Recommendations that every female entrepreneur must know to be successful. Starting a business successfully is one question that many of us ask ourselves in different circumstances of our life and how to start a business successfully involves a series of conditions and processes that must be met and done.


Throughout our professional career and as an entrepreneur, we have had various experiences, some successful, others not so much and some definitely that it would be good to forget.


That is precisely what entrepreneurship is about: to go to a competition and give it all, with game probabilities of winning something tangible represented in a medal, a ranking, or an award, or just gaining experience, learning and maturity.


With female entrepreneurs, succeeding in any of the levels of the work world is extremely complicated, because of the limitations and prejudices that exist in society. For this reason, all of them must know the recommendations they must know to be successful.


How do you start a successful business?


1. Go little by little


Learning to walk involves a process, and when a child executes it, they fall a lot before achieving it. You do not learn to undertake if you do not fall a few times; you reinvent your strategy to take new steps and do something different.


2. I reflected on why to undertake, recommendations that every female entrepreneur must know


If you are not doing it to achieve collective satisfaction, it is better that you do not. Behind the economic fact of being able to live with your new business, the search for benefit must be given to others, visualizing solutions to their needs with ethics, honesty, and responsibility.


3. Listen to your coworkers and employees


One of the main recommendations that you must know to be successful is that you must actively and assertively listen to those around you and the market you want to reach. It seems like an obvious idea, but frequently we focus on developing a project without listening to what our target audience says and that is a serious mistake.


4. Define your strategic plan, recommendations that every female entrepreneur must know


The mission, vision, and, above all, the values ​​that will guide your path. If you do not know what you will offer, to whom you will give it, how you will do it, and what you want to achieve, it is very difficult for you to transmit and carry out your idea of ​​entrepreneurship.


We place a lot of emphasis on values because what this society needs is people who work with ideals, with transparency, who believe in teamwork, happy because others do well and grow. Still, we let each one understand and look for what values ​​guide their personal lives and their professional lives.


Ask yourself: What values ​​move my life, that of my family, that of my children, what do I dream and what do I seek to learn?


5. Take advantage of opportunities


If you are presented with an opportunity to undertake with a great possibility of success, either because you have captive clients, or because it is financially viable, do not miss it.


You ask yourself, what if I don’t know about it? Well, we would tell you it doesn’t matter. You learn along the way, meet people you know, get advice, but the bus of opportunities doesn’t always pass, and when it does, take advantage of it.


6. Innovate and register your brand, recommendations that every female entrepreneur must know


It is something that is not usually done. You start a business without measuring this variable. Do it because if the business prospers, your brand is your main asset. Patents, licenses, trademarks, and the like are intangible assets considered within a company’s accounting.


7. Surround yourself with people who know more than you, as well as do self-training


It is essential when you undertake to get together with those in your network of contacts who can add value to your idea, as well as for self-training. Do MBAs that promote learning, knowledge, and links that require the start of this great project.


8. Help you with a Mentor, recommendations that every female entrepreneur must know


It is essential when you start and you are new to this world to have a guide. But a true, continuous, experienced mentoring present in your development, and it is a process that should take a while.


The figure of a mentor is recommended, not only for having the guidance of someone specialized but for them to listen to you, empathize, channel all that energy that you have at the beginning, help you resolve concerns, and take firmer steps.


9. Add excitement to your business


Feeling, emotion, drama, sadness, joy, fatigue, passion, firmness are all fundamental emotions in an endeavor. Feel it, live it, it doesn’t matter if it’s financially positive or not, but you allowed yourself the opportunity to do it, and you have a story to tell to your children, grandchildren, friends, and the world.


10. Money, money, and money


The financial aspect is fundamental. Normally at the beginning, a projection of the initial investment, working capital, income, expenses, and potential returns that you can have in the venture should be made.


It is very important to do it as detailed as possible, and it is also advisable to have several income options. You cannot depend economically at the beginning, only on the expected income with the entrepreneurial project.


11. Don’t let fear and anxiety take over you (not easy), recommendations that every female entrepreneur must know


Undertaking creates uncertainty and is a natural reaction to fear. It is essential not to be disturbed by the negative feelings and if you feel you can not do it alone, seek support from experts to give you tools to control it.


They say that when a dream or a new project does not scare you; it is because it is not important or big enough, and we attest that when you want to achieve a high-level sports goal, the fear variable always is the trigger of motivation. This brings us to the next tip. Do not forget the objectives and goals.


12. Your employee, your main customer


If you grow and hire employees, you must understand the stage in which you are; they are your main customers, the first generators of word of mouth. Your example before your own project is fundamental and, the tranquility, well-being of your workers, is much more. If someone tells you to take it, you consider your feelings and needs.


13. Take care of what is important, and allow few things to keep you awake


Stop sleeping on what is really worth it, since few things deserve not to do it, really.


This we repeat constantly because it is a big weakness. But if the wheel of life is not balanced, it is a little difficult to get a startup to work well. Always do this exercise. In another post, we will explain some tools to help you with your own Self.


14. Do not stop dreaming, recommendations that every female entrepreneur must know


Dreams fuel our good energy, positivity and motivate us to keep going. You must keep your dreams in mind.




Entrepreneurship is a complex process, a lot of work but ultimately charming, passionate, and with a lot of learning. With these recommendations that all female entrepreneurs must know to be successful, you can achieve your goals and objectives more easily and begin developing in the business world better.


Do you want to undertake? Do it but with prudence, wisdom, following advice, and the process that you must execute. Doing something for yourself enriches not only you, but yours gives you a new perspective on things and makes you observe the world from another dimension.


Can we all undertake? Yes, we can do it. Now, can we all undertake successfully? The definitive answer is no. You must have an attitude in your actions and an aptitude to face the challenge, and not everyone has both conditions or seeks to have it.

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