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The art of selling: How to prospect correctly through social networks to get new customers. Sales professionals find that prospecting high-quality leads can become a problem. The most important thing that salespeople face in their day-to-day life.

For this reason, in this article, you can learn how to prospect correctly through social networks to acquire new clients. In this way, you can become the best seller and generate excellent results.

But first, what does prospecting mean?

Prospecting is the first step in the sales process. This consists of identifying potential customers. Continue to carry out a series of activities to strike up a conversation with them—the objective: to generate interest in the products or services of your company.

Prospecting is essential in sales since this is where the entire commercial process begins. All companies have strategies to generate leads. The goal is to carry them out constantly. This way, they ensure that they always have a flow of people to make a commercial proposal.

As some research well mentions, customer prospecting activities can be carried out through marketing initiatives. They can focus on massively attracting prospects. Also, in providing the sales team with people who have shown some level of interest in the company. Or through the cold approach. That is, start conversations with people who have shown no interest in the company.

Why are there salespeople who give up on the prospecting process?

Sometimes salespeople stop prospecting when they already have a sure portfolio of clients developed when you do not set a customer prospecting objective linked to your sales objectives, or when you are in these essential mega-companies that generate many prospects through marketing strategies, those that have historically been successful in offering their services to clients of years.

In addition, today, many companies guarantee marketing strategies that allow customers interested in particular products or services to contact sellers without them making any effort. This has generated a significant decrease in work for traditional salespeople.

What happens when a salesperson starts prospecting?

The first time you pick up the phone to make a cold call, your heart pounds. Each attempt represents a new challenge, and by the time you finish your block of calls, you feel exhausted. But in the same way as the gym, little by little, you notice results. You have more opportunities within your sales funnel. You generate more sales. Reach your goals, and it is right here that the rest of your team realizes that you have improved.

You receive praise from the boss. Your colleagues approach you to ask: How do you do it?

The best part is that prospecting does not mean that you stopped serving those prospects who were showing interest in themselves. Your commissions multiply! That new cell phone or the car of the year is within your reach. Meals in elegant restaurants and vacations in a heavenly place make you feel better every day.

You get to the top, and you have the secret to staying there: never stop prospecting. Because to have actual results, your customer prospecting process has to be constant.

How can I improve my prospecting strategies?

Some strategies can help you greatly to prospect in a better way and get more potential clients. Some of the most functional are:

1) Internal Sweep, the art of selling

It is an in-depth review of all your records of old customers who stopped buying and people who were interested but did not return. If you have good customer management through a CRM, this will not be a problem. Otherwise, look for post-its, notes, invoices, etc., anywhere you can salvage these records to work on them again.

2) Direct Prospecting

It is the most common and oldest form of sale in SMEs but the most difficult here. We find the famous cimbasso, the zone hairstyle, or the door-to-door deal This survey is carried out “cold” and is based on defining geographical areas to visit, fixed daily routes in which you sweep from point A (neighborhood, street, etc.) to point B.

3) By Directories, the art of selling

You were prospecting through the search for potential clients through general or specialized directories. Of course, the Yellow Section enters here, but also, through the internet, you can have access to technical guides. You can also have access to guides of business associations and chambers if you are a member of them. Do not forget the lists of those attending fairs and exhibitions. We can also use these in this type of prospecting. The idea is to do a telephone sweep of the records that you consider potential.

4) By Press, the art of selling

Same as the previous technique, but here you are based on press advertisements and specialized or general magazines, those in which your potential clients may be advertising. A telephone sweep is also done to start contact with them.

5) Direct Promotions

You carry out this prospecting through conventions, fairs, exhibitions, demonstrations, modules, etc. Here it would be best if you focused on finding potential customers and contacting them. You must attend all the events that potential clients can attend and contact them and ask for their information to follow up later.

6) Professional Associations, the art of selling

Look for the associations in which your target market may be: a college of accountants, doctors, engineers, lawyers, business chambers, industrial clubs, etc. Seek to enter them, get someone already there or approach them to investigate how to get contacts.


Now that you know how to prospect through social media to acquire new customers properly, you can generate the level of sales you want by increasing your clientele.

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