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How to seduce others with your words? Persuasion is the ability to persuade; and to influence is to induce, move, force someone with reasons to believe or do something. Beyond the definitions of the academy, we can consider that persuasion is a gift that some people have to convince others to do something that benefits them.

Like all social skills, some people can develop the persuasive ability, but in general, everyone can train and improve it over time. On many occasions, a person’s decision about you can occur in a matter of seconds, and to convince them, it has to be optimized as much as possible, since they may also have objections about everything they hear.

The major drawbacks that one can find are answers such as “I don’t have time,” “I’m not interested,” “I don’t believe you,” or “I have many doubts.” It is advisable to start from those risks that one runs to have a much more convincing speech.

Whether in the professional or love fields, we can say many situations of particular importance in a matter of seconds, such as how long it takes for an elevator to reach the selected floor.

In this article, you will learn how to seduce others with your words and inspire them to become better people.

Why is it good to learn to convince people?

When you dedicate yourself to the world of sales and network marketing, you must learn the skills that are needed to seduce others with your words and convince them to buy the product that you are selling them.

Knowing how to convince saves meaningful discussions and misunderstandings, thus increasing the quantity and quality of social relationships. People feel more committed to decisions made than to those imposed.

This is significant if we consider that people who know how to convince are experts in making you feel that you have decided yourself, when in reality, subtly, they have made you take the one they wanted.

Persuasion is an art that can bring us various benefits in our day to day. There are two significant areas where the ability to convince gains great relevance: the workplace and interpersonal relationships.

Not having this ability in professions that require it can lead to high rates of work stress that could become pathological, increasing the probability of the appearance of burnout or burnout syndrome.

But how can I achieve this?

Some tips can be handy to convince others. The ones that work the most are:

1. Always communicate in the right place and time

It is best not to speak when you know that the other person’s attention is not entirely on you.

2. Do not be direct, do not say what you want, seduce others with your words

Begin speaking generically, and calmly, making the conversation take shape and meaning.

3. Adopt a value attitude, seduce others with your words

If you want the other to do something, don’t criticize, condemn, or make judgments about how wrong something is being done.

4. When you go to ask for something, first explain it and do it with conviction

“Mario, allow me to explain why I care so much about this project,” “Laura, I want you to know the importance of everything you are carrying out…”, “Luis, before we go into detail, I would like to explain to you the reasons that have led me to…”

5. Then ask and be clear and direct, seduce others with your words

How many times do we not get the results we want because we have not determined the objective. “So what we are going to need is your help in this project, and that you do it through your network of contacts…”, “José, what we need is that you make a business plan for the next three years, and that promotes the growth of the company in Asia.”

6. Speak in the plural, and include the other person’s name in your conversation

Their name is the sweetest word for a person, so use it in the conversation initially and at the end.

7. Behave collaboratively, seduce others with your words

Use an attitude that promotes the idea that we all win, in which we both get something meaningful out of what you are going to do.

8. Remember that for someone to give, they must have previously received

Their generosity is essential. He who sows reaps. There is no other.

9. Set a goal and objective, seduce others with your words

After you’ve negotiated this a bit (remember that you are not God), the agreement will need to be dated and actions taken. Most agreements remain in good intentions, not clear objectives. So set yourself a goal, something that is visible, measurable, and checkable, for example, “This week you are going to call …“, “Today you will send me …”, “Next month we will do the first …”

10. Remember the basics of negotiation

Do not forget to give a little, keep a close professional attitude, and above all not you against the other person. Sometimes they will not be willing to lower your wall (in principle), give it time.


Now that you know how to seduce others with your words, you can become a better salesperson and get the successful results you long for.

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