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Know yourself through others. The reality is that we are entirely unknown. Most people live oblivious to their inner truth, with which they frequently fall into errors and vital crises. It seems that we want to compensate for this lack of depth by living “outward.” That is, letting ourselves be carried away by materialism and hedonism, the body, the physical, and the earthly.

However, on many occasions, we see that to find the Holy Grail of happiness and life satisfaction, a person must often take a journey towards self-knowledge. Embracing the Universe within oneself. As an old classic saying went: “Know yourself, and you will know everything.”

In this article, we will give you some keys to know yourself in the best way to activate your positive energy and generate changes in your life.

Know yourself through these keys

1. What am I?

A human being, not a thing. I am a subject, not an object. Therefore free, with voluntary capacity and to discern. Similarly, with the necessary resources to take action and modify my immediate environment.

I am a rational being. Therefore, I am endowed with reason. My thinking can be translated into concrete ideas and representations.

A symbolic being. We all interpret our reality symbolically. We all chase myths, dreams. What archetype do you consciously or unconsciously pursue? I am a sexed being, man or woman, but who integrates elements of both sexes in his being: Ánima and Ánimus.

A conscious being, equally endowed with self-consciousness (knows of its existence). We all ask metaphysical questions about ourselves and the reality that surrounds us.

I am an emotional, expressive being who wants to know and understand the Universe.

2. How am I? Know yourself through others

You must ask yourself what you are made of and the elements that make up your reality.


  • You are a triadic being with three planes, which are: Body, Soul, and Spirit


  • The soul (Psyche) is also triadic: Memory, Intelligence, and Will


  • It is imbued with the essence of the natural and the supernatural, the absolute and the relative. What is the latter?


  • The absolute represents the infinite and eternal, the being, the transcendent, the essence


  • The relative represents the temporal, the perishable, the conditioned, the phenomenological

The Spirit is the deepest part of the being; it is your center, your most sacred core. On the contrary, the physical and the psychological are the superficial, the fickle.

Regarding the personal I, we have:


  • The Great Self: which is your authentic self; that is, the spiritual, transcendent, and eternal


  • The Ego: It is your false self. It is small, illusory, brief, not reliable at all

One of the greatest tragedies is that many people do not know how to distinguish between their authentic and false selves. And, what is worse, many identify and define themselves under the false self. They are people who do not know each other, are superficial, and live outside.

3. Where am I? Know yourself through others

I am within the Creation, of a Universal Order. Therefore, I am part of the Cosmos. I am a microcosm. Know yourself with these questions: Why am I here? Who has brought me to this world?

You must know that there is a place for you in this Cosmic Order. First, however, you must find your home within it. Therefore, you must remember that the Cosmos is present in you and that you have to live in harmony with it.

In the good moments and the moments of weakness, you have to keep in mind that you are part of humanity. And as such, you occupy a central position in existence, along with others, since the human being is the intermediary between God and the World. Therefore, the human being has the mission of universal service.

4. What is my way of being? Because I’m so? Know yourself through others

You must ask yourself:


  •  ¿ How it is shaped my personality, and what elements compose?


  • How am I in the present? How was I in the past? Finally, how will I be in the future?


  • What should I do to be like I should?

You have to know about two fundamental realities: Your person and your life. You have to worry about learning and working on both aspects. On the other hand, you have to be who you are and who you are called to be. To do this, take into account the following facets:


  •  Temperament: inherited part of the personality


  • Character: part of the personality forged in interaction with the environment


  • Vocation: what attracts you and excites you


  • Skills: what you do best


  • Attitudes: your predisposition to act


  • Training, culture, instruction


  • Values


  • Mindset or world view


  • Personal introspection: how I see myself


5. Get to know yourself by asking yourself: How am I here? What is my role in all this?

For the human being, who is itinerant in this world, nothing is final. Change is the only constant in life. However, we all follow a path, but: where does the way you are following lead? What is the way you should follow?

The fundamental point is that you have to find your path and make it if it does not exist. Luckily or unfortunately, no one can walk the way for you. However, it is not as terrible as it sounds. After all, everyone has to do it sooner or later.

Now ask yourself:


  • Where do I come from?


  • Where I go?


  • What have I come to do in life?

Your mission is your way. You must bear in mind that you come from Eternity, and you are going towards Eternity. Therefore, being one with God (the good, the self, the way) is your ultimate goal. You come from the being, and you tend towards the being. Life is the search for the being.

Your life is your project, know yourself through others

Above all, you have to find your vocation and your destiny:


  • What do you want to do with your life


  • What and how do you want to be


  • How do you want to live


  • Towards what goals will you orient your life

6. Who am I? Know yourself through others

The fundamental objective here is to discover your own identity, your true essence, your nature. You can start asking yourself through these questions:


  • Who I am


  • What being is behind my name, my body


  • Who is the individual who is now reading these lines


  • What makes me the way I am


  • That which makes me alive


  • What or who keeps me active and with what meaning

Listen to the opinion of others

Most people have a wrong concept about themselves, and this is because we think that we are one way. After all, deep down, we want it to be.

For this reason, you must always listen to the opinion that others have about you. However, other people see you as you are to create a much more objective concept.

It would help if you remembered that you should not get carried away by the comments that you forgive them since many will only focus on criticizing you and making you notice your mistakes instead of helping you find your true essence. Furthermore, people can be fierce, so listen to them but ignore the pessimistic criticism they give you.

Please create your concept about yourself and compare it with what others think. This is a much more accurate and objective way to see yourself without questioning your personality because of the criticism of others.


Final words

Now that you know how to know yourself through others and on your own, you can discover your authentic essence and guarantee your personal and professional growth.

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