Learn to make decisions: Importance and tips. There are many situations in which we have to make decisions. Some are irrelevant, such as the clothes we wear every day, and others are very important and can determine our lives, such as the professional career, or the choice of partner.

In between, we have another set of decisions, such as the vacation destination or the car we buy. Every day we face many decisions, we face many options, but do we know how to make decisions? Are we responsible for our life?

In this article, we take care of giving you some tips to learn to make better decisions, learn to take charge of your life, and achieve your dreams more easily.

Why are we having a hard time making decisions?

Making a decision is one of the most difficult actions we face. For many people, making a decision, no matter how irrelevant, can be difficult. Choosing one option means giving up another, and as both options usually have good points, this complicates the decision-making process.

Choosing between two desserts implies choosing one but giving up the other. When we don’t like one, the decision is simple, but things get complicated if we like both desserts a lot. Choosing a dessert is irrelevant, but the same goes for relevant decisions. Before a decision, we have two or more options, all of them with good or pleasant things for us. Opting for one of them implies giving up the others. With this, we leave behind something that pleases us or is favorable to us.

Tips for learning to make decisions

Taking charge of our lives may not be an easy task. As the years go by, we find ourselves with increasingly complex situations, and while there are irrelevant decisions such as choosing what to wear each day or the vacation destination each summer, there are others much more important, such as choosing the professional career we will study, the place of residence or even a break.


The importance given to each of the acts differs from one to the other: the choice that is important to you may not be so for someone else.

All the individuals in the world agree on how complicated it is when you have to choose between two or more options. It has happened to all of us on more than one occasion to hear a reflection from someone about life, and when you hear it, your heart tells you it is true, that the message moves you.


But after the moment when your hair stands on end, your routine returns to what it was, and the long lists of daily actions return that lead you to the same results with the same facts. Olga Fernández, trainer and writer of «Vivir mola,» knows this duality very well:


When you have a goal, and your mind makes this goal more its own, what you get is more enthusiasm, and that makes you increase the vibration of what you want to achieve. That’s how it works. Deciding something is not thinking about it and leaving the idea in the air. Instead, decisions are acts of stating, acting, and developing with the faith that it is possible.

For this reason, we bring you some tips to learn how to make decisions in the best way:

1. Use both sides of your brain, learn to make decisions

People should try to use both sides of their brain when making decisions, because in this way they have a broader vision of the options they have and can make a more accurate decision, taking into account the pros and cons of each option.

The right side of the brain, our emotional intelligence, intrinsically relates to our behavior and the important decisions we make throughout our lives.

The decision-making and idea generation processes start from the left prefrontal cortex of the brain, but if there is not enough emotion behind this process, then the part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens is not active.


It is important to note that if this part of the brain does not activate, dopamine (a neurotransmitter that generates a feeling of well-being) will not release cells in the body and the person will remain unmotivated in the comfort zone. We must recognize that decisions made in the comfort zone do not generate any benefit in life.

2. Visualize your future, learn to make decisions

One of the best ways to make successful decisions is to take time to think about what you consider “success” to be from your own perspective. You can write your answers on a sheet of paper to visualize them more easily and then be able to meditate on them. After you achieve this meditation, visualize your future, considering the options you have at this moment. Try to let everything unfold in your imagination while you are calm.

Visualizing is one of the most important strategies for finding the best way to make a decision. By having a positive idea of the results, it will be much easier to decide.

3. Recognize the power behind every decision you make

Before deciding, you must understand the effects of your choice. For example, if a potential business partner requires you to present your services in front of a manager and decides not to do so because you are afraid to speak in public.
Here, it all comes down to deciding to overcome your fear of public speaking first so that you can do what you love (for example, be financially independent for the rest of your life).

4. Perfect your instincts, learn to make decisions

When you reel between multiple options, your intuition is one of your most powerful decision-making tools. Sit in a quiet place and see what feelings surface. When making big decisions, tune in to your inner wisdom. So the best old-fashioned tip for discovering what you want is to look inside.

Before making any major movement, take some time to explore that feeling. Chances are you’ve had a hunch before, a clue that led you in the right direction. Communicate with you and pay attention to that.

5. Don’t ask other people what to do, learn to make decisions

It makes it even more difficult to decide when you get caught up in other people’s opinions about what is best for you.

If you ask five people what they think you should do, you will most likely get different advice or, if not more (what they would do). The advice of others will not always work for you since your life is unique, and so are you. And the feedback will probably lead to confusion and doubt.

If your decision affects other people, consult them and let everyone know what they have decided.

6. Ask the right questions, learn to make decisions

What do I want at this moment in my life? Will the outcome of my decision bring me closer to what I want? Does the benefit outweigh the cost? Is it worth the reward for the level of risk? How committed am I to this change?

People who don’t do a self-reflection exercise will end up making inappropriate decisions because they don’t know what they want.

7. Align your life with your core values

The decisions you make based on your core values (non-negotiable values) create a motivating alignment in you. So, make decisions based on whether or not they align with your highest values, passions, and priorities.

Before determining if the decision ties to the things that mean the most to you, you must first be clear about what those values are. Next, make a written list of your main values. And once you’re clear on that, create a list of all the ways your choice lines up (or doesn’t line up) with those values.

8. Have courage and enthusiasm

Have you ever been a person who has amazed you at their drive to succeed?

When it comes to taking action in your life, having a strong spine is important. So before starting your own business, make sure you do something that motivates you to undertake your projects.

Along with determination, being enthusiastic is an equally important trait of successful people. It is important to be passionate about the life choices you make. There is power in passion.



Decision-making is something inherent in your life and the lives of people around you. You can constantly see people suffering from having to make decisions. There are people constantly distressed and unsatisfied with the decisions they have taken or intend to take.

Now that you know the best tips to learn to make decisions, you can change your life in the best way.

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