist to make sure you have a resume that is tailored, solution-oriented, and loaded with soft skills – that will propel you to the top.


  • Choose a classic font that is available in the world’s font library. Arial or Helvetica are a safe bet.


  • Choose a readable font size. Small words tire the eyes and don’t get interviews.



  • Use bullet points. You are not writing a novel; you are summarizing your achievements.


  • Write in an active voice. “Responsible for” and “Tasks included” are not in the active voice; use action verbs, such as “I implemented”, “I improved”, “I managed”, and so on.


  • Check your spelling and grammar. Errors are not allowed. Get your mom, dad, or friend to review it a couple of times before submitting it. (Silly mistakes don’t make a good first impression!).


  • Save and send your CV in PDF format. Anyone can read a PDF and thus the layout will not be altered, as can happen with a Word document.

6. Make sure your online profile stands out

Your resume looks great, you’re ready to apply for your dream job, and now you have to make sure that a Google search will show your good side as well. As you always have to assume that a potential company will look for you online, it is very important that your online profile is good (you can find advice on how to do it here) and that your LinkedIn profile matches your resume.


It doesn’t have to be exactly the same information, but it should increase your appeal and include some additional information (links to things you’ve written, recommendations from colleagues or bosses), things that are difficult to include on your resume.

Expert Tip: Don’t forget to include your language skills on your LinkedIn profile, especially if you are applying for an international position. For the English language, we recommend you take the EFSET English test, which is free, and that you add the certification directly to your LinkedIn profile.


Final words

Writing a perfect resume is a really important task. Still, with the help of these tips, you can make your job easier and surprise your future employers.

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