Be your own boss and start working on your dream job. Entrepreneurship is not a simple task. On the contrary, it takes a lot of effort, time, and sacrifices. But it is very worthwhile. In this article, we will tell you what you need to adopt this lifestyle, but more than that, to develop and make your dream come true.

We always associate the word “undertake” or “entrepreneur” with a person who creates a company or who starts a project on their own initiative. Furthermore, being an entrepreneur is linked to the skills to innovate and take risks.

On the other hand, entrepreneurship is the attitude and aptitude of the person that allows them to face new challenges and new projects. In other words, it would be the “extra” that a person must give to achieve what they are looking for. They always want to have new and greater achievements.

Characteristics of an entrepreneur

If you want to be your own boss and start the entrepreneurship of your dreams, you need to know the key to success. In this sense, you must make sure you meet some essential requirements to ensure your progress.

We recommend that you be self-critical and objective so that you know in which areas of your life you should work:

Never stop studying

Change is fast and constant. You should always stay up-to-date. That way, you won’t be out of orbit, and you’ll prevent your idea from becoming stale.

Be your own boss: Don’t give up on the first mistake

Failure is the first step to success. Through the first mistakes, you can learn and create a new way to do things better.

Find opportunities

Entrepreneurs find opportunities others do not even see. Also, they take advantage of every chance they get to make money and investments. So, they know how to guarantee their success.

Be your own boss: Know how to lead

You must be able to create links with your work team, in addition to transmitting values and professionalism.

Commit to your business

You are your own boss, so work on discipline and create goals that allow you to grow your business.

Be your own boss: Work efficiently and with quality

Your idea, whether innovative or not, depends on high quality to be reliable for your users. Also, you must be efficient. The more practical you are, the better you will develop your idea.

Being communicative

This relates to knowing how to lead. It is important that you always have open, transparent, and honest communication with your work team.

Be your own boss: Like to take risks

You will always have to sacrifice many things in decision-making. So, it’s important that you have the personality to face any risk.

Know how to set goals

It is essential that you know how to set and land objectives so that you can measure them and thus know the success of your business, or what it needs.

Be your own boss: Independence

No one will look out for you. So, it is up to you to give an extra effort so that your project bears fruit.

Do not worry if you do not meet any of the characteristics described above. On the contrary, rejoice because now you know what areas of your life you need to work on to become a successful person.

Being your own boss and the boss of other people is not an easy task. Because of this, it is essential that you work on yourself and your personality to ensure that your business thrives in the best way.

How to turn my ideas into a successful business?

To do this, you have to put “entrepreneurship” into practice. This term is derived from a process in which the entrepreneur converts an idea to a specific project. It can be through economic aspirations or, to execute a social benefits plan.

An entrepreneur who puts entrepreneurship into practice knows how to discover and identify business opportunities. Thus, they are able to organize and manage resources so that the idea can go well.

The definition of entrepreneurship depends on the context and culture under which they are developed. Some of the most common are listed here:

Be your own boss: Economic definition

It happens when resources are transitioned from a low-performance area to a high-productivity area.

Pragmatic definition

This refers to managing a company through logic and practicality.

Be your own boss: Operational definition

This refers to the creation of a new small or micro company.

General definition

Entrepreneurship is making things happen. It’s about making dreams real. The general idea of entrepreneurship is a small path: dreams become goals and goals become projects.

Be your own boss: Popular definition

It’s based on the attitude that an entrepreneur must have: devise, plan and manage to carry out the project.

After reading the definitions, you will realize that what they have in common is bringing a dream to reality. Also, that it satisfies the entrepreneur but at the same time satisfies its customers.

How to start entrepreneurship?

When it comes to being your own boss and developing your personal projects, you must take care of getting off to a good start. So, you must define in which branch of business you want to work. Then, recognize the resources you have on hand to start.


Similarly, it is also necessary to know the stages of each business to guarantee the growth of the brand. The best thing to start with, if you don’t have a lot of money or resources, is to create “Micro Enterprises.”

A micro-enterprise consists of the creation of a business idea with low investment and little personnel. Sometimes it can be sole proprietorship, but it is not a highly recommended case. It sounds a bit crazy, but it is very effective, especially so that you can give reins to your project.

Be your own boss: Strengths and advantages

The main advantage of micro-enterprises is that they require little capital and have a low payroll. Also, decisions are more independent and there is greater freedom of schedules. Besides, in terms of idea rally and flexibility, they are extremely open and the relationship between customers and consumers is much closer.

