Starting your own online business is not easy. There are tons of information out there, on what you should do to become visible and attract customers: be present on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., write articles, make videos, share pictures or a post, write a book… It’s all overwhelming.

In addition, since you are brand new in the ‘game’, you feel unsure about what to post. Does it need to be only business related? Or can you also share more personal stories?  How long does it need to be? Will you have enough creativity, enough content to show your potential customers? How do your potential customers find you?  What if someone does not like what you wrote? 

All of these feelings and questions ran through my head. Until one day, I decided to write one article,,, And another one. Then, I also started to share some posts with some pictures, mentioning things that were resonating with me… Two of my good friends, who are also coaches, then challenged me and that is how I started with videos!! A challenge called #10Tips10Days had been launched, where everyone who participated had to share some tips in the area they were familiar with… Even though I was first scared, not really sure what to post, I decided to accept this challenge.

So this is how it all started. I started posting videos on Linkedin and on Facebook. Then someone suggested I should  try to use Instagram, as a lot of people were watching videos there. So I did, I created my Instagram account. And because I wanted to make sure people could watch my videos, even if they were not connected with me on Linkedin or Facebook, I decided to start my own  YouTube Channel!  

So stay tuned and subscribe! I promise, there is more to come… 

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