the habit of reading

Reading as a method of learning and personal growth. Reading is a fundamental habit for the personal, educational, professional, and emotional development of any person. Taking a moment to read can help improve comprehension, grammar, and writing, stimulate curiosity and imagination, as well as improve communication skills thanks to acquired learning.

Also, it has many useful implications for each individual because it helps reduce stress by keeping your attention on what you read and leaving aside worries and other needs that you might have.

Reading, besides helping to perfect the language, opens the doors of knowledge, gives way to imagination, and helps to forge the character of the individual. For this reason, it is important that people take charge of creating the habit of reading.

How can reading influence personal development?

Reading influences the mind and life in many ways. The brain helps because neurons increase their connectivity while reading, which is why neurologists and psychologists recommend this practice as a method of prevention against neurodegenerative diseases.

Literature is a great simulator of reality that moves in different times and circumstances through its characters and particular characteristics.

Likewise, it helps to generate new interpersonal links and improve them, thanks to the debates and conversations that can be proposed based on the new knowledge that is acquired. Also, reading increases confidence when it comes to relating socially and developing self-learning.


Benefits of reading for professional growth

1. Increase critical sense, the habit of reading

Regardless of the reading style chosen, developing the habit of reading increases the ability to analyze and generate opinions on a specific topic. Which translates into better-argued opinions, without the influence of other individuals.

2. Expand the vocabulary, the habit of reading

Reading increases language proficiency. It allows knowing new words and terminologies that enrich speech and writing, which will allow you to have better public speaking and greater confidence when expressing yourself.

3. Improves writing, the habit of reading

That’s how it is! Reading significantly improves spelling because correct use of punctuation marks, accents, and general grammar can be visually identified. Even if you are learning another language, reading can help improve your use of grammar by making the language more fluid and natural.

4. Increase the power of persuasion, the habit of reading

Reading provides new knowledge, which implies that the reader will have an excellent base of arguments for their interventions that will help them to persuade the audience successfully regarding a specific topic they dominate.

5. Improve the creative process, the habit of reading

By reading you also learn about general culture. Whether from historical texts, fiction, or newspapers, the knowledge acquired from these will help improve the individual’s work and creative performance, since knowledge about other cultures and events will be better developed.

Tips to help you maintain the habit of reading

– Choose one or more topics that attract attention, the habit of reading


Make sure to choose topics that align with your preferences and interests, in this way the moment of reading will be more pleasant.

– Come up with a schedule, the habit of reading


Have at least 30 minutes a day to read, whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening; at home or anywhere else. The important thing about stipulating a reading schedule is to keep it, to make it daily, and thus be able to create the habit.

– Focus on one goal, the habit of reading


Visualize a reading goal and set a specific number of books to read per month. In this way, you will create greater interest and ambition for reading. This action can start with small amounts and little by little increase the number to strengthen the habit.

– Make annotations, the habit of reading


Writing the conclusions, queries, and concerns regarding a reading can motivate to investigate in-depth in other volumes and platforms; resulting in a beneficial increase in the number of readings to be performed.

– Discuss with other readers, the habit of reading


Although the pandemic does not allow social gatherings, a group can be created through a virtual chat in which a group of people discusses books, articles, and readings of various kinds. These debates are very productive for the intellect, social relations, and for the improvement of reading comprehension.

Finally, reading is an important part of the personal and professional development of the individual, from their personality to their socialization process. It is important to remember that it is better to read for quality than quantity. Reading one book after another in a hurry may not leave as much knowledge as a deep reading and at a personal pace. Patience is also worked on in this habit, so the recommendation is to enjoy the process that reading entails.


Reasons why companies should encourage reading among employees

Many studies have determined reading has important benefits for the development of people, which, if it concerns us and results in a benefit for the company. Some of the reasons why employees should read are:


  • Reading encourages communication and the exchange of information and knowledge, as well as a feeling of community.


  • Reading is relaxing, which helps reduce stress and increases concentration.


  • Improve expression skills.


  • Reading is fun and sharing what you read with other people can be even more so.


  • Books can reinforce values, so that the company, through an appropriate selection of works, can strengthen its corporate culture and promote a friendlier and healthier work environment.


  • Books help open the mind, can inspire, and encourage innovation and creative thinking.


  • Reading can serve as a link between departments that do not usually interact; for example, with the organization of a book club where workers can take part.


Some strategies and methods to promote reading in the company


  • Have a library or at least a collection of books loanable to employees. Ideally, the library should have works of professional and practical orientation related to the activity of the company and its different departments, and works of playful reading.


  • Organize reading clubs where impressions and debates can be shared that encourage communication and favor the formation of work teams.


  • Offer a welcome pack to the company where books are offered.


Benefits of encouraging reading at work

1. Expert knowledge

Make networking one of the purposes of those who go to specialized events where you will meet other experts. Well, through the discovery of new books you can also meet authors specialized in different subjects that you can then follow on their social networks. What is your specialty? Discover new authors through reading.


This knowledge can also help you reinforce networking with your regular contacts when. For example, you recommend a book you recently read to other colleagues or report an upcoming editorial release.

2. Constant learning

Reading is closely linked to study. Besides taking face-to-face or distance courses, you also reinforce your ongoing training with the habit of reading. A habit to which you dedicate a daily space. This learning strengthens your projects since you can apply what you have learned in the direct field of work, but you also share what you have learned with others.

Just as when you read a book you learn from an author who has shared their work with the public, you also share with others what you have learned. A book provides learning not only in the first reading but in each subsequent reread.

3. Practice the virtue of patience

The search for the immediacy of the current lifestyle acquires another rhythm to the beat of reading a book. Reading comprehension itself invites pause. In addition, reading also invites you to delve into those messages that most caught your attention, phrases that you underlined at first, and that gain a new perspective from this later reread.

Reading reinforces the learning of patience. A virtue that has practical application in the immediate environment of professional life. For example, it is a resilience antidote to overcoming an obstacle on the way to a goal.

4. Communication skills

Frequent reading allows you to learn new words, expand the field of synonyms and antonyms. There are many moments in professional life in which effective communication is key to transmitting a message: during a job interview, in the writing of the curriculum vitae, in a negotiation, in networking, in a presentation, in a meeting with coworkers… Reading provides new communication resources that the reader transfers to their daily life.

This objective brings advantages in different areas. For example, by improving communication with co-workers, you also increase team productivity.

5. Search for new professional opportunities

Reading offers constant inspiration to those who complement their own vision of a topic with this search for new points of view. Reading invites you to expand your comfort zone with the addition of new stories, experiences, and information. You can not only enhance your professional development by reading specialized books on this subject, but also by discovering the great classics of world literature.

Final words

Now that you know all the benefits that the habit of reading can bring you, you can start choosing the books you want to read to soak up more knowledge and develop your mental skills. Best of all, there are millions of books around the world that can perfectly suit your tastes and needs.

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