Examples of micro-enterprises

To be clearer, I will tell you some examples that you have surely seen and did not know that it was a micro-enterprise.

– Hairdressers

– Apps

– Wedding planner

-SPA for pets

-Computer maintenance

-Game creation

-Dance classes

-Video editing

-Always remember this

One of the things that you must take into account when creating a business is that you must set achievable goals. This way, you can guarantee success. In addition, you must manage your money with great caution, taking into account the expenses, investments, and profits.

Not everything is about making more money, but about ensuring the satisfaction of your customers so that your business is successful from the beginning.

Be your own boss: Examples of successful entrepreneurs

Oprah Winfrey

The famous artist and queen of television has managed to create a media empire and a production company with her name spelled backward (Harpo). Also, she has published a series of books. Oprah started out as a commentator and has now become an example of entrepreneurship.

Ashley Qualls

Will you believe us if we told you that Ashley entered the business world at the age of 14? At that age, she opened her page where she taught web design and basic programming. With a small loan from his mother, Qualls managed to buy a domain for his website. Now, it is one of the most visited pages and bills around 70 thousand dollars a month.

Mary Kay Ash

The world of beauty belongs to Mary Kay and this is how she created the line of her cosmetics that became Avon’s direct rival. The reason she decided to start was that the company she worked for denied her a significant promotion. With $5,000 in savings, she started the firm that is internationally known today.

Now that you know the keys to create a new business and being your own boss, you can have the success you really want and increase your profits exponentially. Best of all, you shouldn’t depend on a salary or allow other people to tell you what to do with your life. You can become the economically and professionally independent version of yourself that you always wanted to be.

These social networks will help you improve your business. Social Media is the key for startups hoping to strengthen their customer relationships. However, there are so many social media platforms that it can be tedious and hard to maintain a presence on each one.

The best thing is to be and actively participate in Social Networks that can help your company the most. But, do you know what the best options are for your company? All of this depends on a wide variety of factors that can be decisive. For example, the type of company, the mission, the goals you want to achieve, and your audience.

The good news is that in this article we detail which are the most popular Social Networks. Also, their advantages and disadvantages for different businesses and brands. Because of this, you have the opportunity to make a much more accurate decision.

Ideal social networks for startups, businesses, and brands

1. Facebook

This social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is arguably the most famous since its creation in 2003. Some think that it will be the perfect environment for small businesses to stand out and start on the right foot.

Facebook has more than 2.5 billion active users around the world. Some are movie stars, famous singers, influencers, YouTubers, businessmen, presidents, and much more. Best of all, there is not only the chance to reach younger generations but also older adults. You can reach people of all kinds of tastes, genders, and sexual orientation.

It is ideal for companies to:

-Create dynamic relationships with customers providing detailed updates, and also using their profiles as extensions of their websites.

– Build a brand with the Facebook community, using various applications and advertising strategies.

– Monitor the activity of the company page. Facebook Insights helps you obtain an answer on which content has the best reception.

– Ease and breadth to do networking.

2. LinkedIn

Serious companies need a place that perfectly suits their characteristics. In this case, LinkedIn is the best choice. This famous website looks for new clients and professionals. It also makes relationships with influential brands easier for the company.

Professionals have the chance to secure jobs, and they can also interact with others in the same field of work to exchange experiences, create partnerships, and much more.

Currently, this famous social network has more than 335 million active users. More precisely, 59% are men and 41% are women. Most of its audience is between 25-34 years old, followed by those between 35-54 years old. Spain is one of the top 15 countries that use this network the most.

This social network is ideal to:

– Find new clients and make relationships with big brands easier for the company.

– Create contact circles to integrate qualified professionals and experts in the sector.

Publicize the company and obtain relevant information for it through questions to different groups.

– Get fully trained employees to provide the best support to the company and ensure the best results.

3. Twitter, social networks that improve your business

When new brands want people to know their mission, goals, and opinions, Twitter is the way to go. It’s a fun but at the same time highly professional environment. This famous social network can cover every need. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a single person, a brand, or a company. It can help to make yourself known in the best way. Besides, you can generate conversations between brands and followers in just 280 characters.

Today, this platform has more than 500 million active users. The majority (62%) are women, and men comprise 38%. Another characteristic is that 71% of users are between 25 and 54 years old. So, its audience is the adult generation.

