True global leaders hire and develop the best.

Leaders need to have a strong and diverse team around them. When they hire someone, they need to hire the best people they can find. They hire not only because of what the candidates have achieved so far, but also because they see potential in that person. 

Leaders know that they are as strong as their team. They provide their team members with guidance and support. They give them additional responsibilities. When they are out of the office (in a meeting, a training or on holiday/vacation), they delegate. They give someone in their team the chance to step up, to represent and replace them. Doing so not only develop the individuals, but it also ensures a succession plan when the time has come. 

Leaders also help them grow. They focus on their strengths. Whether they want to become a manager or follow another direction, leaders help their team members in finding the right path, providing guidance or tips. They identify opportunities for them and discuss them with them so that they all know what the next steps will be. Team members may need their approval to apply for another role, or even a recommendation. The best thing you can do as a leader is to support your team members to the best of your abilities.

Leaders do not micromanage. They empower people. Great leaders trust their team members that they will do the job they are supposed to do. They allow reasonable failure.

They provide tools, policies and procedures so that their team can do their job.

Last but not least: Leaders listen to their team and ask for regular feedback, because they know they do not know everything. 


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