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Passive income: Earn money without working so hard. To work little and earn a lot of money is one dream that most people have, and, at present, is not as difficult to achieve.

In the world of finance, there is the term passive income. This means generating income without having to dedicate a lot of time and effort.

In this article, you will learn the best way to earn money without working so hard and all the advantages that passive income can bring you.

But first, what is passive income?

Passive income is cash inflows that are generated without dedicating time for this purpose. It is an income that we receive without an ‘active’ activity, without making a permanent effort to generate it.

Some characteristics of this income are scalability since it constantly grows to where the person chooses, and the generation of value. Any of the activities that you choose to get money must have a differential to greater consumption.

Why is passive income important?

Passive income means income that you receive regardless of whether you are physically working at the time or not.
It is the most lucrative form of income. It can free you up and give you more time to focus on what you want to do in life and what you really want to do with your time.

Think about it, it seems silly that you only get paid when you are working, doesn’t it? Are you only paid when you are physically at your desk?

Passive income can free you. This means you could earn passive income while you sleep, or while at the beach, the point is that it comes to you even after you’ve finished setting it up. It’s like a faucet that you can turn on, and just leave it running. This recurring income is the most sought-after in the modern world.

What are the advantages of generating passive income?

Some of the most outstanding advantages of this way of earning money are:


  • Extra Income

This one probably seems very obvious. Okay, it’s the most obvious of all. But think about all the options that having additional income provides.


  • To travel

Do you like to travel? What if you decided to dedicate all your additional passive income entirely to your passion for travel? In this way, you could start traveling without guilt because you would not be using your usual accounts to cover this type of expense. Traveling broadens your mind, allows you to interact with different cultures and live unique experiences.


  • Get out of debt

Passive income is additional money that you can spend to pay off debts, without worrying about having to use your funds “to eat” for it. However, remember that in this blog we do not recommend accumulating debt unless it is good debt. And check carefully if it is convenient to make advance payments, especially if the interest rate on the debt is lower than what you would get by investing in those funds.


  • Feed your savings and investment accounts

Who doesn’t like to see their savings grow? And how many of us wish we could do it much more quickly?


  • Cost your liabilities

You already know that liabilities are defined as those things that take money out of your pocket, and assets as things that put money in them. For most of us, liabilities are much more fun than assets. So why not use passive income to pay for our liabilities? For example, you could get the car of your dreams. As always, we recommend moderation. Remember that the more liabilities you accumulate, the more difficult it will be to achieve financial freedom.


  • Pamper yourself

How many times do we avoid using our money and time to do something really special with the people we care about? Too often I would say. Through passive income you could, in moderation, make it guilt-free.


  • Job security

If you were fired from your job, what would be your biggest concern? Have money to eat and pay the bills, of course. But what if you lost your job for whatever reason but had a decent amount of passive income? No one can fire you from your passive income.


  • Retirement benefits

The obvious benefit of passive income, and one of the main reasons many people invest in rental property, is to provide funds for retirement. Having extra money for retirement has hurt no one. A couple of more specific considerations why passive income is beneficial for retirement Freedom to design your own lifestyle.

Personally, this is our favorite among the advantages of passive income. Having passive income ultimately allows you not to have to work for someone else.

The ultimate goal that will allow you to design your own lifestyle is to generate enough passive income that you do not need to have a real job. At least if you don’t want to have one. So when you are finally free from your job, you can have the kind of life you want to have.

What to do to generate passive income?

1. Create digital content

If you wonder how to generate passive income with automated systems to earn money, content may be one of the answers. In addition, the advantage is that there are different models to achieve this, from ebooks to online courses through video courses or the famous info-products.

It is enough to choose a topic that you are an expert on, either professionally or as a hobby and you stop to think about what you can contribute to other people. Collect all your knowledge in your preferred format and sell it on Amazon if it is a book; with your own blog or on platforms such as Tutellus, Aprendum, or Udemy if it is a course.

You can even combine several platforms to increase the passive income that you generate with the same product.

Also, you can go further and sell third-party products. If you have your own blog, you can sell third-party content that will pay you for each client that you take them to their page. It is what is called “lead generation.”

2. Rent your assets

The Internet has spurred the sharing economy. If there is something that you have at home and do not use, you can rent it! Also, you can even rent your house if you want through Airbnb or HomeAway and get a return on the weekends or when you go on vacation. This is an example of how to turn your home into passive income.

You will not be the first to go to the Casa de la Sierra every weekend and rent your apartment in the center of the city or who pays for that second residence with the money you receive from the rent.

Another alternative is to rent your car with websites like Amovens or turn it into an advertisement with Marketmoving or Serbercar.

3. Create an online sales business

With your blog, you can sell third-party content, as you have already seen. The simplest thing is to create a page about your hobby and sell “leads” to courses and content from other people who have created those ebooks, for example.

You can also go one step further and sell physical products from third parties. Basically, it would be like turning your page into a vending machine. When the time comes, you will be able to choose between acquiring and selling the product, with all that this implies, or looking for a supplier that will give you that product so that you only have to market it in exchange for a commission.

4. Get income from your savings

Yes, the investment is passive income. In fact, it is the main passive income of most people. Even the big creators of massive passive income supplement their activity with investment.

And is that thanks to compound interest, the savings you invest will not stop generating more money without you having to do anything. If you are wondering how to create a passive system without a lot of work, investment is the key.

The key question here is where do I invest my money to achieve high returns. If you want to generate income from your savings, we recommend this free service.

5. Copyright and royalties

Copyrights and royalties will also allow you to earn automatic income every time someone listens to your song or uses your invention. Music, scripts, photography … all this will allow you to charge for copyright.


Now that you know the best way to make money without working, both can use the leverage that gives you passive income and improves your quality of life to achieve the success you want.

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