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Advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate. Real estate is an excellent investment for people who want to generate passive income and have money for a long time. However, this also involves certain difficulties that can put your finances at risk.

In this article, you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate so that you can make an accurate decision when investing your money.

But first, what is real estate?

Real estate is that thing which we can’t move because of its nature.

Real estate coincides with things such as buildings, land, and any derivative of these that are fixed to the land. They are so named because we cannot move them.

These types of assets are so named because they are linked to the ground, either physically or legally (they are legally inseparable). Also, for the same purposes, ships and aquatic aircraft are real estates, since their functionality is on the maritime surface, being useless if we detach them from it.

In general, these types of goods are fixed assets in the accounting and finance of companies, counting as improvements or increases in value those reforms and additions that may increase their value. Special mentions are the mines or train tracks, which are also constructions and whose main asset is the construction itself, either because it is the origin of the extractions or because it is the preferred conduit for economic activity.

What types of real estate can I find on the market?

It is important to note that the property by incorporation will also correspond to a landowner, such as real estate that was built on that land, or any type of plantation, trees or crops, that was on them.

We have already discussed different nuances of real estate. In addition, among the most common ways of categorizing these goods, we find:


  • Residential: homes of all kinds and also undeveloped land.


  • Commercial: those intended for the tertiary sector, such as office buildings or shops.


  • Industrial: those with productive purposes such as a farm or a factory.

Another type of cataloging would be to distinguish between urban properties and rustic properties. The latter closely relate to the agricultural sector, since this is where livestock, agricultural, and forestry activities are carried out. With the development of a population, we can convert these rustic properties into urban properties (homes, commercial premises, offices) through a legal figure known in our country as land or land requalification.

What is the real estate industry like?

Of all the businesses that exist, real estate probably represents the branch with the greatest options and possibilities to earn good money. Despite the crisis stages of the towns, many millionaires have emerged from doing real estate businesses.

This is for many reasons, but the main one is that real estate represents a segment with products in constant demand and growth in practically any city in the world.

Property has been the best means of creating wealth since ancient times, and today’s great real estate moguls like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki confirm this. That is why today we share some practical ideas on how you can get started in this interesting and lucrative business.

To begin, we summarize you can enter the real estate business from four distinct lines of work. Each one of them requires, of course, a different level of specific knowledge and investment.

In most cases, we recommend starting with a line of services to enter the business, get to know the environment, learn about the market and save capital.

How can I invest in real estate?

Real estate investment is very lucrative and attractive, becoming a very important source of income in Mexico. Next, we will tell you what are the different ways to invest in real estate today.

It is a reality that investing in real estate represents a significant investment, which sometimes worries people interested in this sector. However, the risks of the real estate sector are lower, therefore it is an excellent option to achieve economic stability.

1-Buy housing for rent, investing in real estate

One of the most classic ways to invest in real estate is to buy a property to rent it. In this modality, it is through the monthly collection of rent that yields are obtained, getting fixed monthly income.

Keep in mind that if your tenant’s rent payment does not cover the mortgage, insurance, taxes, and maintenance, you will effectively lose money.

2-Buy properties for sale, investing in real estate

One of the safest ways to invest money is to buy a property and then sell it. This is how your initial investment will increase thanks to the capital gain.

If you are interested in investing in real estate with this modality, you will need a strong initial investment, which can come from savings (own capital) or a mortgage loan.

This type of investment requires a commitment to the obligations involved in buying and selling a property, such as credits, payments for notarial services, taxes, and services, among others.

3-Buy a house to remodel, investing in real estate

Some people go one step further and buy houses to renovate and resell. While those TV shows often make it look easy, “remodeling” is still one of the most expensive and time-consuming ways to invest in real estate. But it also has the potential to produce higher profits.

To be successful in this type of investment, you must always be prepared for unexpected problems: budget increases, mistakes that involve time, and problems of selling in the market.

It is especially important to have knowledge about this real estate transaction and make sure you have the cash reserves to solve problems. Even seasoned hobbyists find that a project inevitably takes longer and costs more than they realize.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in this market?


  • Advantages of investing in real estate

– Offers stable income.

– Offers capital appreciation.

– Diversify investments.

– Can be bought with leverage.


  • Disadvantages of investing in real estate


– It is generally not liquid.

– Extremely influenced by local factors.

– Requires a large initial capital investment.

– May require intense management and experience.


Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate, you can start buying properties and generate passive income through them.

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