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Thoughts that will help you get through the most difficult moments. Most people have no idea how to deal with difficult times. Even though others advise us, support us, or teach us to deal with certain situations, difficult times seem to be the worst that can happen to us.

However, we must be aware that difficult moments are part of life, and we must learn to deal with them. The good news is that certain strategies can help us create thoughts that help us get through difficult times.

Tips that can help you overcome the worst moments

1. Accept that life is both happiness and unhappiness

Accept that both are part of this world that you inhabit, that it is difficult to know one and not know the other. Although we both like to live happiness more than to feel the punch in the stomach, our friend gives us as unhappiness.

2. Prepare for the difficult, how to get through the most difficult moments

Even if you live moments of joy, never lose sight of the fact that “this too will pass,” and that holding on to a moment and not wanting to let go of it is nothing more than confluence, of remaining fused to a happiness that is ephemeral, the fruit of an instant of our lives.

3. Always do your best

I borrowed this phrase from Dr. Miguel Ruíz in “The Four Agreements” (here you summarize agreements I, II, and III). Any of those who do not get what we wanted will not be on our part, but because life, frequently, does not make it easy for us. Faced with difficult moments, we have to give everything, try everything and go to win.

4. Don’t throw in the towel, don’t even think about it

Thought induces feelings, and these transform into ways of being and acting. If you think about throwing in the towel or quitting, it is very easy for the coin to start falling that way. The resilient attitude does not contemplate defeat, that always believes that it can achieve it.

5. Act on autopilot, how to get through the most difficult moments

The worst thing about tough times is that it seems like work is piling up. Trouble arises around you until all the fires seem to be lit, and then you are no longer fighting a battle against an enemy. You feel that everything around you is enemies trying to besiege the fortress you are in.

Rather than despair, I invite you to act with perseverance and without stopping doing what you have to do. A manager who worked in one of the teams he led back in 2000 told, “César after 1 goes to 2”. Well that, Fernando goes for you. You have to know that if we put the automatic pilot, everything will work out, that the best way to not find resistance is to work, doing what you have to do.

6. Interpret it rationally

On the other hand, make an interpretation as realistic as possible of what is happening to you. You may think that it is a catastrophe, that it is the worst thing that could happen to you, that “why me”… or you may think that there are always worse things that will be solved one way or another. This, although it may seem like it, is not resigning yourself. It is simply relativizing the situation to think more clearly.

7. Focus on solutions, how to get through the most difficult moments

Stop focusing your attention on the problem and focus on what solutions it may have, or what is the same: do not worry. Take care. If all you do is regret what happens to you, think that you do not deserve it because you are a good person, or look for an explanation for what is happening, you focus on the problem, and it will take longer to get out of that pothole.


The reason for what happens to you or complaining at all hours will fix nothing. Think about what options you have now and choose the one that is best for you.

8. Pay attention to your emotions

Pay attention to what you are feeling, to the emotions that the situation generates in you. There you can find a way to fix it. In other words, what would you have to do to stop feeling what you feel now?

9. Learn from bad times, how to get through the most difficult moments

Take a lesson from what is happening. It is the way we have to evolve. A good way to learn from bad times is to analyze the responsibility you have had in it. In many of the difficult moments we live in, we have some responsibility to realize what it is. It helps us know how to act or not to act in the future.

If, on the contrary, we are not responsible at all and in reality nobody is, the best option is to accept it. Accepting means understanding that things happen to us just because and that we will have to overcome. We are not talking about resigning. Resignation is giving up when there is still a lot to do.

10. Act at once, how to get through the most difficult moments

Once you have decided what you should do, either to solve it or stop feeling so bad, it is best not to leave it for later or tomorrow. The sooner you do it, the sooner the tranquility will return.

Motivational phrases that can help you overcome difficult moments

1. You will never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option.

2. Sometimes, the good things are lost to make way for the great ones.

3. You will not be able to change what you refuse to face.

4. Nobody has it easy, and you never know the problems that each one is going through. So do not think that you are the only one facing difficult moments, each one who is assuming their own confrontations.

5. Crying does not make you weaker. Since you were born, this is a sign that you are alive and full of potential.

6. No matter how many times you make a mistake or how slowly you progress, you will always be ahead of anyone who is not trying.

7. Life is not about waiting for the storm to end, but learn to dance in the rain.

8. Grudges are a perfect way to end your happiness. Let them go.

9. Making a person smile can change the world. Perhaps not the whole world, but their world. Start small, start today.

10. Sometimes, you have to step away from the circumstances to analyze them clearly.

11. Never let success come to your head or failure to your heart.

12. You will have to beat your most difficult days to earn your best.

13. Life consists of 10% of things that happen to you and 90% of how you react to them.

14. You can learn great life lessons from your mistakes if you are not busy denying them.

15. What they think does not matter, but what you think of yourself.

Final words: How to get through the most difficult moments

We all know that difficult times are sometimes discouraging, exasperating, and even traumatic. Still, we can’t get carried away with those kinds of emotions. With these tips and phrases, we can all have thoughts that help us overcome the bad times.

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