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Multitasking or unitasking: which is more productive for a company? Sometimes people have too many responsibilities. So, they try to do several of their tasks at the same time. This can help you find a momentary solution that will take some work off your feet.

Now, the truth is that doing several things at the same time has many disadvantages at the work level. First, because it does not allow workers to do quality work, but rather they do it to keep up. Second, because it promotes excessive exhaustion and stress. Lastly, because they can leave some tasks incomplete without realizing it.

For this reason, some doctors and scientists have pointed out that the best way to be successful at work is not to multitask.

Why is Unitasking the best alternative?

Even if it seems like you are doing very little, doing one task at a time is the best alternative for your work performance and your mental health.

When you practice unitasking, you’re focusing on the task at hand. So, it allows you to do top-notch work. In addition, you can think more clearly about everything that you must take into account when working. Likewise, it encourages a good mood while you are working, which favors your performance at the same time.

Best of all, by unitasking, you can completely relieve yourself of stress. Stress is one of the big downsides of multitasking. If you do one task at a time, your mind does not generate the thought or feeling that you are against the clock. This favors your state of peace and tranquility. So, you can work calmly and feel completely fresh all the time.

The myth of multitasking

In the past, multitasking was a symbol of productivity and efficiency in most companies worldwide. It was common for people used to working under pressure and doing multiple jobs to receive promotions more easily.

However, these people focused on their responsibilities so much that they forgot about themselves. Therefore, they began to suffer from stress and anxiety. Also, from other health problems due to physical inactivity.

The truth is that work efficiency is not related to multitasking, but rather to the quality of the tasks. The better the job, the more chances you have to get promoted. For this reason, the best alternative is to dedicate yourself to getting the job done, one task at a time.

So what is the best way to complete my to-do list?

Based on the information above, the best way to meet each of the pending tasks is to do one at a time. This allows you to accomplish everything one hundred percent efficiently. Besides, you can avoid the states of stress and anxiety that occur with multitasking.

You can organize a schedule to know how long it takes you to perform each of your tasks. This way, you can ensure that you comply with everything and do top-quality work. In addition, this benefits your mood and makes you a highly efficient person.

Also, remember to plan rest times so that you can clear your mind and continue doing your work in the best way. If you only dedicate yourself to work, your mind will tire, and you will perform badly. A rested mind can help you be a much more efficient person at your job.

Tips to avoid multitasking

Some people don’t know how to change their multitasking habits. The good news is that these tips can help. You can build a habit of doing one task at a time and become a much more efficient worker.

Plan your day or your week, multitasking or unitasking

You can keep a schedule or an agenda depending on how many tasks you have to do. This helps organize your responsibilities and allows you to fulfill each one without fail.

You do not need to plan all your days carefully. An inconvenience can happen at any time. However, it is good to have an idea of everything you must do and when you must deliver it, to be able to prepare in advance.

In addition, this will allow you to rest much better at night. In fact, recent studies have revealed that disorganized people suffer from insomnia. This is because they have many pending tasks and do not know which one to do first.

Divide the number of tasks by the number of hours you are awake in the day

This means that you must allocate a specific time for each of the tasks to prevent them from accumulating. In addition, it allows you to manage yourself in a better way so that you can be much more efficient in your work.

Best of all, this allows you to plan hours of rest in a better way and fully respect your hours of sleep. In this way, you can work with a fresher and more relaxed mind.

Avoid opening many tabs, multitasking or unitasking

It is proven that people lose focus at work more easily when they have many tabs open in the internet search engine. It is a distraction factor that people should avoid at all costs because this way you can fully concentrate on your work tasks.

Mute notifications from your phone

Today, we are all easily distracted by the internet and social media, because we like to keep in touch with our friends. However, this is a huge distraction when it comes to working, and it can lead to a lot of delays.

For this reason, it is essential that you silence your phone notifications so that you can perform your tasks much more efficiently. Avoid distractions at all costs, because this way you can easily stick to your schedule of activities and avoid multitasking.

Plan your schedule one day a week, multitasking or unitasking

Take advantage of one day a week in which you have nothing to do to fix your schedule, your duties, and tasks. Schedule your responsibilities to have a much more organized idea of everything you should do. Use all the organizational tools that technology gives us, such as digital agendas, alarms, lists, etc. This way, you can work more efficiently and fulfill your responsibilities better.

Recognize your priorities, multitasking or unitasking

There are tasks that are more urgent than others, and you should give priority to those tasks. It is essential that you take into account the difficulty and type of work you must do to plan your schedule in the best way. In this way, you can fulfill all your responsibilities without risking leaving everything to the last minute.

There are many strategies to avoid multitasking, but at VLV we recommend that you put into practice those that best suit your tastes and requirements so that you can fulfill all your tasks, and become an efficient and successful worker.

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