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Tips and tricks to be a great leader. What is a leader? A leader is a person who is a referent for a group of people. It’s the person who leads a movement, group, or institution. For this, it has earned the respect of the people who follow and support them in their actions or decisions.


What is being a good leader?


The concept of a good leader isn’t the same for everyone. A leader is someone capable of leading a team and earning the respect of everyone in it. To make this possible, they excel in the following:


  • Their knowledge.
  • In being able to make decisions.
  • How they reach out to others.
  • They know how to manage a moment of crisis.
  • Their support and understanding of each member.


If you want to become a leader capable of motivating your team, you should focus on following the next tips:


Share your knowledge


Knowledge becomes even more valuable when shared. Every good leader cares about their team members taking on new challenges constantly. Doing so won’t only improve the group’s performance, but will make them grow as professionals and keep them inspired.




Start talking less and listening more. This way, you’ll realize the valuable learnings and ideas you can get from your peers. Besides, listening is an excellent opportunity to receive feedback. After all, as much as you think you have everything under control and are doing an excellent job, the reality can be different.


Know your team


You know perfectly well what each member of your team does; but do you really know them? Not only should you spend time meeting your work goals, but you should also take a moment to get to know your collaborators. Knowing what they feel, what they need, and what their career goals are will help you understand them and understand how you can help them.


Recognize your and other’s achievements


Don’t be the kind of professional who takes credit for the achievements of others. Recognize the work of others and thank them. By doing this, you will be validating their great work and make them have greater initiative.


Learn to use your emotional intelligence


Being in touch with your emotions, knowing how to manage them, and being able to understand those of the surrounding people is essential. To be a good leader you must first be able to lead yourself. For this, you must have control over your thoughts and emotions.


Keep in mind that leadership is a continuous learning process. A good leader makes themselves known by constantly striving to improve and maintaining a positive atmosphere. The optimism and enthusiasm you inject into your tasks will not only motivate other employees but will also help new leaders emerge in your organization.


Leadership and being a good leader


Leadership is a set of skills that a person has to have to put themselves at the head of a group and, in general, positively influence its progress. Here are some valuable tips to know how to be a good leader.


Characteristics of a good leader


We all, at some point in our working lives, have felt that we had a good boss. They’re someone who behaves with the utmost education, with absolute respect for our work, who always tries to motivate us, and who is positive, even in difficult or complex situations. There are people more predisposed to become leaders naturally, and others who will need to acquire some skills. Let’s see what are the three most representative qualities and character traits of a good leader.


It takes a lot of patience, not only with the rest of the group but also with yourself. We shouldn’t wait impatiently for things to happen now, but know that waiting is part of the process. Besides, sooner or later it will pay off. What you can do while waiting for the results is nothing more than enjoying the process, and be positive.


Humility is another characteristic of a good leader. Every boss should know that to be one, they must have a team of people willing to work for them. Because of this, you must be tolerant of the mistakes of others.


And finally, a good leader must always learn. We never stop learning and this is vital to growth, both personally and professionally.


What are other must-have leadership skills?


Being a leader means being the person who points the way. For this, they use a series of inherent or learned qualities. For example, their knowledge, way of relating to others, ability to make decisions, to manage crises, or to support or understand the members of a group.


There are some characteristics of a good leader, which every person who leads teams in any field should at least know.


  • Self-confidence. This is what allows any leader to manage any crisis, even if they may be wrong.
  • Ability to make decisions effectively and judiciously, without arbitrariness
  • Sharing person, who shares information with their team, who expresses what they need and their goals. A leader knows how to transmit orders and the reason behind certain decisions.
  • Emotional self-control. Losing control, getting nervous, freaking out, isn’t typical of a good leader, who always has to convey security and control of the situation to their team.
  • Great working capacity, even working more than others.
  • Good ability to plan and coordinate human resources, materials, and times, controlling the process at all times.
  • Charisma. A charismatic leader is a person who knows how to convince, who has magnetism, who knows how to lead with a smile, and who makes the job seem easy.
  • They’re a polite and pleasant person, who never shouts or disrespects their team.
  • Empathy is also a very necessary quality. You have to understand your team as a whole and as individual people. This way, you will know how to make the most of the talents of each member.
  • A leader must be fair to make the most balanced decisions at all times.
  • Finally, you have to be optimistic, know how to keep everyone motivated through a positive attitude.


A relaxed and focused team is a signal of a good leader. No matter the difficulty or obstacle, they will feel motivated to move forward.


What are the traits of a bad leader?


In simple terms, we can say that a bad leader is a boss. Of course, being a boss isn’t always bad, but they are known for not having leadership skills and not listening to others. Tips and tricks to be a great leader. A bad leader is selfish and self-centered. Because of this, they don’t care about their team, don’t have patience, aren’t loyal, showcase their insecurities, and lack charisma.


A good leader isn’t someone who, when something goes wrong, resorts to blaming the whole team. Instead, they will be self-aware and acknowledge where they failed. On the other hand, if something goes well, they won’t claim the achievement is all theirs and no one else. A bad leader will only show off their authority and will use it as their only argument when a team member disagrees with them.


A person with leadership skills will have followers and not minions who just obey orders reluctantly.


The characteristics that define a good leader


A leader can possess very different attributes. While some see the ability to give orders as a good trait, others think that being charismatic and communicative is more important. So, what are the true defining traits of a leader? A person can have many qualities, but to become a leader, they must have different attributes.


Self-confidence, Tips and tricks to be a great leader


This doesn’t imply a lack of humility. Instead, if a crisis arises, a leader must have enough self-confidence to be able to make decisions without hesitation.


Ability to make decisions


You not only have to be able to make decisions on the spot, but you must also have discretion in doing so. Many bosses make arbitrary decisions while not taking into account the team’s opinions.


Being communicative, Tips and tricks to be a great leader


A good leader is always a communicative person, never otherwise. A leader must be able to always keep their team up-to-date with the latest news. It must also be able to explain the reasons behind their decisions.


Emotional self-control


A leader cannot get out of control or lose control of themselves. Whatever the situation, you must be able to act under pressure.


Go far and beyond expectations, Tips and tricks to be a great leader


A lot of people think that being a leader means that you work less than your team. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As a leader, you must always work harder than anyone else and be able to there for your team when it becomes too much for them.


Planning and organization


Managing a team involves having the skills to coordinate people. In other words, you must control the whole process at all times.


Pleasant and polite, Tips and tricks to be a great leader


They’re the person who represents the team and all its work. Because of this, they must be able to relate freely with everyone.




You should always be there, willing to lend a hand or offer a shoulder to lean on.


Responsible, Tips and tricks to be a great leader


If a person becomes a leader, it’s because they have earned the trust of others. This means taking responsibility for your decisions and the actions of your team.




One of the responsibilities of a leader, although not exclusive to them, is to keep a high motivation among the team. To achieve this, you must always remain and showcase a positive mindset.


Conclusion of Tips and tricks to be a great leader


As you can see, a leader is someone with many facets and responsibilities. Some are born leaders, while others just learn to be one. No matter the case, for any project or venture to succeed, it must be led by the right person. Do think you have what it takes to be a good leader? If not, we hope that this guide helps you to become one, or at least know how to recognize one. 


If, on the other hand, you want to be the leader of your own project, have in mind that it will take time. Don’t forget to be humble at all times and ask for help if you need it. A good leader is able to recognize what it lacks and ask others for help. Don’t let your ego take hold of you and lead your team to success!


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