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Sacrifices and Hard Work: What’s the Difference? We all know that it takes effort to be successful. Many people even say that you have to make “sacrifices” to achieve your goals and objectives. However, do you know what sacrifices are? Isn’t it just hard work?

In this article, you will discover the difference between sacrifice and hard work.

But first, what are sacrifices?

Sacrifices and hard work. The traditional meaning of the word “sacrifice” has nothing to do with what most people think. A sacrifice is an “homage or offering to a divinity, which is made by killing a person or animal.” In this sense, we cannot say that working until exhaustion is a sacrifice since no one dies doing that.

What most people mean by sacrifice is “putting in a great effort to achieve goals and objectives,” but that is not what it is either. If we base ourselves on this meaning, it is not about sacrifices but about exchanges. You are exchanging a bad habit to pursue a better quality of life, a dream, or a goal that you want to achieve. You are not sacrificing yourself. You are changing and growing to become someone better.

Now, what is hard work?

To work hard is to work long hours, with a lot of concentration, energy, and interest in the task at hand. Of course, working in this way is necessary to reach significant achievements, although if you combine that intensity with doing it intelligently, all the better. You may be at work for a long time, doing thousands of things. We often call this hard work.

Although that does not mean that you will be more productive, you may be doing the wrong things, or you are doing them wrong. The extreme is people who spend all day in front of the computer but are really on social networks.

Another case is if you are doing the right things, spending enough time, and doing everything with high quality. You may spend less time, but you are more productive. We call this working smart.

So what is the difference between sacrifices and hard work? 

It would be best to keep in mind that it takes a bit of effort to reach your goals. But we want to clarify that effort is not the same as a sacrifice.

Sacrifice is unnecessary for success. Rather, it brings negative energy. When a person makes a sacrifice, they are not giving from what they have but from what they do not have. For religious purposes, sacrifice can be a noble thing, but achieving success will only be an obstacle.

What it takes to be successful in finding your talent: not getting into something you hate just because others have succeeded in that area, and therefore, you are willing to sacrifice yourself. Think what that quality that you have, and that you can exploit, is. Once you know it, you can focus by putting all your energy and effort into the plan you want to implement.

Sacrifice is not what will make your dreams come true. On the contrary, this is an indicator that you are going the wrong way. Neither overwork, nor too much stress, nor despair is necessary for success. If you think that only with sacrifices can you achieve success or the things you want, this is the time to change that belief.

How can I work harder to achieve my dreams? Sacrifices and hard work

Whether physical or mental, all effort is costly, and, on average, we tend to avoid it. It is not that we are weak, lazy, or irremediable procrastinators. It is always better to maintain homeostasis, save energy and avoid risks.

People, on average, avoid effort. If we were given a choice of a four-hour job that paid the same as an eight-hour job, we would rarely choose a full-time job. However, sometimes we choose to strive not for an instrumental end, not for the idea of getting something in return. We sometimes understand an effort as an impulse that guarantees well-being.

It knows that on certain occasions; it is good to give the best of myself. It understands that sometimes it is good to take a more playful attitude because the act of improving ourselves a little every day reverses in our state of mind, in the image we have of ourselves, and, of course, in the capacity for achievement.


Now that you know what the difference is between sacrifice and hard work, you can try harder to achieve each of the goals and objectives that you have set for yourself to achieve success.

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