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Secrets to keep an active mind during work hours. We usually associate the concept of “fatigue” with the physical state or condition of the human. However, many times you have likely experienced a prolonged and extreme feeling of fatigue without knowing that, beyond being physically exhausted, it is likely that you are also presenting a case of mental fatigue.

Mental fatigue is defined as a temporary decrease or alteration of mental and physical efficiency due to situations of emotional, psychological or intellectual pressure that, beyond staying within your thoughts, directly affects the state of your body, generating multiple complications and diseases.

There are many reasons why this deterioration can manifest itself. Still, events such as anxiety about an uncertain future, the accumulation of postponed responsibilities, the overexertion of our capacities, and the perception of personal instability are usually the most common reasons why is presented.

These cases can appear within the life of any person and are processes that, like any other, can be prevented and fought by yourself, following certain guidelines that will surely serve to recover our usual levels of energy and improve our productivity in the future. In this article, we present some of these solutions to stay active during work and improve your work performance.

How to stay active while working?

It has been discovered that certain strategies can help you stay active and improve your quality of life without much effort. Some of the strategies that work best are:

· Stay away from negative thoughts, keep an active mind during work

Even though it may be believed that thoughts are not harmful, flagellating oneself with negative ideas about our responsibilities and current reality can seriously deteriorate the emotional state in the medium and long term.

One of the best ways to escape or avoid these negative thoughts is by learning to identify when you have a negative thought (for example “I will not make it, everything will go wrong”) and, a step followed, responding positively for example: “Of course, I can, of course, I can!” This may sound insignificant, but repeating positive phrases such as “I can do it” is a great motivational tool during times of difficulty.


Draw on emotional memories and find within your achievements and past experiences the motivation to remember the human being that you really are.

· Plan in the present and stop spending time in the past or future

It is necessary to understand that past situations have already happened. In parallel, over-planning for the future will only bring you pictures of anxiety. This is because the only thing we can really control is the present, so focus all your efforts on accomplishing the activities that you can do here and now.

· Recover the affection for your body and pamper yourself

Beyond exercising, eating healthy, and recovering sacred hours of sleep (at least eight hours a day), dedicating quality time to your physical well-being will make you feel very good. Pamper yourself more often by doing activities that relax you, like meditation, yoga, or going to a spa.


Remember that the body is the temple where your mind rests. Taking care of it will influence your emotional and psychological health. The latter also involves being jealous and selective about the foods and nutrients you eat.

· Plan your time strategically, keep an active mind during work

Accumulating ideas and plans about the future only helps to perceive tomorrow as a mass of unfulfilled activities. To combat this, the most useful thing is to set small goals to carry out daily, which will facilitate the achievement of the great projects of the future little by little.


Second, when planning your daily routine, always remember to “put yourself first” and always bear in mind that you can never “please everyone.” Ask yourself questions like: What benefits does this activity have for me? Is there a balance between my personal life and work? When and how am I truly most productive? Can I delegate this task, or do I have to do it myself?

· Improved working conditions, keep an active mind during work

They focus on the study of the environmental conditions of the workplace (lighting, noise, air quality…), elements that make up the equipment of the workplace (furniture, tools, and work tools including mainly in the case of prevention of the mental load, the documentation and information handled and the type of support of said information), requirements in the treatment of the information (perception, required attention resources, memorization, numerical calculation, logical reasoning, problem-solving and decision making).

· Feeding, keep an active mind during work

The role of a proper diet is very important in preventing mental fatigue. Improper diet, which has a lack of certain nutrients, promotes early-onset and maintenance of the feeling of fatigue. Another relevant aspect is an adequate time distribution of meals and the time available to make them.

· Rest pattern

On average, it is considered necessary for adults to sleep around eight hours at a time. The quantity and quality of the rest pattern affect the ability to resist fatigue.

Final words

Now that you know the secrets to stay active during work, you can improve your work performance and grow professionally in the best possible way.

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