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How to find your passion? You can’t follow your passion when you don’t even know yourself, when you do not know what you are passionate about. You might not have tried activities that make you feel true satisfaction and genuine taste in the short and medium term.

When you follow that famous advice and go in search of your passion, it often happens that you find yourself with a mental unknown that only makes you remain immobile without knowing what to do.

What am I passionate about? What do I enjoy doing now and will enjoy doing in 5 years? What do I like to do?

It’s not about finding something that you were passionate about just for a week or a month that doesn’t work. You must look forward to several years and define a goal greater than just your personal satisfaction and enjoyment. In this article, we take care of giving you some tips to find your passion.

You are multi passions

In life, you will not find one passion, but an infinity of them. Following your passion greatly reduces your chances because you can actually have countless of them, and many with the potential to be profitable.

A person with many passions is the ideal candidate to be an entrepreneur because they can make a perfect mix of each of their passions and strengths and create a business with a peculiar brand attributed to their own personality.

If you are a person with many passions, think of a business idea that allows you to work on several of them. For example, if you like administration, jewelry, and sports, why not start a bracelets business with sports designs made by yourself, and do your own business administration.

Having many passions is an advantage that you can use when you put all the puzzle pieces together and form a single idea. You just need to let your creativity flow.

How to really find your passion

Maybe you’re not multi-passion, and what you want to find is your first passion. If so, then we will tell you that for us, there are three ways to discover it :

1. Finding your passion by chance

People who find their passion by chance are those who generally had no trouble discovering it. They just tried and practiced certain activities (many of them from a very young age) and realized that what they did they were passionate about.

For example, your parents could put you in taekwondo, swimming, guitar, or soccer classes, and suddenly you realized they were activities you were passionate about.

You waited for the next workout or the next session, and just thinking about it would get you excited. Here, the passion arose from your own or your parents’ decision, and initially, you did not know where it would take you.

But tell us, what would have happened if you hadn’t taken those classes or those courses? Well, you simply wouldn’t have discovered that passion. That is why a key to finding your passion is to try and experiment.

You will never know if you are passionate about something if you have not tried it before. You will never know that you enjoy something if you don’t try and practice it.

2. How to find your passion by following your interests

The next way to find your passion is by following what interests you or what you would like to achieve. When you don’t find your passion by chance, there is no way you will find it if you don’t take the initiative and are proactive.

You must start from a genuine and ardent interest or desire to achieve something and start. You need to define a life purpose and from there start the creation process. Over time and repetition, you will form a passion without realizing it because what you will do will align with what you want in life in the medium and long term.

Following your passion based on your interests is something that arises from within you. It is an impulse born from the depths of your being that motivates you to embark on your path towards achieving your proposed goals.

At first, you may not know what you are passionate about. Still, following your heart, eventually, you will feel an intense positive emotion for what you are doing. It will be a project that will thrill you so much that you wake up in bed every morning with an immense desire to keep working and/or practice.

That is why many entrepreneurs and business people advise you to follow your passion. At some point, they started with an idea they had. They believed in it, and that generated intense emotions in them. Over time, they discovered they were extremely passionate about what they were doing (or most of it).

If you want to find your passion, a good idea would be to start with what you want to do with your life for the next 5 or 10 years and start now.

3. How to find your passion by being successful

Sometimes passion can arise in the activities you least expect. That is why experiencing new things is so important when you don’t know what you are passionate about.


Passion wears out and ends

There are very few people who have maintained an unchangeable passion throughout their lives. Can you imagine repeating the same thing for 40 or 50 years daily without getting bored?

Passion wears out over time and slowly dies, and at this point, you must take care to be constant and disciplined.

It is good to know your passions, and they may even be one ingredient in your ideal job, but it is not a key pillar in your future. Do not depend on your work or your life project because if the passion ends, you will find yourself in a monotonous situation that will become very frustrating.

When you repeat something for a long time, there comes a time when you have done the same thing so many times that you no longer want to do it, or at least you no longer have that enthusiasm that you had when you were a beginner.

For example, it is common to see a passionate teacher in the beginning, and 30 years later, they have lost that desire and enthusiasm to do a good job and transmit knowledge to children in the classroom.

Suppose you love to eat a certain dish that you find delicious. In that case, I assure you that you will lose that taste if you eat the same thing every day and every hour (Imagine a dog eating croquettes daily).

A couple that falls into monotony and does not try new and different things, little by little, will lose passion in the relationship.

The passion ends eventually with thousands or millions of repetitions. Our mind adapts to the known and makes it a habit. That is why passion ends.

When something becomes normal or common to us, we stop being impressed; to appreciate and value what we have or do repeatedly over the years, which is one reason we need to constantly reinvent ourselves. We need to reinvent our dreams, illusions, and routine actions as the decades progress.


Final words

Instead of following your passion, follow your dreams, your values, and your convictions. Something that in the future makes you feel great pride in the legacy that you will leave and gives you the certainty that there could not be something better to use your glorious years of life. However, suppose you really want to know what activities you are most passionate about. In that case, you can follow these tips to find your passion.

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