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How to stay motivated at work? Anyone with a job has ups and downs throughout the year, throughout our lives… sometimes we find ourselves in a phase of motivation and ascending results, and other times, it seems like everything stops, that nothing (or few things) motivates us.


The question is: how to regain motivation?

Being motivated and having a good attitude go hand in hand. What goes through our head: thoughts, beliefs, emotions… is what makes us act one way or another. In this article, we explain everything you need to know to stay motivated during work.

What is the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?

Motivation can be extrinsic: one that comes from external sources such as salary. Motivation can also be intrinsic. This second is an authentic source of motivation that emanates from within us.

The true motivation is intrinsic, the one that comes from within us, which makes us move voluntarily and not because we are going to get a prize. It, therefore, determines our behavior.


How do I know if I am not motivated?

First of all, you should know what motivates you and what doesn’t, so analyze yourself internally and ask yourself some questions:


  • Do you do what you like every day, or is working a lesser evil that you have to bear?


  • Do you have the decision-making capacity to act in your day-to-day life?


  • Are your results up to you?, or are you an errand?


  • Are you flexible? or Are you adaptive?


  • Are you open to constant learning, or are you one of those who thinks?… “I learn? I know everything.” If you are one of these, do not wait for life to put you between a rock and a hard place (which it will). Open your mind and read a book, even once a year, a book that helps you move forward.


  • Do you see the good side of each experience? If you are one of those who do not, do the exercise of writing what you see as good, what is the positive thing that has happened to you every day.


  • Are you an island?… If so, open up and share.


  • Do you work on what you like? Does the company give you means? Do they hear you? Can you develop your own projects in the company? If your answer is “no,” what could you do and change that situation? How could you turn your work that you don’t like into something that you enjoy?

Benefits of being motivated at work

Work motivation constitutes the success of any company, making collaborators feel aligned with the company’s objectives while fulfilling their personal objectives through the satisfaction of their needs and expectations.

1. Higher productivity

A company with motivated employees is a production machine, with the consequent benefits for the company due to the work motivation of its workers.

2. Commitment of collaborators

Motivated employees often believe in the project and get involved, especially contributing ideas and working towards common goals.

3. Innovation

Because of the above, work motivation produces an atmosphere of innovation in employees. Innovation is breathed in, and this is contagious.

4. Reduction of problems

Motivated employees have fewer problems in the company, complain less, and see things differently. They are less revolutionary and more peaceful.

5. Greater competitiveness of the company

Work motivation generates higher productivity, commitment, and innovation, resulting in a more competitive company.

6. Better image of the company

Motivated employees are happy in the company. They speak wonders of their workplace and convey how good it is to work in your business.

7. Talent retention

A motivated employee seldom leaves their job. On the contrary, they put on the company shirt and commit themselves to the project.

Causes of job demotivation

A few years ago, the concept of job demotivation would make us think only of workers. Today, it is an aspect that worries both companies and their employees.

Companies are aware of the negative effect that having an unmotivated workforce has on productivity. The signs of this lack of motivation (more fatigue, a worse character with colleagues, poor performance…) are not always detectable in the short term. Still, it will affect individual and collective productivity. For this reason, the entities have proposed to take care of both the talent and the emotions that surround them.

These are the 4 main causes of job demotivation, which occur in most cases:

1. Achievements that go unnoticed, how to stay motivated at work

Reaching a goal is not always sufficient motivation. Sometimes it must be accompanied by an added compliment or compensation. Almost 1 in 5 employees feel that their good results are not valued. Companies must appreciate the work of their staff by looking at it with perspective.


To solve this problem and reward them, they will act on multiple working conditions: greater communication, decision-making power, flexibility in the schedule, remuneration, transportation and/or food facilities, etc.

2. Bad work environment, how to stay motivated at work

The work environment is not only made up of the workers themselves, but the workspace has also become vitally important. Emotions are contagious, so creating positive environments and a relaxed atmosphere will have a positive impact, generating better results.

3. Mismatch between perspectives and reality, how to stay motivated at work

Another large group of unmotivated employees blames it on a lack of job challenges. Because of this crisis, many companies have had to restructure. Many employees have had to take on different ranks or have been overwhelmed by previously unknown skills (multitasking, new technologies, communication, etc.).


On many occasions, the professionals themselves have the power to reverse a negative situation. A proactive attitude and an open disposition will improve the mood with which you go to the job.

4. Other communication limitations, how to stay motivated at work

One in ten employees is limited in their possibilities for promotion, while 5% feel unable to contribute new ideas. Many solutions go through improving and facilitating internal communication—the companies of the future move towards more horizontal hierarchies where all opinions count to add up.


Vertical communication channels must be evolved because they frustrate and limit the expectations of workers. In addition, leaders have to have empathy and transmit motivation among their peers. They must be the first to embrace the failures and share the successes.

How to be motivated at work and in life?

To stay motivated at work, keep these things in mind:


– Enjoy it, how to stay motivated at work


Doing what you hate every day can lead you to a dead-end, to a high wall. You will have to overcome with some physical or emotional pain. However, doing what you love is the source of positive thoughts, illusion, and therefore wanting to get out of bed soon because you know for sure that something good awaits us today. It is, therefore, the origin of a winning attitude.

– Be responsible for your results


You must feel that your results depend on you, and also, therefore, you must have autonomy and decision-making capacity about the actions you undertake in your day to day (if you are a commercial director, this is what your team needs to be more motivated).

– You must work on your ability to adapt to changing situations


Be flexible, be open to changes, innovate, do things differently, and change something in your day-to-day life. The brain needs to make changes in your day-to-day life. Change, invent, and check results.

– Be predisposed to constant learning, how to stay motivated at work


Learn new things and discard the old, what you learned decades ago. Constant learning makes us see the same world differently. It makes us open our minds, makes us think and be open to change, to innovation.

– Train your optimism


In this way, you train your mind to focus on the good things and not the bad or less good.

– Share your ideas, successes, and “failures” with your colleagues


If you are a commercial director or sales manager, have meetings that favor this.

– Ask for projects within the company or create them


Work on your business as if it were yours.

Job demotivation directly attacks the talent that our company has. Although each situation is different, internal communication and the correct assessment of our workers are bases to eradicate this problem.

This is why these tips for staying motivated while at work are so important. Now you have the opportunity to optimize your work performance and become better at work with the help of these recommendations.

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