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Know what the most common mistakes when dealing with changes are and how to deal with them. We all must face many changes in life as we grow older. These changes put us to the test and strengthen us every time. However, it may be that at first, people have negative reactions to these changes that happen, turning them into a problem that does not benefit us at all.

In this article, you will discover the most common mistakes when facing changes and how to avoid them so that you have an open mind and can learn from each of the obstacles that life puts in the way.

But first, why are people afraid of change?

When we have to change our lives, it is normal for us to feel a kind of fear that can resemble a feeling of vertigo and discomfort. Where does this emotion come from? Many causes make us fear, and it is important to know them to face them and regain the helm of your life.

Fear is one of the major enemies of happiness because, out of fear of the unknown and of not being in control, we end up living a life that is not bad but that does not fully satisfy us either. Overcoming that fear is essential to living your life to the full and how you want to.

What are the most common causes of fear of change?

Here we will discover why we are afraid of change, showing the most common causes and reasons:


  • Fear of not dominating the situation, Mistakes when dealing with changes

This is one of the main reasons we are afraid of change. Currently, we live in a reality that we control. It is comfortable and easy to manage: our city, our work, our friends, etc. This is what we call the “comfort zone” and, as the name suggests, here we are very comfortable and stabilized.

We control everything, and we can control it. But, when some of these changes, we begin to feel insecure, to feel that not everything is under our control, and, therefore, this situation can cause us anxiety, fear, and discomfort.


  • Fear of being wrong

Another of the main reasons we are afraid of change is for fear of being wrong. Within our comfort zone, we dominate everything and, therefore, we will hardly make mistakes; however, if we get out of it and explore other areas that are new to us, it will be easier for us to err, and therefore, for us to feel more vulnerable and weak.

In addition, if we make a slightly more drastic decision, such as a change of partner or job, it is normal that this fear is even greater. But, as the saying goes, “Who does not risk, does not win,” so it is better to risk than stay in a dominated site without being 100% satisfied.


  • Fear of the unknown, Mistakes when dealing with changes

And finally, another of the most common reasons we fear change is that everything unknown causes fear and insecurity in people. Walking through unfamiliar terrain means going down a path that we do not control at all and that we do not know what may bring us.

What are the most common mistakes we make when facing changes, and how can we avoid them?

Some of the most common mistakes we make when dealing with change are:


  • Immediate rejection, Mistakes when dealing with changes

It is very common to see that people reject change and try to stay within their comfort zone, where they feel safe and secure. However, change always comes eventually, and if you don’t accept it, the consequences can seriously affect you.

The best way to avoid rejecting change is to stop thinking ahead. Most people imagine how this change can affect them when they do not even know what will happen. The best thing you can do is stop imagining crazy things and move on. Accept that change is necessary to progress, and everything will be fine.


  • Find a shortcut, Mistakes when dealing with changes

One of the worst mistakes you can make when dealing with change is looking for a shortcut to escape. The shortcut may work for you at first, but then it will become a big problem that will exponentially harm you and may even negatively affect your future.

You can avoid making this mistake by pausing and analyzing the situation because maybe it is not as complicated as you think. Sometimes the solution is simpler than you think. Avoid making mental barriers for yourself.


  • Standstill, Mistakes when dealing with changes

Another of the most common mistakes is to stay still, not to act. When you freeze, you don’t move forward or backward. You just stand there and miss out on a world of possibilities waiting to help you achieve success.

The only way to avoid this error is to “START ACTION.” Maybe you are afraid of making mistakes, maybe you are afraid of the consequences, maybe you are afraid of obstacles, but if you do not move forward, you will never know what can happen.


Now that you know the most common mistakes when facing changes and how to avoid them, you can improve your mindset to achieve the success you want so much.

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