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Keys to being successful with your online business. We are in a time when it is relatively easy to start an online business. The resources to be used are much cheaper. The Internet is a global economy, and access to information and training is incredible.


However, we also find that a very high percentage of entrepreneurs do not bring up their internet business. Why? How complicated is it to work on the Internet? Maybe people are not interested in what we do?


The truth is that undertaking is much easier, yes. But, the Internet is increasingly full of online businesses like ours, so the volume of competition has multiplied exponentially.


So, as an entrepreneur, you should know that, although it is an environment with a greater chance of success, the competition is also much greater, and it is more difficult to follow results.


What a paradox, right? It may seem easy to start on the Internet, but it is not. The good news is that we show you the keys to be successful with your online business in this article.


keys to be successful with your online business


1- The product


It is the star factor. If you do not have a quality product, it is difficult for it to make its way into the market. You must also know its characteristics well to communicate its attractiveness and sell it. It is convenient to carry out a market study both offline and online to know the competition and sell it well.


2- The price, Keys to being successful


It must be a market price. It is useless to inflate prices to get more margin since you live with your competition on the Internet. In addition, the customer knows fully well to search and compare prices. On the other hand, selling very cheaply can cause you not to get minimum profitability.


3- Sales service, Keys to being successful


It is a very important aspect when it comes to customer loyalty. Apart from good content and all kinds of information, it is important to have an email and a contact telephone number to solve possible doubts when closing a purchase. On your website, you must also include all kinds of details of the purchase process to keep the customer informed of the procedures that occur in the shipping process. Likewise, more and more tools on different media allow questions to be consulted in real-time.


4- Good platform, Keys to being successful


The format of your online store is as essential or more than other factors since many times it will be the decisive element to make a buyer stay. The accessibility and indexing of the products play a decisive role. Many platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, and WordPress offer the possibility of creating an online store with a professional and practical finish.


5- Good design and usability, Keys to being successful


The aesthetic of your website is also important since it will enhance certain products and give personality to the brand. We must prevent aesthetics from damaging usability. The practicality of the web must always be constant. Good design is useless if we cannot find a product. These two factors will be definitive in our purchase volume, and therefore there will be more conversion.


6- Original content, Keys to being successful


It is important to generate complete information in such a way as to facilitate the customer’s purchase decision. We should avoid duplicate content on other websites as it can harm the positioning of the web and be considered spam. It is also penalized by Google and will make your page not rank. When you write with the e-commerce magnifying glass, you must bear in mind that you do it to make the user and the search engine fall in love.


7- Quality traffic, Keys to being successful


Talking about this key is talking about SEO and SEM. Being on the Internet is not free, and many times the idea is to have a strategy based on these two concepts. The latter is known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM. However, natural positioning is also important, or SEO (search engine optimization) which consists of organic positioning through link-building actions and a series of criteria set by Google. It is important to clarify that SEO is not free.


8- The strategy in digital marketing. Think more about your users and less about yourself


To start a company on the Internet, first you will need to qualify yourself in the most important areas, those that will allow you to design an effective, differential strategy and that will later allow you to successfully implement the processes that will generate new customers and income.


Given the volume of competition on the Internet, the differential added value that your online business brings will be your greatest bulwark. As an entrepreneur, you must know how to work it and communicate it. So:


  • Analyze your target audience. Why are they buying from you?


Analyzing your target audience, target or Buyer Person, will be the first thing you have to do in your online business. As an Internet entrepreneur, you must discover how to get their attention, get them to your website, and make them buy from you.


To do this, apart from a good description of your profile (demographic, economic, cultural data, etc.) We advise you to make an Empathy Map. The purpose of this practice is to analyze how a user perceives your products or services, what they think of them, and what their main reluctance and fear are when purchasing them.


  • Adapt your products to the needs of your target audience, Keys to being successful


Any online business must present well-designed products or service files: descriptive, well optimized for positioning, with calls to action, but also capable of influencing the purchasing decisions of each user who reaches them.


Therefore, having made a good Empathy Map before will allow you to adapt the description of your products to their tastes and needs, refute their fears, and make them see your product is good and your value proposition is excellent.


  • Work on a differential value proposition, Keys to being successful


What is a value proposition? Well, simply, the key point that will favor you is that you can start generating sales in your online business. As an entrepreneur, you must develop a unique value proposition, based on points such as: 


  • What benefits do you bring to the client? How much do your products cost? Is it competitively priced?  


  • How does your online business, your product, or your know-how as an entrepreneur solve a need or problem of your buyer?    


  • Why should they choose you and not your competition?  


Developing them well is an important turning point within marketing for entrepreneurs, as your online business will be more visible and more relevant to your users.


  • Make a sales funnel in conditions for your digital marketing, Keys to being successful


The Sales Funnel or Sales Funnel is one of the most important points before launching digital marketing actions for your online business.


The Sales Funnel is the ideal representation of how you are going to get users to reach your website (Visits), leave you their data, and show their interest in your products (Leads), and you end up consolidating them as customers (Closing).


This is where the online marketing strategy develops, where you quantify the investment you will have to make and decide what digital marketing actions you will carry out and how.


9- The importance of defining the most appropriate sales-focused processes


Defining the sales processes is not just putting a shopping cart in our online store. Properly working on the purchasing processes is the next phase after doing the Sales Funnel.


It involves knowing the phases of the purchase cycle of a user or Customer Journey (need, consideration, and purchase) and developing actions focused on the sale for each of these phases. To purchase or influence your decisions, you continue to trust us in the phases before the sale.


For this, there are three main digital marketing channels you should know and apply in your online business from the first moment:


1. The contents, through which you try to give an initial solution to the problems or needs of your users


2. Positioning, because if you can’t appear on the first page of Google results, no one will find you.


3. Mailing, as a mass communication channel and simultaneously direct to the user, to get them to trust you and buy your product.


They are not the only ones, of course, but both these and others will help users buy on your website, and that is where other elements such as Call To Action and the shopping cart will play the final track before the consolidation of your sales online.


10 – Online Marketing training, the key to the success of your business on the Internet


Perhaps one point that many entrepreneurs on the Internet leave for last or do not even do. Online Marketing training is essential for any entrepreneur who is going to work an online business.


We already see many areas to be mastered: online strategy, sales-oriented processes, online marketing channels, etc.


And, within Online Marketing, there are many areas to work likewise: positioning, usability, social networks, mail marketing, etc. Have you already mastered them all? So why do you put aside this important aspect of marketing training?


Whether you are outsourcing these digital marketing services to another company or doing it yourself, you have to get results. And for that, you will also have to analyze specific metrics to know at all times how your online business is working.




Now that you know the keys to success with your online business, you can generate the strategies that allow you to achieve each of the objectives you set for yourself.


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