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Discover the best tips for studying at a distance. Studying at a distance to become the professional you want to be is the ideal of many. But also working, practicing your favorite hobby, going to the gym, spending time with your family, having a social life, taking care of your pet, caring for the housework and even pampering yourself in a better way.

Although surely you are already at the limit with maternal advice, self-help books to balance life, tips to increase your productivity, and liters of coffee to maintain your energy. Here are some tips for studying at a distance, which will be of great help if you want to study the career of your dreams with this method.

Advantages of studying at a distance

Many people think that studying at a distance is more complicated than studying under the traditional classroom methodology. However, we must all be aware that it is all about determination, perseverance, and discipline.

Currently, thanks to the advantages that the Internet provides us, we all have the opportunity to investigate, educate ourselves, inform ourselves and look for references on the different study topics that we must cover during the study of our career.


Likewise, we can count on the personalized support of professionals who are willing to instruct students from all over the world through digital platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Webex, and many others.

In addition to this, by using the advantage of digital platforms, people have time to organize their schedule to study at a specific time so as not to interrupt the rest of their activities.

Another advantage of studying at a distance is that people do not even need to leave the comfort of their homes.

What should students know before starting their studies online?

There are some tips for studying at a distance that all students should know. This will allow them to develop as successful students, and at the same time, it will provide comfort when learning. Some recommendations are:

1. Discover your study method, tips for studying at a distance

The world evolved, and today there are a thousand and one dynamic ways of studying. Just as you can learn to cook with:

– Grandma’s recipe,

– Mom’s cookbooks

– 3 minute step-by-step videos on Facebook

With that same versatility, you can choose the study method that best suits you to understand and practice your university degree’s contents.

Ideally, you should immerse yourself in the 21st century and embrace all the possibilities presented before your eyes. Take advantage of ebooks and their technological benefits to read, write, underline, add notes and even listen to written texts in audio.


You can combine them with traditional techniques, noting the important aspects in your notebook so that your most precious ideas are always with you! Also, try writing summaries, designing mind maps or diagrams, associating concepts with images, or reciting aloud if you need to memorize any information.

2. Find your time and place, tips for studying at a distance

To study with courage, you need to feel your environment to have a true immersion experience. Therefore, defining a schedule in which you feel fresher and open to exercise your mind, as well as a space that you can call “functional-inspiring” because your ideas flow. You feel comfortable, which is a fundamental aspect that will take time. But you will be grateful all your life.

For a week, try to study each day in a different space. Look at what hours you achieve the greatest concentration – at dawn before going to work, after lunch, or at night when you get home – and in which places you have fewer distractions and have the elements you need to organize your supplies and materials consultation. If you feel like time is flying by and you still have so much to learn: bingo, you found your ideal combination!

3. Monitor your progress

Do not wait for the last day to submit your work, carry out activities or take evaluations. The best thing is that you have created a study habit that allows you to fulfill certain obligations on time. Thus, you can value your learning permanently.

While taking a quiz isn’t much fun on the face of it, it’s an indispensable tool for tracking your progress. Use the pedagogical resources that are found at the end of the chapters in books and guides, such as tests and case studies, or choose to do research on the Internet and challenge yourself with unknown exercises that will test your knowledge outside of your comfort zone.

4. Make the new technologies yours, tips for studying at a distance

Internet, social networks, and mobile devices are tools that allow you to be interconnected with the entire world from your home. If you are one click away from talking with your best friend who lives in Argentina, the United States, Belgium, or Madrid, why not be with your classmates?

Studying at a distance and not finding yourself in a physical classroom does not mean that you are alone. Learn collaboratively, share ideas and solve doubts with your classmates and teachers. It is possible!


Make the most of the online resources that you have at your fingertips, such as chats, tutorials, and virtual forums, or create groups on WhatsApp and Facebook so that you can carry out teamwork and interact with people, just as you would in a face-to-face study modality. You know that networking is important!

5. Get motivated and have fun

Having long-term goals is fine, but having them centuries away only makes you feel a bit stuck. They say small actions, great achievements. Try it!

It will be easier to see results, measure progress, and motivate yourself to achieve it. If you have to read three chapters of your book, propose to read half until a certain time. When you do, reward yourself by changing activities: you can take a break, listen to music, eat a snack, or play with your pet and go back to your studies.

Studying at a distance, you choose your form and your learning pace. You can do it when and where you want, without forgetting the responsibility and discipline it entails.

6. Backup your data, tips for studying at a distance

Ensure to save and back up all your documents before even sending them to your teacher or posting them on the discussion forum. In this way, you will have a record of all your tasks if you want to review them or if your equipment suffers a malfunction.

7. Set schedules and stay organized

Once you have access to the study plan, make a study schedule and establish which days and how many hours of study you will dedicate per week, according to the requirement of the course and the number of assignments you will have to deliver. Remember that keeping a regular schedule will keep you out of the habit of procrastination and help you better manage your time.

The truth is that studying at a distance is not easy. It requires great discipline and commitment. If you notice that you have too much difficulty adapting to art, do not be discouraged, just be patient and try a little more.

8. Let’s rest, tips for studying at a distance

While you must stick to your work schedule and do your best to meet your goals on time, you shouldn’t feel guilty when you need to take a break. As we have already mentioned, the number of study hours does not equal a better result in your qualifications. Still, the determining factor is the technique used.

Last words

Thanks to these tips to study at a distance, people can study in a better way and take advantage of all the digital tools that can help them in the process.

Meta description: Learn about the best tips for studying at a distance and put them into practice to guarantee your success as a student and to be able to enjoy this educational modality in a better way.

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