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Keys to stand out in a highly competitive environment. Competitiveness relates to a competitive advantage. This is a specific skill, resource, technology, or attributes that make it superior to those who possess it. It is a relative concept where the performance of one person or organization gets compared to others.

However, we should mention that there is no single definition of competitiveness. Several interpretations and forms of measurement depending on the context in which it gets analyzed (business, sport, international relations, etc.).

In this article, you will learn the keys to stand out in a highly competitive environment to become one of the best employees in your company.

Why is being competitive at work so important?

The importance of competitiveness lies in knowing how to manage its resources, increase its productivity and be aware of market requirements. The competitive advantage relates to “productivity” and the factors that determine within the company; Because of this, it is necessary to know that productivity is the relationship between the product obtained through a system of production of goods and services and the resources used to get it.

In this sense, competitive advantage, such as the value that a company creates for its customers, exceeds costs. These competitive advantages can be improvements that provide added value to the product, such as, that the distribution process is more efficient, a price that exceeds the offer of the competition, among other aspects that allow the company to have characteristics for which the client prefers it over companies that offer the same product.

Measuring competitiveness involves determining the components or factors that generate it and the degree of their impact. Several methodologies seek to measure some aspects of competitiveness, considering different conditioning factors, just as there are several definitions of competitiveness.

Various authors agree that industrial competitiveness does not arise spontaneously when the macro-context changes, nor is it created by resorting only to entrepreneurship at the micro-level. Instead, it is the product of a complex and dynamic pattern of interaction between the state, companies, intermediary institutions, and the organizational capacity of a society.


We can appreciate that this concept is characterized by recognizing that successful industrial development is not achieved only through a production function at the micro-level or stable macroeconomic conditions at the macro-level, but also by the existence of specific measures of the Government and private development organizations aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of companies (Meso level).

In this way, linking meso and macro policies is a function of a set of political and economic structures and many socio-cultural factors, and basic organization patterns (meta-level).

How can I stand out in a competitive work environment?

Here we show you some of the fundamental keys to stand out in a competitive environment and be successful:

1. Whatever happens, don’t stop studying, keys to stand out

Having a university or technical degree provides the base knowledge to face the tasks of a job. It also shows that we have gone through and completed a long process of preparation that allows us to develop many essential skills for the work environment. In addition, having a technical or university degree can ensure that we are in the first selection stage in most of the processes.

2. Mastering English is essential, keys to stand out

In today’s globalized world, English is a vital tool to work with. We use it both in a conversation with a colleague or client from another country and when we train ourselves, whether in a simple search on the Internet or when taking a postgraduate course.


For this reason, English is a highly requested requirement when selecting personnel and other skills related to technology, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint software, and even some design programs, primarily for the presentation of projects and results reports.

3. Remember: all experience is valid, keys to stand out

For a recruiter, every practice or job counts positively when selecting new talents. It does not matter if you are an assistant in a family member’s company or a lower-ranking position in customer service or sales. This experience will allow us to develop fundamental skills such as responsibility, punctuality, knowing how to work in a team and under pressure. Therefore, accumulate as much experience as possible, even before finishing your degree, and do not forget to include it in your CV.

4. Be your first recruiter, keys to stand out

Before going through a selection process, interview yourself. It will be much easier to know what you want and expect from the job you are going to do, what you are good at (differential in knowledge and personal skills), and what skills you need to develop or enhance. All this information will be fundamental when putting together an effective CV, highlighting from the first lines our three best personal skills, and preparing you in the best way for a face-to-face interview.

5. Believe in yourself, keys to stand out

In this job search stage, self-esteem plays such an important role that it can define all our development and professional future. Remember, it is time to gather our best and apply as many times as necessary to get the job we want.

6. Constantly update your CV, keys to stand out

The opportunity to get into your dream job may come when you least expect it. For this reason, when you upload your CV to a job search and publication portal such as Bumeran, do it carefully, taking care to place your data, which you must constantly update correctly.


Consider that companies affiliated with this type of platform not only recruit through the publication of a job advertisement but also look for candidates within the database they have, and there are many cases in which employers do not have considered applicants, either because they could not contact them or because according to their profile, they did not reach the required experience.

7. Set short-term goals, keys to stand out

Setting short-term goals and objectives will help you plan your success step by step. You must be aware that these goals must be linked to the well-being of your company and your duties as a worker. In this way, your superiors will notice your efficiency when working, and you will be their favorite employee.


Now that you know the keys to stand out in a highly competitive environment, you can guarantee your success one hundred percent and have a much more productive and enjoyable work experience.

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