It is the perfect alternative to:

– Be online when you don’t have much time.

– Find out what is being said about the brand. Also, it allows a direct response to customer questions and criticism.


– It’s good for selling products, providing consumer service, market research, etc.

– Learn the strategies your competition uses. Then, you can see what works to achieve better results.

4. Pinterest, social networks that improve your business

Pinterest is one of the ideal social networks to know the look of a product. It says a lot about the quality, too. Also, you can obtain the direct link to the page where you can buy it. For this reason, this social network has become the number one option for many startups all over the world.

People have the ability to post photos and link them to the item’s official website. Likewise, people can easily like, comment, and share photos.

In fact, this is one of the most popular image search platforms. Pinterest received about 11 million visits in a week in December. That is 40 times more than the number of visits it received six months earlier. It should be noted that the majority of users are women (83%).

Now, this famous social network is ideal to:

– Gain exposure for products. Particularly those products whose designs are creative, since each post requires a picture.

– Let users engage with the brand and industry. It’s great for business with visual merch.

– Encourage creativity among users of the social network.

– Show people’s talent through pictures.

5. YouTube, social networks that improve your business

When people are looking for demos, presentations, tutorials, video blogs, and much more, most decide to turn to YouTube. The video-sharing giant became a great way to attract more potential customers.

Through a video, brands and enterprises can show the manufacturing process of their products. Also, they can make strategies to reach people through audiovisual media. It works to demonstrate the quality of the products they create and sell.

Today, this platform has an almost equal proportion of men and women. Therefore, they segment their audience by age groups. Namely, 45-54 (30%), 35-44 (22%) and 25-34 (18 %).

It should be noted that this social network is perfect for:

– Businesses whose products can be better promoted through tutorials and demos.

– Brands that can produce and benefit from quality videos.

– Showing off the brand and proving that its products are the best choice out there.

6. Instagram, social networks that improve your business

Instagram is the social network that could not be missing from this list. This platform is based on the use of images and short videos. Nowadays, people also have the chance to make purchases of products and services, watch live broadcasts, discover the opinions of their favorite celebrities, and much more.

This network has notably increased the number of users, and today it is a key network for brands. On this site, people can contact the brand directly, without having to deal with intermediaries.

Now you know a little more about these social networks thanks to the information we offered on this blog. With it, you have the opportunity to make a more accurate and informed decision to involve your business in the digital world and ensure success.

Tools to improve business productivity. What is the secret formula for productivity at work? Is there really a program or SaaS that can help you increase the production capacity of employees? This question is asked by all department heads.


Thus, to do this, controlling time, optimizing tasks, and automating them can be of great help. How? Simply, by finding a tool that improves the company’s productivity. For example, the most common productivity programs are Pomodoro, Trello and Zapier.


When you think of a SaaS to increase productivity, you can think of those that facilitate planning, teamwork, automate tasks, or ultimately manage your time more efficiently. In addition, you can find productivity software online, in the cloud, or in apps.


Productivity programs that help you manage projects


Organization is essential to keep in mind the phases of a project, the state in which it is and the tasks to be undertaken by each person on the team. So, with any of these free productivity tools, you can manage projects, plan and move faster.




One of the online productivity tools par excellence is Trello. If you have not heard of it, we recommend you try it. You can access it and organize your most priority tasks and teamwork easily through their boards. To illustrate, the boards consist of lists or cards that you can move from one side to another. The best thing about it? It has an app that you can access for free and consult from anywhere as long as you have your smartphone at hand.


Some people use Trello for shopping lists, and some people use it for their high-growth businesses. Also, some people use it for both, it’s that intuitive. You set up boards, to which you can assign different tasks. Then, those tasks are easily moved around, tagged with the names of other users for delegation purposes, and checked off once completed. It’s an ultra-fluid task list, and it’s perfect for those who prefer to keep track of tasks the easy way.


Productivity software to plan and manage meetings


If you want to avoid overlapping several meetings, it is important to have an ally to do so. Thus, take note of these options to organize meetings and your employees’ time easily.


Google Calendar, tools to improve business productivity


Who doesn’t know how to use this calendar? It is very easy to learn and shows the appointments you have in a very visual way. The advantage of implementing it in your day to day at work is that it allows synchronization with other devices, and you can integrate it with other software.


