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The secret to writing better texts with less effort. Writing is the act of putting thoughts on paper. It is an art because it requires time, effort, and skill: this arduous process seeks to bring abstract ideas to a tangible world.


Even if the ideas behind it are good, clear and concise writing could make all the difference between enriching writing and a tedious and uninformative one.


In this article, we give you the best secrets to write better texts with less effort.


Some tips that you can take into account


  1. Clear ideas, the secret to writing better texts


What do you mean? How do you want to say it? What subject is it for? These and other questions are the ones we must ask ourselves before we start writing. The main thing is that we are very clear about what we will talk about before we start, so the wording does not get complicated and messy. Making an outline with the main and secondary ideas of the text and what goes on each topic or what we cannot forget to tell will help us organize ourselves.


  1. Short phrases, the secret to writing better texts


If the text that we are going to write is not just for us, then this is where we think of the poor reader. Try to understand us. Well, more than trying, you have to get it. If we are not potential Cervantes, we better focus on short sentences and forget about endless subordinates. Transmitting the idea concisely will always give excellent results.


  1. Adjectives go away, the secret to writing better texts


A well-used adjective helps describe what we mean—it colors the text. But let’s not fool ourselves by its innocent appearance of the complement of the noun, no. The adjective is an evil entity that creates addiction and turns any simple text into a bombastic compilation of words full of flourishes, which convey repellently cheesy images.


And even worse is the ability of this resource to convince us we write well when it is a lie: it is like smearing in cologne so as not to shower, it sneaks in at the beginning, but after a week like this, our friends will probably stop calling to meet.


No matter how many adjectives we add to the text, they will not cover the errors in the writing. It is hard for someone to endure a text full of languid and beautiful red roses on a soft old bedspread of dark black velvet-like a cold night without pale stars.


  1. Without God’s forgiveness, the secret to writing better texts


With the correction of Word, the emails of the Fundéu, and the Royal Academy in a mobile application, making spelling mistakes is a mortal sin.


And not because we cannot fail, which we can, but because we have to review what we write. We must doubt our reliability and check if we have screwed up, find out about the news in the language (words that are allowed, which ones are incorrect, etc.), and accentuate correctly. We cannot present a good academic work that has faults, whatever the teacher and whatever it is.


  1. Written or spoken? the secret to writing better texts


The construction of spoken and written language is different. Writing a newspaper article or a job for the university cannot and should not be a literary text, but neither should a conversation with colleagues. Whether we decide on a relaxed style, a more neutral, or an academic one, we must take care that the sentences do not follow a conversation pattern but an essay.


Each sentence must have a subject, predicate, and the complements, and each idea must have an enunciation and a conclusion leaving nothing in the air. A good proof that writing as we speak does not work is the WhatsApp voice message recorder: if we record a conversation without making an effort to take care of the language, we see that the result is very rare when we read the message.


  1. The periods and commas are not a decorative element


The reader needs to breathe and understand. We need to conclude the ideas, list them, explain them. Punctuating correctly is essential to writing well, and it helps us organize our thoughts so that the text is not chaotic.


  1. The easiest way to be fatal, the secret to writing better texts


Not by putting a lot of “cultured” words will it seem that we know more. If they are not normally part of our vocabulary, we may not use them well, or the text may feel forced. Before we make a fool of ourselves by using a super-searched word where it shouldn’t be, we better explain what we mean honestly.


The important thing is to communicate and that the reader understands us, not to feed our ego. Of course, it is essential to be careful with repeating the same words all the time. A dictionary of synonyms is going to come in handy to enrich our writing.


Writing beautifully is an art reserved for the lucky few, but writing well and correctly can be done by all of us, and the good news is that the best way to learn is by reading and practicing. Besides being easy, it is fun. What more could you want?


The art of online writing


Copywriting is about the discipline of converting words or texts into marketing actions. We are facing one of the most important techniques to achieve Internet sales. Copywriting is used, above all, to create content that adds value to the products or services of a company so that they are more attractive to the target audience.


For this reason, this is a process that cannot be taken lightly since it defines the image that the consumer will perceive of the brand. Copywriting applies to:


  • Websites.


  • Blogs.


  • Social media.


  • Product descriptions.


  • Social Media Campaigns.



Advantages of knowing about copywriting


In a market as competitive as the one in which we operate, where the Internet is the great king, making a difference has become the great objective of companies. Thanks to the role of copywriting, we can talk about the following advantages:


  • Better SEO positioning.


  • Greater customer commitment to the brand.


  • Better company image.


  • Greater credibility for the audience.


  • More percentage in the conversion rate translates into what all companies are looking for, more sales and more income.


In short, copywriting links directly to content marketing to help companies achieve more satisfied customers.


Why is copywriting so important?


More and more companies are discovering the importance of copywriting, an essential tool to increase their potential customers. The content marketing professionals analyze the field in question and position the brand in search engines using the appropriate terms in their writings. Occupying those first search positions is vital to have a good concept of the company.


Web copywriting becomes a valuable speech that enhances the brand. It’s not just about finding the perfect words. And it’s about telling the right story.




Today it is much easier to write better texts with less effort, thanks to copywriting techniques. Follow the advice we give you in this article and rest assured that you can achieve success by writing about what you like the most.

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