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Open your way out of your limitations. Many people feel self-conscious to fulfill their dreams because they have fear or deal with obstacles that may arise. We often cling to situations, people, places, and actions that give us security and a sense of control. This is how we define our comfort zone: that internal space in which we feel comfortable, confident, and safe. However, in this way, we lose freedom and opportunities to grow and improve, living limited by ourselves.

This apparent sense of security is due to the little margin for change and risk that we give ourselves. We prefer to live in a much-defined routine, where habit and comfort are the two main protagonists. Consequently, we move away from the idea of innovating, risking, and winning, and this causes us to fear.

Staying in the comfort zone conforms to what we have. It accepts our reality without the possibility of change and improvement. There are things we do not like, many times, we stay in the complaint phase rather than looking for solutions and making the change since that implies trying something new and taking risks.

We must remember that our mental field is the only field that stores limitations; we do not keep limits in instinct or consciousness, only in the mental field. The mental field is temporary. Therefore, we are taking advantage of it in our life experience to learn what we need to complete consciousness.

As we overcome our limitations, they will no longer be part of future destination designs. Those that we cannot transcend for now will be included in our following destinations. Therefore, one day we will have overcome all of our limitations.

In this article, we teach you how to open your way outside of limitations to fulfill your dreams and become the person you really want to be.

What is essential to know to overcome the limitations?

Successful examples suggest that personal growth is also born from continuous learning based on ourselves and our environment. When you seek to meet specific goals, accepting and facing existing limits will increase the chances of achieving any goal.

In professional life, it is also essential to learn to identify all the elements that obstruct the correct development of tasks, both in organizations and workers. Deep analysis can banish major emotional problems and productivity deficits.

To protect ourselves from fear, we set limits

Living in this safety zone, we are surrounded by limits. Limits to experiment, to act, to think, to be creative, etc. And where do these limits come from? The answer is straightforward: from ourselves.

Under this space of comfort dwells fear. Fear of the new, the unknown, changes, and uncertainty. And faced with this, we set limits that clearly delineate our security bubble. And that’s how we get our false sense of control, and… why does it happen to us?

Because we are afraid of not being able to. We question our abilities and belittle ourselves. We are terrified of risking and failing, and for this reason, we prefer to avoid pain and suffering. Thus, we let ourselves be carried away by circumstances year after year, and time goes by.

Types of thoughts that hurt us

There is a part that we are not aware of called the subconscious part. That part is made up of traumas. Of the elements that make up the human mind, there are only two that can cause us problems:

· Belief systems

Beliefs are conceptual, so we must be cautious about what we think because false beliefs lead us to make wrong decisions and lead us to conflict and inappropriate behavior.

· Defense systems

It is the traumatic system, which reacts in an irrational, automatic way when it is connected to some event that is associated with trauma. They are reactions that sometimes we cannot control or do not know how to. Only to the extent that we manage to deactivate these traumas will those reactions disappear from us.

How do you get out of your comfort zone?

To achieve a path outside of our own limitations, we must take into account certain things:

1. Negative beliefs do not define us

It is as if we have a series of limiting beliefs such as “you will not get it,” “you are not good enough,” “you are going to fail for sure,” which make us feel weak, insecure, and confront our self-esteem. Although these beliefs have an essential and limiting weight, they do not define us. Since “you are much more than a belief” and a label.

We can fall into obsessive thoughts and deepest fears, and this has a very negative impact on our ability to grow. It forces us to give up our ability to develop strategies and internal resources, which allow us to live in a free and authentic way, accepting the challenges of the day today.

2. Step out of your comfort zone involves making tough decisions

It means getting out of the rut and facing something new, something we are not comfortable with. This action is not easy at all since it automatically produces fear, doubts, and fears. However, once we decide to leave the comfort zone, a new world of possibilities, emotions, and challenges opens.

That is, we open ourselves to life and allow ourselves to take different paths. And this, without a doubt, takes us to a phase of fulfillment and personal growth since we are making our own decisions, without ties, and… this is already winning!

Outside of our comfort zone, we can be creative, curious. We can allow ourselves to fail, and most of all, we can allow ourselves to use our skills to improve our lives.

Although the road has been difficult, you will surely experience a feeling of satisfaction, joy, and pride of your own, regardless of the result obtained. That is why; you should not forget to congratulate yourself on the significant step of having left your comfort zone.

7 proposals to get out of your comfort zone

To get out of your comfort zone, you can start taking some small actions that will lead you to success in your goal:

1. Start with small actions, Open your way out of your limitations 

It is better to change some routines or habits of our day-to-day for new ones. Thus, we get used to it. For example, try another route to work, cook a new recipe, sign up for a new activity.

2.  Anticipate all your excuses, Open your way out of your limitations 

Try to be aware of those excuses you will say to postpone the change and be aware that part of your fear is to start something new.

3. Be aware of the reasons why you want to get out of your comfort zone

Having clear goals and what motivates you will help you take the plunge.

4. Allow yourself to fail, Open your way out of your limitations 

Change your vision of “failure is a failure” to“failure is an opportunity to get up and learn.” In error is the key to success.

5. Put your negative thoughts on doubt, Open your way out of your limitations 

Remember your beliefs do not define you. If thoughts like “you are going to fail,” “I am not capable,” etc., come to mind, do not listen to them. Remember the times when you had success and use the feeling of satisfaction to overcome negative thoughts.

6.  Visualize yourself, Open your way out of your limitations 

Dedicate a few minutes with your eyes closed to visualize yourself out of your comfort zone.

7. Get involved, Open your way out of your limitations 

Change only depends on you. You are the only one responsible. Therefore, feel like the scriptwriter of your own life. Be aware of the personal resources, the path you have traveled, and the goals you have achieved, and get ready to write a new stage!

You decide when to get out of your comfort zone

It will be essential that you take a small step forward to get out of your comfort zone. If you are afraid, you allow yourself to make mistakes and fall as many times as necessary. Do not let yourself be carried away by fear and imply to the maximum to go towards the change you want in your current life.

Substantial personal growth is experienced when one knows how to recognize their own limits and capabilities. However, many times due to external factors, such as stress, fear, high expectations, and self-esteem problems, they generate mistrust that makes us lose sight of reality and our abilities, causing us to “stagnate.”

Be clear about what we want to do and make sense. We begin to know our capabilities, potentials, strengths and give strength to what we do. We assume consciousness to evaluate, improve, or strengthen everything necessary to open your way outside of limitations.

The problem of the human being is in the mind

It is essential to know this concept and make it part of our personal reality, and we still continue to think that things have to be changed, and we fight.

If something needs to be changed, it is because we think that it is wrong. If we believe everything is perfect, we will do wrong to change something we consider reasonable.

More than generating changes, people need to develop a more positive mindset that allows them to avoid limiting themselves or creating limitations based on previous experiences and the fear that changes cause them. Thanks to the advice provided in this article, people have the opportunity to recognize and overcome their limitations to become a better version of themselves.

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