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How to get clients? There are many fears you may have when you start a business from scratch, but without a doubt, the biggest one may be not getting new clients, so that your business works. Frequently, the mistake happens because of accepting all types of clients, saying yes to all.


There must be a connection between client and company so that the client feels satisfied with what the company offers them, and the company or entrepreneur gets the expected return for their work. If not, it is most likely that dissatisfaction problems will arise on both sides, and the business will drift mainly due to two factors: criticism from customers and demotivation from the entrepreneur.


In this article, we teach you everything you need to know to learn how to get clients more easily and guarantee the growth of your business.


Definition of customers and product


The first step we must take to get new clients is to define them properly, and for this, nothing better than consulting our post on buyer personas. With a clear profile of the type of clients we want to have, it will be much easier to define the product or service to satisfy their needs, adapting both its main characteristics, performance, and price.


Often the price is the key factor, being necessary to find the balance between the value perceived by the client and the payment they will make for its acquisition.


Then, the product will be defined, and its information will be available to everyone, creating a website with photographs, descriptions, and sales arguments. We can also create other types of informative material such as dossiers for commercials and large clients.


What strategies to implement to get new customers?


You have defined your client and the product. We will ask ourselves: How to get new clients? And for this, we propose these techniques and ideas:


  • Advertising, how to get clients


One way to get new customers for your business is advertising, both online and in traditional media. Of course, unless we sell a product or service that is too general, the power of segmentation offered by online advertising will be unmatched to achieve the maximum return on our advertising investment.


As we have already said, finding the right type of client is essential for the business’s success, and through Facebook Ads and advertising on other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, we can achieve that. We can also add online advertising of the SEM type or remarketing and retargeting. If you are interested in advertising online to get clients, don’t miss our post on online advertising formats.


  • Public relations, how to get clients


Although the actual results are seen more in the long-term, public relations campaigns are also good for getting new clients. You can do the classic PR action that consists of creating a press dossier and talking to journalists related to your sector to extract daily news from your company or have you as reference experts to deal with certain current issues.


For example, if you are an anti-sugar nutritionist offering courses or books, a journalist may find your knowledge and ideas to write an article about the harmful effect of sugar on health very helpful.


  • Content strategy, how to get clients


Adding a blog to your website and filling it with practical content for your clients can be the first step in creating a climate of trust and generating a brand. But remember that it is important that the generation of content reverts to results, and that is why you should take care of your content strategy as much as possible and boost sales.


  • Social media, how to get clients


With them, we can increase visits to our blog or website, show our products and services, talk with our customers to build trust or offer solutions to their problems, and we can even find collaborators, journalists, bloggers, and influencers interested in what we do.


  • Lead Magnets, how to get clients


These are free products or services that we offer to attract customers. For example, in this blog, we have a section of free marketing resources that attracts people interested in this type of material and from which we get their email when they access the download.


  • Mailing, how to get clients


It is the best way to filter lead magnets to get new customers and even keep existing customers to repeat the purchase. In addition, through automation systems such as the one allowed by Active Campaign or similar tools, it is one of the most popular systems for attracting customers and online sales.


  • Events, how to get clients


Not everything has to be necessarily online. Attending events or even having a booth at a fair can allow you to attract new customers. The most important thing is to choose the place where we are going to go properly. For example, if our clients are new mothers, we will find our direct clients at maternity fairs rather than at a public event about entrepreneurs.


You can also participate in online events or create your own, which could be as simple as launching a free webinar where you can talk about the products or services you offer.


  • Product testing


Offering potential customers a small test of the product to assess what you offer them is another good solution, although it is necessary to know how to measure what we do well so that they do not feel that “we work for free!” A mistake that, unfortunately, many entrepreneurs fall into.


When the pharmacy gives you a packet of cream that is a product test, they indicate it as such, and therefore you know that the next time you go to the establishment if you want the product, you will have to pay for it. Well, we must do the same with our product or service tests, clearly remarking that it is a free sample of what you offer.


  • Promotions and offers


Both the product test and the promotions and offers are the most complicated formats to get new customers since they sometimes lead to the error that… your products and services are free! So, every time you use these customer acquisition techniques, analyze well and organize what you will do, measuring your words very well and assuming that many people will come to your product for the mere fact of being promotional.


  • Partners and cross-selling


Look for partners and strategic alliances that allow you to increase your sales and offer a broader catalog of products or services. For example, if you have an online store for fountain pens, it will be of great help to increase the shopping bag of your customers, and reach an agreement with a supplier of notebooks and ink refills.


Thus, you will get more sales of your products, a margin from the sale of the product of your partners, and greater customer satisfaction for being able to buy several products in the same store.


  • Prescribers


People with a certain name in a sector or satisfied customers will be the best cover letter we can have. Put yourself in the situation, have tremendous back pain, and look for a physiotherapist in your city. You search on Google and find many possibilities; you read the recommendations and comments of other people, and finally, you decide on one.


What do you think has been the factor that has determined your decision? Probably the good recommendations that you have found from one of them in particular, don’t you think?




There are many techniques that you can put into practice to learn how to get clients. The important thing is that you analyze each one of them, think about which ones are best suited to your business, and then put them in motion.

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