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How to start your blog without having enough resources? Did you know we are at the best time to start a blog as a profitable business easily and quickly, achieving an average gain of five digits? Who would have imagined that we could reach millions of people around the world from the comfort of our homes? Who could have thought that we would reach such a point of earning over 15 thousand a month from anywhere in the world with our blog?

In this article, you will learn how to start a blog without having enough resources to generate income by doing what you like the most.

But first, what is a blog?

A blog is a website in which you can publish content from time to time in articles (also called posts) ordered by publication date, so the most recent article will appear first.

What should I do to create a blog?

The most important thing you have to know is that undertaking your values and philosophy of life is worth more than many of your skills.

Steve Jobs, a creator of Apple Inc., could not program and create computers, and if he had been counting and thinking that it was because of his skills that he would go far, he would have thrown everything away at once.

In short, what led him to be one of the most important pioneers of modern technology were his values and philosophy of life. The downside is that many people still believe that the primary value of wealth is money. They do not know that the consequence of the philosophy and way of thinking of the person leads to wealth.

However, there is a philosophy that everyone who wants to start an online business should know:

1º Discipline must be complete: Start a blog without having enough resources

We all have different areas of life, both at professional, business, social, and family levels, in which we must carry certain daily disciplines to be successful in each of them.

You will probably say: “But I have discipline in my work and my business. I consider myself successful.”

And yes, being solvent with work and business is an important kind of success, but we are more than just companies and entrepreneurship. Some are even parents, and others are married, or they may be single but live with their parents or alone.

In the same way, we must have discipline in each of our life roles (good life habits). The most important thing is knowing that in the area where you do not have those disciplined habits, they will wreak havoc and make you undisciplined in many other areas, which is fatal because you will sabotage yourself.

According to our experience, we can recommend that you take all your tasks a day, both business and household chores, from the morning when you get up until you go to bed.

2º Discipline has to be constant: Start a blog without having enough resources

A discipline cannot be fickle. We admit that it requires a little more effort, determination, and mental control than usual. And implementing it has to be daily to achieve the habit.

One trick that we can recommend to you to master the habit of discipline is to know if you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone. If you think that doing this task is more difficult than routine, congratulations, you are on an excellent path.

3° The greatest gift of life: They who sow well will reap well.

For a cup of rice sown in the spring, there is a quintal of 50 to 100 kg waiting to be a reward for those who persevered and took care of their crops. This, dear friends, is the greatest gift and miracle that life can offer for people who persevere.

If you are starting a business, either online or as a kind of SME (traditional business), this rule is still valid. Persevere to the end, take care of your work and keep in mind that the one who wins in the race of life is not the most talented or the most suitable for the task, but is the one who has perseverance.

We’ve seen it throughout history from high-performing professional athletes, musicians, scientists, and business magnates. This principle carries for all areas of life.

How can I be successful with my blog?

Today we have more than a thousand subscribers on our page, and every day we are on the rise thanks to these strategies that we will show you below:

1. Guest posting is the number one choice for SEO:

This strategy is based on the fact that you are going to look for the referents of your niche, you will study them in detail and their readers (you can look for them in the comments of their post or on social networks), and then you will establish a relationship with them by sending them an email to collaborate with them with a post that has value, that is well written and with a minimum of 2500 words.

The important thing is that you make yourself known as a person who knows and masters the subject since that will give value to the readers and leave them so amazed that they will put your post as favorites.

2. The power of using the correct keywords:

Keywords are nothing more than the set of words or small phrases that people use to search for what they want on Google. These phrases are usually the connecting anchor between the client – Google – and us.

But unfortunately, many of us bloggers have misused this strategy because we underestimate its true potential.

If you already know what topics you are going to deal with on your blog, but you do not connect with those keywords that your clients could use in the Google search engine, here are two options where you can easily search for the keyword and then you will know the trending and ranking of use of it.

Do not do many niche topics to post, since Google lately made updates to its search algorithm called Hummingbird in which it tries to find authority pages in a specific field and prefers to emphasize them by positioning them more than others that have many areas covered.

In short, try to focus only on one niche.

3. The magic of interviews and masterminds: Start a blog without having enough resources

As someone once said, everything in life is interpersonal relationships, and you will never find a rich hermit.


Like guest posting, you will need to relate to people in your niche by doing memorable interviews using different focal strategies such as


  • Establish questions using the audience’s doubts; take a tour of social media and your interviewee’s blog where you can capture the most interesting questions asked by their followers.


  • You can use platforms for a free or paid mastermind-style webinar where both benefit from webinar jam (for live webinars) and every webinar (using already recorded webinars and launching them again for a certain marketing campaign).


  • Another simple strategy is that once you have launched a webinar, you can review it, but it only lasts for a certain time. So that people are interested, and you can achieve monetization. There is much advantage when doing group webinars to add more value. You can also do webinars with more than two people to be the bomb!

How can I monetize my blog?

1. Creating attractive info-products: Start a blog without having enough resources

Today many bloggers are becoming financially free thanks to their info-products because once completed, it will not depend on their time to work, but it is automated to make the sale instantly thanks to certain tools.

If you are starting with your blog and you do not have enough income to invest in premium tools, do not let that stop you!

Remember that we empathize more with our clients by appearing in person than by always showing a screen.

2. 1 to 1 mentoring: Start a blog without having enough resources

If you have already launched your product and many people do not finish your course due to a lack of motivation or focus, now is the opportunity to launch your mentoring where you can tell your recent clients that they can have direct contact with you and your team for 6 months or a year for example, for you to guide them on how they can be successful in their area.

Many bloggers today are growing thanks to the mentoring they can offer to their clients. This is one of the fastest incomes you can get, and the earnings are higher, but it will require your direct time.

3. Affiliate Marketing: Start a blog without having enough resources

Today many companies agree to share part of the profit with you as long as you can market their products through your platform with your audience.

This is one of the best strategies to generate income quickly on your blog. So if you’re not doing affiliate marketing yet, don’t waste your time and start now.

4. Marketing campaign using PAS strategy:

This technique of making your client notice the problem, shaking them so that they see it is not a simple problem, and then showing them your solution, has been one of the best strategies to make your audience understand they will need your help. Remember to use this strategy as soon as possible.

5. Convert your post to PDF and offer it as a lead magnet:

Once you have written a post, what you can do is use it as a lead magnet transforming it into a PDF, and what you do is put at the beginning, middle, or end of the post something like: “Hey, if you don’t have time to continue by reading it you can save it as a PDF and continue it later.”

That’s where you come and configure a lead from your WordPress panel with the PDF, and voila! You will have it easier getting subscribers.


Now that you know how to start a blog without having enough resources, you can start manufacturing valuable content and position yourself in the market in the best way.

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