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I got lost on the way: Keys to reconnect with your true essence. There is a general concept that time heals any wound, but it is not always true. Time itself does not change you; it is what you do over time that changes you because you can take control back into your hands when life hits you. It’s a matter of making the right decisions to make the changes that will move you forward.

Progress with a set purpose, rather than just letting life move you like a leaf in the wind, is one of the most beneficial things you can do. So when you feel lost and a little disheartened with life, here are some methods to move from that stage.

In this article, you will learn the keys to reconnect with your true essence, continue with your life, and get the success you want.

How can I reconnect with my true essence and return to who I was before?

Some strategies and tips can work perfectly for you. Among those that work best are:

1. Exercise, Keys to reconnect with your true essence

Strong bodies go hand in hand with strong minds. Forget what exercise does for your physique and focus on how it makes you feel, the dedication, strength, and structure it brings to mind. When you use your physical potential, you remind yourself that you can do and achieve much more than you think. In the words of Jillian Michaels, fitness is not just a squat or plank. It is a way to regain your power.

2. Travel

Take a day, a week, or a month to escape your usual environment and open yourself to the world that exists just outside your door. A mindset change often begins with something as simple as a change of scenery, and being away from home allows you the space, freedom, and peace of mind to heal on your terms.

3. Write, keys to reconnect with your true essence

The past is nothing more than history that we constantly repeat to ourselves, and once you understand it, the feeling is incredibly liberating. Going to therapy or journaling can help you refocus your experiences and come back with a new understanding of why things happened the way they did, as well as learning to identify opportunities for growth without destroying your past.

4. Open the door to new people

The positive effect we can have on another human being is immeasurable. Sometimes the best way to heal the toxicity of your past relationships is to allow the beauty of your new ones to flourish. Think about it: in the end, we end up thinking, acting, and reacting similarly to the people we spend the most time with, so it’s best to choose those who make you want to be your best version.

5. Accept your story, keys to reconnect with your true essence

Be honest with your past and share the pain of what you have experienced. Allow your strength to come to light and inspire others. Don’t hide or downplay anything important to you. Do not apologize for the roads you have traveled.

6. Be disciplined

When you get sick, you take special care to rest, drink fluids, and whatever medications are prescribed, even if it temporarily affects your productivity. When your battles are emotional, you should take care of yourself in the same way. By making your overall wellness a priority, you set yourself up for a much faster and infinitely less painful recovery.

7. Change your look, keys to reconnect with your true essence

Sometimes a radical external change is necessary to reflect and reinforce the one you make on the inside. When you change your hair, style of clothing, or makeup, you welcome a change in your life and recognize that it can be a good thing.

8. Drop what doesn’t work

One of the great paradoxes is that when our life seems in ruins, it is best to start from scratch. Your “bad fortune” may be the perfect excuse you’ve been waiting for to quit that job that no longer makes you happy, end a toxic relationship or an engagement that makes your life miserable. If you are forced to start over, make it a total change.

9. Allow yourself to release, keys to reconnect with your true essence

Not everything that happens to us necessarily has a lesson or a meaning. If your past is no longer useful, allow yourself to let go and forget the pain that you have felt during this time. You write your own story, and you don’t have to keep paying attention to anything that makes you feel small.

10. Join people who have been through something similar

Find the words and company of those who understand what you are going through. Read their stories, celebrate the wisdom they have gained, and use it to your advantage as a permanent reminder that you are never really alone.

11. Disconnect for an entire week, keys to reconnect with your true essence

If you can do it, take a full week for yourself and hit the road or visit places you don’t know, any place where social media and the virtual world can’t reach you. Often, disconnecting from everyday life is the way to realize how trivial most of your worries can be and how capable you are of existing apart from them.

12. Strengthen the relationship with the people you love

When everything falls apart, realize who remains by your side. Those are the people who are always going to be important in your life, and there is no better time than now to appreciate and value them.

13. Learn something new

What you know completely changes the landscape of who you are. When you increase your knowledge database, you expand your horizons while remembering that there are always more things to learn and many more ways to make your image of the world change.

14. Set a budget and stick to it, keys to reconnect with your true essence

It’s hard to be in control of your life when our finances are out of control, so another way to take charge of our life is to recognize your money-spending habits and set a budget. There is nothing more relaxing than living on your terms.

15. Allow yourself to be happier than you imagine

We often sabotage our happiness when we refuse to trust it, and instead of allowing ourselves to grow, we think we are not “enough” in one or more aspects of our life. Let go of any guilt or doubts about your ability and identify and seize opportunities when they present themselves.


Now that you know the keys to reconnect with your true essence, you can deal with any problem and become the successful person you want to be.

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