Clients: Discover how to create good relationships with your clients and increasing your sales. A customer is a person, or entity, that purchases the goods and services offered by a company.

The word customer is also a synonym for a buyer. The customer can buy a product and then consume it or buy it for someone else to use.

Without a doubt, the client is the primary focus of attention of any company since all marketing plans and strategies must focus on, develop, and get implemented according to the client.

Every company and brand focuses on constantly increasing its clientele, as this guarantees the success of any business. However, most do not know the correct strategies to achieve this goal.

In this article, you will learn the keys to creating good relationships with your clients to increase sales and guarantee the success of your business in the best way.

But first, what are the types of customers? How to create good relationships with your clients

Before learning how to create good relationships with your clients, you should know that there is no specific formula because all clients are different.

No two clients are the same. The differences between each of them are notorious. However, if you pay close attention to them, we can categorize them according to their personality, purchase expectations, decision-making, motivations, and other characteristics.

This classification will help you know the type of customer you have in front of you and choose the most appropriate strategies and resources to capture their interest, convince them, close the sale, and retain them. Let’s see what the main types of clients you can meet, and some guidelines to deal with them are:


  • Aggressive

They have a strong character. Relating to them is complicated because a minor mistake can cause a problem. To gain their trust and maintain a good relationship, try listening to them, be cordial, and offer impeccable service.


  • Impatient

They want to solve their needs as soon as possible and that their requests get answered as quickly as possible. Immediate and efficient responses will keep him by your side.


  • Rational

It focuses on the product or service. You know what you need and are specific in your questions. Value the numbers, functionality, complete information, and benefits that a purchase will bring you.


  • Indifferent

Although they rarely express their rejection, they are the most difficult to attract because not only do you have to convince them of the advantages of a product or service, you will also have to work hard to get their attention.


  • Undecided

They have difficulty choosing between the alternatives that are presented to them. Short and direct explanations help a lot for these types of clients to make a decision. And, of course, you must use all your patience because it takes a long time for them to define what they want.


  • Dissatisfied

They are the clients whose expectations were not met by your service. In these cases, your task is to find the reasons for this dissatisfaction and solve them.


  • Distrustful

They need a lot of information to verify the benefits of a product. Offer them examples of such specific cases, review data with them, ask them their doubts, and answer all their questions.


  • Mercenaries

They are the ones who prioritize the lowest price without paying much attention to the quality and other characteristics of the insurance.


  • Loyal

They feel satisfied with your services. You should try to make them your “ambassadors.”


  • Ambassadors

They are those who have a high level of satisfaction with your work. Besides being good clients, they become diffusers of positive references about your work.

This type can be a valuable tool to provide better service to the customer, provided that you consider some may change the category as the moment they are living. Therefore, please pay close attention to them and don’t forget that each client is unique and deserves to be treated specially.

What can I do to improve my relationship with clients?

Here are some tips to help you cultivate a good relationship with your customers:

1. Be honest, how to create good relationships with your clients

Always be honest with your customers. That can save you much trouble down the road. Being honest with your customers will build trust between them and your business. Put yourself in their shoes.

2. Be clear, how to create good relationships with your clients

Businesses often have a contract that obligates both parties to fulfill their mutual obligations. Ensure that when you provide your clients with an agreement, it is clear what you can do for them. As much as possible, try to use easily understandable terms. Your clients will know what to expect from you upfront, which could go a long way towards creating a good working relationship between you and your client.

3. Questions are good, how to create good relationships with your clients

Knowing your customer is a way of feeling that your business cares about them. This will allow your company to serve your clients’ needs better and understand their situation, which is very important, especially for attorneys who need to know their clients and their legal cases.

4. Be a problem solver, how to create good relationships with your clients

Most customers looking to buy a product or service need something to solve a problem they have. This is where the importance of knowing your customer comes in handy.

When you understand your customer’s needs, then you can provide proper solutions to their problems. This is especially true for attorneys since most of their clients have no idea what steps they should take to resolve any legal situation they face.

5. Work and improve, how to create good relationships with your clients

Having a good customer relationship requires effort from you as a business owner. The term “nurture” is often used for good customer relationships because you need to develop these relationships.
Like any other type of connection, you will need to dedicate time and effort so that your relationship with your customers can become something that benefits your company.


Now that you know the keys to create good relationships with your customers to increase sales, you can guarantee the success of your business and develop friendly relationships with your customers.

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