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Self-limitations: The obstacles that you place in your life. In the same way that in the world of sports, there are psychological and mental variables and certain personality traits that condition sports performance. In our daily life, the power of the mind is also essential to overcome obstacles and improve day by day.

Luckily, we can train our mental toughness. Mental toughness is about facing challenges with commitment and a spirit of improvement, considering any obstacle that we find along the way a challenge, and getting something positive out of it, controlling all the factors that depend on ourselves.

Those who can achieve that mental toughness will be closer to achieving their goals and success. It is important to persevere in the face of failure, overcome, and self-improve. Mental toughness has always related to commitment, effort, and control as well.

Mental clarity will help us direct our efforts towards the goal we want to achieve along our way. Decisions, thoughts, and behaviors are what will lead us to persevere or, on the contrary, to see ourselves overcome by the fear of failure.
All that mental strength that we can develop and training will help us in our daily life to face the problems or conflicts that arise with solvency and determination. Failure, stress, and anxiety will then get left behind.

In this article, you’ll learn how to overcome self-limitations with some of the most helpful tips.

But first, what are self-limitations?

All of us have encountered self-limitations or mental obstacles that have prevented us from moving forward and achieving our goals. Normally, these barriers we impose on our minds form because of our fears and refusal to leave our precious comfort zone.

We fall into the trap of refusing to achieve certain goals because of our fear of the unknown. We can become our worst enemies, and if we cannot control our minds, it will dominate us. Sometimes you need to act and stop overthinking.

Each person has their fears. We each have our own negative experiences, which we accumulate throughout our existence. All these fears come to the fore in crucial situations, such as changes. A change means risk, and that risk can paralyze us if we don’t manage it correctly.

Every thought that is directed towards success or failure can block us. This extremist thinking where everything is black or white stagnates us in the fear of failure. That fear is the biggest mental trip we can find. That is why we must adopt perspectives that are more flexible and comprehensive.

How can I deal with self-limitations correctly?

1. Don’t complain.

If you are looking to overcome obstacles, the first thing to do is not to complain. Adopting that attitude of lamenting and protesting in the face of problems will make them even more complicated.

Complaining solves nothing. On the contrary, it makes you feel angry and does not allow you to see the best way to overcome obstacles.

2. Face it. Self-limitations

Obstacles are there to face and solve. Would you mind not dwelling on them or wasting time waiting for them to resolve themselves? Knowing how to face situations is the key element to understanding how to overcome obstacles in life. For this reason, if you don’t know what to do, seek help.

Facing problems and finding the best way to solve them is the only way you have to learn over time how to do it better. What is an obstacle today will be a lesson learned tomorrow and an improvement in your life.

3. Positive mindset to overcome obstacles.

By obligation, you must adopt a positive mindset if you want to learn how to overcome obstacles that come your way. Having positive thoughts does not mean that you should be happy with the problems you have. Not at all.

But it does not mean that you will get frustrated believing that everything bad happens to you, that you are always full of problems. A positive mindset means that you must acknowledge and accept the obstacle that presented itself, then seek a quick solution for it and move on.

4. Be realistic. Self-limitations

There is only one reality, and you should know that at any moment, obstacles will present to you in anything. This is normal, and the best thing you can do is be prepared for the moment that comes.

Knowing how to overcome obstacles means assuming the reality of unforeseen events that may occur. This reality must be understood and accepted to find strategies that are best adapted to its solution.

5. Don’t make hot decisions. Self-limitations

It is normal for you to get upset in the face of problems or situations that arise, although it is not the best if you want to overcome obstacles. So, to improve problem-solving, you must first learn not to make hot decisions.

It is forbidden to decide when you are upset, sad, and bored. Otherwise, you will be condemned to assume the bad consequences that this will bring you and affect you in other things.

In those bad moments, you don’t have a calm head to think things the best way. Therefore, you should always reassure yourself to make the best decisions.

6. Strengthen your emotional intelligence.

When we try to solve problems, we directly have to deal with people. Therefore, you must have the ability to understand their reasons and emotions to reach an agreement that benefits everyone. So that’s where you need to master emotional intelligence to overcome obstacles and overcome problems. This will allow you to accept difficulties without interfering with your emotional well-being.

Your mind should be as strong as necessary so that obstacles do not affect you and transmit those good emotions to people around you. The important thing is not to lose self-control and see things with other filters that help the solution.

7. Tell other people. Self-limitations

What do you gain from having a problem and staying with it at the bottom of your heart? Although it sounds romantic, it is something that happens to most people. We are not able to count the problems to seek help from other people.

Now, if this also happens to you, it is something that you must change starting today. Because if you are looking to overcome obstacles that come your way, you should tell people who can help you.

It is said possibly because we do not know if that person has a solution or a way to help. In the end, if you don’t want to, it doesn’t matter. This should not affect you. But if you do, it would be great because perhaps that person can shorten the path to overcome the obstacle.

8. Solve the problem in parts.

It does not matter if the obstacle that is presented to you is big or small. Regardless of the size, it would be best if you were organized to find the best solution to every detail.

Solving problems in parts will help you not feel overwhelmed with the situation, and little by little, you can unravel elements that help achieve what you need. Adopting this strategy will also help you give more order to your life and learn to overcome any obstacle, no matter its size.

9. Improve your problem-solving skills. Self-limitations

The above is one skill you must have to overcome obstacles and solve problems. But it would help if you also considered other techniques to resolve conflicts. Next, we will leave you some of the most important:


  • Find the right place and time.


  • Start with the positives.


  • Be clear upfront that there is a problem.


  • Do not look for culprits. Look for alternative solutions.

Also, there may be more techniques and strategies, but you have to work with the previous ones as bases to solve any obstacles.

10. Identify what you can control.

Some obstacles may be beyond your control, causing you to have no idea how to overcome them. For this reason, identify the elements that you can control in your life. For example, your attitude, effort, and dedication making good decisions, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

So, if you do not find the solution you need by controlling all the above, do not stress and move on with life. You should not be mortified by situations in which you did your best.

11. Monitoring and control. Self-limitations

If you finally found a solution to overcome an obstacle, do not forget about it completely. Ideally, you should monitor and control it so that it does not happen again on future occasions.

When we know that problems can arise at any time, we do not want them to be the same.


Now that you know the best techniques to overcome self-limitations, you can move on despite obstacles and become the successful person you want to be.

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