When we use some cultural references, we always have to be mindful of who we are talking to… Especially nowaday, in a world that is getting smaller and smaller, we often communicate with people who are not originally from the country where we come from. 


When you want to convey something, 

Whether it’s by doing a speech, delivering a presentation or just having a conversation,

Make sure that you do not use cultural references that only people from your own country would know and understand

Whether you want to use literary, historical, religious references, or…

If you want to talk about the cartoons you were watching in your youth

Or a TV program

Or a ‘famous’ person or place…

Always check that your counterparts are familiar with the reference if you want them to engage.


Even when you speak to someone who is English native. 

What may be familiar for you in the US for instance may not be something known in the UK (or vice-versa). 


If you use cultural references that are not known globally, you will lose your audience. People will keep wondering what you meant, what they are missing… and will feel left out.


And if you intended to make a joke, the joke will be on you if you do not provide additional explanations.

 Like I wrote in one of my recent posts, think about your audience! 

Be mindful and do not assume that everybody knows what you’re referring to. 


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