Yesterday I attended a networking event.

One of my good friends was there and I must say he impressed me.


We were talking about one of his connections and told me that as soon as he gets someone’s business card during a networking event, he spends some time in the evening and enters his/her details in his phone. 


He does not only enter the ‘usual’ details…


He pulled out his phone and as an example, chose my name.

Besides having registered my name, phone number and email he also had:

✳️  My picture (the one from the Linkedin profile)

✳️  The exact date he met me and where

✳️  A specific thing about me (in my case he had written: passionate salsa dancer ???)


He said that he does that with every single person he meets. This really helps him when he meets people again as he can refresh his memory and check all these details.


 And when he mentions them, saying something like ‘Oh yes! We met at the event ‘XYZ’ last year on the 15th October’, it impresses people a lot – just like I was.


What do you do with your new business cards?

How do you remember all the new connections you meet?


I’d love to hear your feedback!

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