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Read to grow: Discover which are the five personal growth books that every person should read. Reading is one of the most common ways that human beings have to learn and develop personally and professionally. Through reading, people communicate, exchange information, acquire knowledge, and much more.

In this article, you will learn all the advantages that reading brings to your life and personal and professional growth, and we will also tell you which are the five personal growth books that everyone should read.

Advantages of reading

Beyond being the main study tool and an excellent alternative for your leisure time, reading has other benefits. Here are five benefits that will motivate you to read more:

1. Increase mental alertness

Reading increases people’s ability to concentrate favors neural connections and, if done frequently, is a very useful mental exercise to avoid the loss of some cognitive functions.

According to scientific studies, reading keeps the mind active, increasing people’s response speed since reading trains the brain to order ideas, interrelate concepts, exercise memory and imagination.

2. Promotes social relationships

Reading and learning create conversation topics. This means that in work meetings, with friends, or with the family, you will always have a topic to comment on and comment about.

In addition, reading encourages the feeling of belonging to a certain group. For example, a study from the University of Buffalo in the United States showed that the Harry Potter books adolescent followers read highly motivated them since their circle of friends did too. This directly affected their moods and satisfaction.

3. Reduce stress

Fiction novels are a good option for your mind to focus on something that is disturbing you. Reading at night is an excellent tool to rest with a clear mind and avoid stress.

4. Activate the visual system

Learning to read activates the brain regions where visual information arrives and the speech system where sounds are learned. This allows establishing certain relationships between the visual and speech.

5. Could predict career success

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Oxford concluded that reading for pleasure predicts career success and that people who gain the habit at a young age have a better chance of standing out in their future jobs.

Five personal growth books that every person should read

The human being is constantly growing on a personal level, but that growth can be promoted in the best way by reading any of these five books:

1. Man’s Search for Meaning (Viktor Frankl), read to grow

This is one classic of personal development and existentialist and humanist philosophy in general. Written by one of the most influential psychiatrists and philosophers in history, this work explores universal themes through the perspective of Viktor Frankl himself. When it comes to analyzing the meaning of life as someone who survived the Holocaust, having passed through various concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

2. Your wrong zones (Wayne Dyer), read to grow

This best-seller is among the best-selling books in history, and despite being published over 40 years ago, it is still highly influential and popular. When reading its first pages, it is easy to understand why it proposes an exploration of concepts that habitually lead us to self-sabotage ourselves and move away from happiness. In this way, it helps to take them into account to neutralize their influence in our day-to-day lives.

3. The monk who sold his Ferrari (Robin Sharma), read to grow

This book does not adopt the typical self-help or personal development structure, since it is a novel. Through the story of a man who turns his life around, leaving behind a life full of luxuries, he shows various philosophical principles inspired by religious systems linked to Buddhism and that can apply to the search for meaning.

4. The Happiness Trap (Russ Harris), read to grow

A book that works against many of the personal development books that focus on positive thinking. It defends the idea that part of the trick of living meaningful and fulfilling lives has to do with leaving behind the obsession with controlling emotions and focusing on the positive, and instead, focus on connecting habits and actions with values. That they represent our way of being.

5. The first and last freedom (Jiddu Krishnamurti), read to grow

In this work, one of India’s leading modern thinkers talks about a common theme in personal development books and South Asian philosophy: how should we manage ambitions and desires?


Now that you know the five personal growth books that every person should read, you can boost your development in the best way and achieve being the person you want to be.

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