Robin, tools to improve business productivity


If your company has different meeting rooms, Robin’s software allows you to plan meetings, schedule, and improve the work experience. In addition to finding the ideal place for the number of people you want to convene and optimize the different spaces in the office. Depending on the needs of the company there are different pricing plans. It is a very practical and simple way of working that pays off.


Productivity programs for time management


Many times you are not aware, but everyday tasks at work can take up lots of time. Because of this, it is important to analyze the tasks that cost more time and in what we invest more effort when it comes to getting a project ahead. Then, once you have this information, you can put the tasks that require more effort first thing in the morning or when you are fresher to improve your average and be more productive.


Pomodoro, tools to improve business productivity


Using the Pomodoro technique or the Pomodoro timer can make you more efficient in your work. To illustrate, it consists of dividing time into 25-minute stages separated by breaks that can be increased. The Pomodoro method can be divided into 5 phases: organization, recording, registration, process, and visualization. The assigned tasks are performed 25 minutes at a time with 5-minute breaks to disconnect and then improve productivity. 


Toggl, tools to improve business productivity


This is one of the best time tracker options if you are a freelancer or work in a team. You can access it from your mobile or web app, and it allows you to assign tasks, link them to a project and record the time you spend on it. You can also set the log manually.


Rescue Time, tools to improve business productivity


This is an online productivity program that counts the time you spend on each task, it is very complete and shows the reports and the minutes spent on each app, game, Web page or business software you use in your day. Rescue Time has a paid version and a free version with more limited functionalities. The key to this software is that it allows you to categorize all your tasks into highly productive, productive, neutral, or unproductive actions.


Harvest, tools to improve business productivity


There are many tools for measuring employee productivity. When it comes to time tracking applications, Harvest is one of the most used by companies. You can access it from your smartphone or with your computer in the desktop version. In short, it lets you record the working hours spent on each project using a stopwatch and differentiate between billable and non-billable hours.


How to increase productivity at work thanks to the Internet?


The Internet is full of distractions that can lead us to lower our performance and productivity at work. However, it also brings us great possibilities, as well as a lot of tools that will help us to achieve the opposite. Do you want to know how to increase your productivity at work thanks to the Internet?


How to improve productivity at work?


There are many tricks and ideas that we can implement to increase productivity at work, such as:


  • Focus on the objectives


  • Set real deadlines and meet them


  • Establish a routine


  • Measuring progress


  • Visualize positive results to motivate you


  • Use resources and templates to avoid repeating the same work several times (for this you will find our free marketing resources and automatic marketing generators very useful)


  • Be organized so you don’t waste time searching


  • Do not postpone tasks


  • Work as a team


  • Learn to delegate and trust


  • Celebrate results


How to increase productivity at work thanks to the Internet?


The Internet is full of possibilities to make your day-to-day life much more profitable. Agendas, task managers, mobile apps, team communication systems, reminders, WordPress plugins, email managers, Chrome extensions and many more.


 Apps and tools to improve productivity at work


Google Drive, tools to improve business productivity


Undoubtedly, for me, it is one of the most useful tools out there, both in its desktop version and mobile app. It allows you to create a lot of documents and projects, or upload videos and images to share with my team and clients. In addition, it can create and view all this information from both my computer and my cell phone, so I can access it at any time.


Slack, tools to improve business productivity


This is an ideal productivity tool if you work in a team. You can use it to manage different projects, and it is really useful when we are a team of people working in different parts of the world and at different times. Thus, it has a chat where you can discuss issues by projects, or write directly to each other. In addition, as it has a mobile app version, it can adapt to the schedules of other colleagues, and answer urgent things without the user being glued to the computer.


Boost your business from home. Many entrepreneurs run their business from home, sometimes to save part of the initial expenses and sometimes to better reconcile family and personal life. But what at first seems like a good idea can be the seed that ends up destroying your business.


As we mentioned in the post on ideas for setting up a home-based business, you should have more self-discipline. It helps set your schedule, but above all to be productive. But if you have already decided to run your business from home, here are some of the keys to do it in the best possible way:


Create an independent space


To run your home-based business productively you need to have your own space that is quiet and pleasant to work in. To do this, reserve a room in the house. It will allow you to protect documentation, equipment, or products from possible accidents. Also, to deduct part of the house expenses.


Learn to reconcile work and family


If your children or partner are around the house, they’ll probably want to share their time with you. So, talk to them. Set times and days when you will not be able to take care of them due to work demands. This will avoid many problems in the future.


