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How to know when it is time to change jobs. Changing jobs isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the right step to grow professionally. It’s vital to have a plan with a professional vision in the medium and long term. It’s also important to consider the working conditions of your current job to make the best decision. Signs you should quit your job.


If you’re going to change jobs, it’s better to do it while you’re young. When people get married and take on family responsibilities, they are more cautious because they prefer stability.


Do you think that thinking about changing jobs is crazy in the current station? Many are considered privileged to have a job in an era of economic uncertainty. And we cannot be fooled: the labor market isn’t going through a good time. High unemployment rates among young and old, a restructuring of the workforce that kills off thousands of jobs in one fell swoop, a low supply of well-paid jobs, and many more problems are part of the current working panorama. Getting into a job has become so difficult that many qualified professionals don’t think about changing companies. They completely ignore facts such as their low salary, a business policy, or the job they do.


However, work is one of the factors that most influences our well-being and happiness. Professionals spend many hours of the day and their week working. That’s why it’s important to have a job they enjoy. As a result, if you want to live a full life, you should have a job that makes you happy. Job satisfaction is a key factor that influences the well-being of any professional and improves their quality of life. Besides, it also benefits the productivity of the company and its results.


Signs that tell you when to look for a new job


Work is one of the most important areas in the life of a professional. Because of this, you must feel content and enjoy what you do. Feeling valued and with the possibility of growth within the company is needed to enjoy a good life.


Unfortunately, you won’t always feel satisfied at work, and this is something that can affect other areas of your life. But how do you know if it’s time to change jobs?


Your job doesn’t fill you


There are many times in which professionals choose jobs out of necessity. There are also times in which they do it thinking only about money. Since work is so important to professionals, they must enjoy what they do. Otherwise, this will after their happiness one way or another.


Work is closely related to personal development. Because of this, knowing what you want to be and doing an exercise of self-knowledge is very important. This is the key to being able to choose well when it comes to a job. Knowing your motivations and your talents is your starting point to find out what you want to do with your life.


It’s clear that when money is needed, it’s important to keep the job. However, if you don’t like what you do, you find it hard to get up in the mornings to go to work, and you get sad just thinking about the work you do, maybe you should think about looking for another job. Besides, you don’t need to quit your job to find another one, but it’s important to keep it in mind.


You can’t find more opportunities to grow, signs you should quit your job 


One of the keys to happiness at work is to feel that you can grow within a company. This is because it allows you to look to the future with optimism and motivates you to continue fighting to go further. However, when a company isn’t interested in the growth of their workers, the level of satisfaction decreases. This in turn also affects their productivity and the results of the organization. If you’ve been in your company for years and feel stagnant, maybe it’s time to think about making a job change.


While money doesn’t bring happiness, it’s important to cover our basic needs. Besides, money can become a motivation (as long as it isn’t your only motivation), and no one likes to work for free. To be happy it isn’t necessary to earn a penny, but you must see to it that your pay is fair based on what you do. Otherwise, you will feel unmotivated and think about looking for another job.


It’s necessary to analyze the achievements obtained from the moment you joined the company and whether there are possibilities of finding new challenges that allow you to improve your position within the organization.


You don’t feel like you suit your job


When you work in a company that doesn’t fit your style of job, it’s likely that it isn’t compatible with your work dynamic.


It’s very common to feel that the problem isn’t in what one does, but in the work dynamics with which a company operates. Stop to think if you have detected this problem in your professional field, and it will be a turning point to pick a new job


You have a bad relationship with your bosses


Bosses are important in a company because the decisions they make affect the entire organization and especially the positions present in it. Scientific studies also show that leadership styles influence employees’ well-being and performance.


So, if you have a bad relationship with your boss, and you don’t think you can fix it, it’s better to try to find a new job.


You feel stressed or burned out, signs you should quit your job


You must take into account how you feel about your job. Work stress and burnout shouldn’t present themselves in some situations. Being stressed from time to time is inevitable, but constant stress in a company means that the management is doing something very wrong. Even so, stress is a very common condition that affects the occupational health of workers. Besides, it might also harm the results of the business or company.


It’s always necessary to try to find a solution. This solution can be within a company. You might also try to use therapy sessions to find a way to control stress or the feeling of being burnout. However, there are situations in which the stress isn’t going to go away. Work isn’t healthy if you’re always stressed. As a result, it’s better to look for another job.


You don’t agree with the values of the company


It’s important to feel comfortable in a company. And feeling comfortable has a lot to do with being a good fit for the company’s values and code of conduct. When you think there are ethical and moral differences between yourself and the company, it might be a good idea to rethink whether you want to continue in that job.


You don’t feel valuable


It’s important to feel valued and needed, especially when it comes to recognition in the job. What should you do if you see that you don’t receive positive feedback despite doing your job well? What if you have been in the company for a long time with very good results and the bosses don’t care for you? If you can’t count on them to give you a promotion despite how much you contribute to the organization? Then it’s time to look for new job opportunities.


Your schedules don’t let you enjoy life


No one wants to feel like they are a slave to their work. That’s the reason why schedules are important. Some companies require their workers to be fully available daily. For example, shifts with excessive hours and very long breaks in between. This can make it difficult to reconcile work and family, especially when there are responsibilities.


You suffer mobbing


The relationship with co-workers is an important element in the life of a professional. A negative phenomenon that can happen in organizations is mobbing or psychological harassment at work. This usually causes, among other negative consequences, depression, anxiety, personality changes, or feelings of detachment towards the company. However, mobbing can not only occur between workers but can happen, for example, between a manager and a worker.


You feel like you can give more


When we feel underutilized and believe we can give more to the company, demotivation can take hold of us. One should feel useful at work, just as valued. If you think you can do a lot more, you might want to leave the job for one that fits your skills better.


You feel bored


The negative consequences of this condition are many, among them, demotivation. On the other hand, its causes are very varied. For example, the fulfillment of tasks below the needs of the worker, monotonous tasks, impossibility of promotion, and more. It’s always good that you let the company know how you feel. If they just ignore it, you decide to continue in that job.


There aren’t any training opportunities


If a company invests in the training of its team, multiple benefits are obtained at the general level. Otherwise, it creates a feeling of stagnation and frustration in the employee.


Everything feels monotone, signs you should quit your job


Performing monotonous tasks where there is no foot for innovation creates fatigue and stress. If you feel like your job doesn’t allow you to break with the routine, you can start looking for other options.


You don’t like your salary package and benefits


An attractive salary package is important, but not decisive for changing companies. It’s no use changing jobs for a higher salary if the treatment you will receive in the new job won’t motivate you to be more productive.


You aren’t attuned to the culture of the organization


An organizational culture contributes to the integration of employees and their ability to resolve conflicts. Signs you should quit your job. Adapting to a company’s culture fosters professional development and team cohesion.


Conclusion of signs you should quit your job


If you spend two to three years in a company, and you haven’t grown within it, you should go looking for new opportunities elsewhere. If you also find out that there will be a change of boss or that the company is for sale, you should start the job search because it’s very likely that changes will be made.


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