The True Global leader

or How to build trust and become a respected global leader in an international environment.

Congratulations! By visiting this page, you’re taking the first step to improve your skills and confidence. This package will help you become a better global leader and perform better and more effectively in business and in life!

You’re most likely here because you are in one (or more) of the following situations:

  • You’ve been promoted and have new responsibilities. You now feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do.
    • To succeed, you could use some help to adapt to your new position. For instance, you need to improve your time management. You also need to learn to deal with change and to adapt to different situations. In addition, a true global leader needs to have many skills such as team building, leadership, networking, etc.
  • Your newly appointed managers could use some help in improving their leadership skills.
    • You’ve already been in a leadership position for a while and have the experience you need. However, the managers that you or your company has hired may need some guidance or assistance.
  • You are managing an international team. Or perhaps a virtual team. You’re acting as a team manager or a project manager. Due to various reasons, you could be having communication issues
    • Become a global leader. Learn to deal with different languages and cultural values to bring a team together. Learn how to work with people in different time zones.
  • You (or your new managers) now have to deal with, or promote, diversity in your team but are not sure how to handle things.
    • Diversity is an asset. A different point of view can help look at problems from various angles. Understand how to deal with people that hold different beliefs. Find the way to bring everyone together respectfully and effectively.
  • You are not used to dealing with other nationalities and/or cultures.
    • Open your mind to new ideas. Leave behind prejudice in order to broaden your horizons and become a true global leader.
  • You are ambitious and want to grow in your career. In order to move forward, you could use some tips and advice to speed things up.
    • Discover your personal talents and skills and use them to achieve your objectives.


  • I have been in your shoes and have dealt with lots of challenges in my professional and personal life. If you take this True Global Leader package, I know that you can:
    • Achieve your goals/objectives
      • The True Global Leader always has a vision, sets goals and moves forward to reach them.
    • Have the right skills
      • Develop and understand your talents and abilities. Figure out the best way to improve yourself in order to become a better version of yourself.
    • Be well respected
      • Someone who is respected is someone who earns the trust of others, who says what he/she does and who does what he/she says.
    • Inspire and motivate others
      • A True Global Leader thinks big, has a long-term vision and knows how to encourage and motivate others to follow him/her.
    • Become a leader and a role model
      • The True Global Leader is someone who leads by example so that others can emulate him/her and see him/her as a role model.


Thanks to my professional experiences in big international companies, as well as the skills I acquired along the years, I can support and guide people like you or people in your organization who need a helping hand at work.

With me, you’ll have someone who is an engaging, motivating leader and coach and who will radiate all her positive energy. You’ll have someone who is passionate about developing and empowering people. But mostly, you will have someone who is trustworthy, driven, open and honest. In order to help you or your team member’s move to the next level, I’m someone who is committed to doing my best.

Together we will work on leadership skills so that you become a True Global Leader. My objective is that you or your team members achieve your goals. We will work together so that you encounter the success you want.  And, finally, you will no longer dream your life but live your dream.


I am a French-national, multilingual motivational leader, as well as an engaging, personal coach. Passionate about equipping and empowering others with successful life skills.

I have more than 20 years of global experience in customer service in big international companies. Currently, I specialize in training and coaching individuals. As a True Global Leader, I help them develop and improve their skills. These skills are necessary to further grow in their field of business or improve their personal potential. My own leadership abilities have been honed through my constant desire to learn, so I can thrive in any situation thrown my way.


10 topics will be covered and can be grouped under these main areas:

  • Definition of a leader, building of a brand
  • Communication in an international environment, dealing with diversity
  • Team building
  • Time management and change management
  • Strategic thinking


This package can be delivered in 3 different ways depending on your needs.

  • One-on-One coaching (online via Zoom or Skype, or face-to-face if possible)

          –  Total of 10 sessions of 1 hour, every week.

          – Every session will cover a different topic.

  • Group Coaching online via Zoom or Skype (maximum 6 participants)

          – Total of 10 sessions of 1.5 hours, every week.

          – Every session will cover a different topic.

  • Onsite training/workshop

         – This training/workshop can be delivered onsite in 2 days.

           – Maximum number of participants: 20

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