Boost your business from home: Establish schedules


Running a business from home means suffering many temptations and distractions. Set an agenda and try to adjust to the schedules and times. It can help you be more productive and to enjoy your personal life as well.


Take care of your finances


Working from home saves you part of the fixed costs. You should take that into account when calculating your profit margin and comparing what an office or rented premises would cost you. If you don’t, it will be cheaper to attract clients. However, you will not be generating a fund in case you need to take the business out of your home tomorrow. At that moment you will have to include that expense in the price you charge your clients.


Any impact of expenses can hinder your ability to retain customers. So, it’s advisable to include in the price what would be the cost of having an office or place. Then, you will not have to increase your prices if someday you need to increase the space for your business.


Boost your business from home: Protect your business


You will have in the same space the most important things in your life. Namely, your home, and your business. And all under the same roof, which is a risk in case of an accident. So, get a good insurance that covers not only your household goods but also your computer equipment and other key assets for your business.


Also, take into account the filing and custody of accounting and tax information. It’s recommended to have a billing and accounting program in the cloud. It’s good in case of problems with your computer to manage your business from home. That way, you will have backups and access from other devices without losing information or time.


Think ahead


Managing a business from home can be a good option at the beginning, but it’s important to allow yourself to separate home and work. Because even if you have an online business, it will be difficult to grow it and manage your business from home professionally.


Growing a business is not an easy task, as everyone who has tried and failed knows. However, new technologies offer a great opportunity to achieve it, and without having to leave home.


Some aspects can be improved to increase the profits of a business. One of them is to know where to be present on the Internet.


Boost your business from home: Presence on Google


More than half of consumers use Google in hopes of finding a reliable, local business. It’s important to update your website so that the page shows up in searches.


If you don’t have the skills to revamp your website and lack the funds to hire someone to do it, there are tools like Do-it-yourself, Wix, or Squarespace. They are a good guide.


Measuring online success


If you really want to grow a business, it’s vitally important to find out what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your website. Fortunately, there are many analytics tools available that can tell you how consumers are interacting with the site.


A good place to start is Google Analytics, which allows you to track traffic, see how users are behaving and identify any problems.


Take advantage of the ‘freelance’ economy


Having a home-based business, you may be unaware of how to hire someone or work as a team. In today’s world, the economy is growing and new alternatives are opening up. Thus, hiring someone for projects is now possible.


Even for the most difficult tasks, there are platforms. For example, Toptal. These allow you to contact with professionals whose collaboration you require.


Boost your business from home: Automate the marketing campaign


Email is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and for building loyalty among current ones.


Sending emails to your entire customer or client list is a time-consuming process. MailChimp is a service that automates the entire email campaign system and offers easy-to-use mockups with innovative designs. Using an automation tool for email marketing needs saves time and makes campaigns more efficient.


Focus on a single product or service


Focus on selling a single product or service and then promote it, sell it, market it and do everything you can to increase sales. It’s tempting to try to fill everyone’s needs. However, it’s less risky and more profitable to focus on selling a single product or two so that you can execute your tasks on time.


Boost your business from home: Look for ways to increase sales


Look for ways in which you can increase your sales with repeat customers. This option is much easier and much cheaper than trying to find new customers, plus it will take you longer to sell your product.


An easy way to do this is to offer them wholesale prices and discounts, especially if your product is inexpensive and easy to produce. Another resource to keep your customers and get them to keep buying your product is to give them a distinguished customer card, which allows them to get discounts, promotions, and more.


Create a Website


Create a website to promote your business and also offer the option of selling online. Thanks to the internet today it’s no longer necessary to open a store for customers to see and know your products.


Join forces


Joining forces with a business in the same industry is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to expand your business.


Target other markets


Change the direction of your business, for example, if you sell only to teenagers you can try offering your product to college students.


Expand to another location


This could mean renting some space, a virtual office, or sharing a space with another business that partners with you and also wants to grow.


Boost your business from home: Consider turning your business into a franchise


While most home-based businesses operate small, yours may have the potential to go anywhere through franchising, licensing, or wholesale distribution. The key question is whether your business can be converted into a business format that someone else could run (a franchise) or whether you have a product or service that someone can resell multiple times (a business opportunity).


You may think that expanding your business requires raising capital, hiring employees, purchasing equipment, and office or warehouse space often it’s more cost-effective and less risky to license your product to a large company with manufacturing capabilities and an existing sales force that will do the work for you.