Networking… A word we hear a lot nowadays…

We all have heard the expression ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’. 

And in a sense it is true!


Networking is a very important part of leadership. And this is also an area where women are usually less strong (I know, I’ve been there: we often prefer to ‘finish the job’ or finalize this project rather than ‘waste time’ going out for a drink with some colleagues…


And yet, as a leader, online and/or offline networking has big advantages:


  • It increases your visibility. You meet new people who will know who you are, what you do and what value you bring
  • Networking can help you set up your business or climb the corporate ladder. By telling people your story and your goals, people will help you and will keep you in mind when they have an opportunity that fits your profile, experience and skills.
  • You can discuss things and get different ideas/opinions and even tips


Don’t forget: networking is a long term investment. You should always try to keep in touch with your network throughout the year, and not reach out to them only when you need them!


So, networking is not only who you know, but it’s also who knows YOU!

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