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How to create a pleasant workspace. Employees who are more committed to their work are happier and therefore respond by being up to 30% more productive. However, the benefits are not just about productivity, as happy workers can increase their creativity by 86% and improve their health rates by up to 20%.

An adequate workspace is a key to increasing our productivity. We are not just talking about order and cleanliness. A safe and healthy work environment encompasses many things to consider. We’ll tell you everything so that you can organize your work environment correctly.

For this reason, companies must ensure a comfortable and pleasant workspace for their employees to generate the best results.

Benefits of an optimal workspace

When we work in an optimal workspace, we are enhancing our emotional health. Comfortable areas have been shown to improve health by 20% and employee happiness by 24%. While productivity levels increase between 15 and 35%.

More than 60% of employees do not work in a comfortable space, which directly affects their ability to concentrate. The importance of space at work is an increasingly critical issue for workers, increasing the demand of the new generations by 52%.

Today, many people work from home. They must generate the necessary conditions to work efficiently and pleasantly. The good news is that you can follow some handy tips to achieve this goal.


Employee benefits

1. Improves health

Work stress is one of the reasons for its impact on the health of workers. Transforming the workspace has been shown to improve health by 20%.

2. Happiness at work, How to create a pleasant workspace

On the other hand, the employee works in a place where they feel comfortable, both with themselves and the rest of the staff. Feeling at ease in the workplace is the best motivation for workers.

3. Higher performance

Feeling motivated, comfortable, and happy is essential to working with better results. When this happens, employees feel self-fulfilled, proud of their work, and part of the company.

Benefits for the company

1. Economic advantage

Creating a pleasant workspace involves investing a certain amount of money. However, there is a return on investment, and significant long-term monetary savings since workers are more productive and fewer sick leave are collected.

2. Talent attraction, How to create a pleasant workspace

Having the ability to offer comfortable areas is a competitive advantage. This resource is increasingly demanded by workers, and especially by new generations. It is a way to attract talent in a market in which the workers are the ones who choose the company.

3. Improved relationships

The workspace can affect the mood of workers. Artificial light, lack of order or noise, affect comfort, perception, and work environment. Transforming the space improves personal relationships within work.

4. More effective employees, How to create a pleasant workspace

The more comfort, the higher the mood and the better the performance. Workers are more innovative and decisive. In addition, they improve flexibility and strategic thinking.

Social and informal spaces

Today, companies and organizations take the time to create more comfortable and comforting spaces to ensure the health of their employees and, at the same time, they can improve the quality of their work and work performance. This, in turn, optimizes the functions of the company and generates excellent results.

“Agoras, recreation rooms, cafeterias, lounge… foster solid connections between people and facilitate the transmission of knowledge. This is where all employees feel comfortable; where they coexist, where different talents flow, and where innovation ecosystems are created” they indicate from the office.

Collaborative environments

Workplaces that care about the well-being of their workers all have something in common: they combine concentration areas with open and communal spaces while minimizing the tables assigned to a single person. More and more, offices are “non-territorial,” with unassigned positions.

The reason is based on the fact that they promote teamwork and promote camaraderie and joint goals. “This acquires special relevance if one takes into account that the new generations consider common areas as a requirement of an ideal environment,” say the experts.

What should have the ideal workspace?

• Correct lighting, How to create a pleasant workspace

The lighting of the workspace influences both the physical and psychological well-being of people. It can mark a significant point in the realm of productivity. That is why “it must guarantee the visual comfort necessary to do the work efficiently while creating a suitable atmosphere for work.”

• More significant contact with nature and natural light

The wood, gardens, the views to the outside, and the outdoor spaces where you can take a break in the day are some of the new resources for which those companies that want to give more prominence to nature are contributing to the work environment.

• Correct circulation of employees and occupational health

Given that most people spend around eight hours sitting in front of the computer, “it is necessary for the company to worry about providing adequate spaces to promote proper circulation throughout the day,” they highlight from office, which adds: “To promote greater comfort, this must be accompanied by ergonomic furniture that is adaptable to achieve greater comfort and efficiency of the different functions.”

• Air quality, How to create a pleasant workspace

At this point, the experts recommend “having ventilation systems, both natural and artificial, in addition to having plants that generate oxygen throughout the day,” as they point out that “some studies have shown that offices that have plants make workers feel happier, more focused and productive.”

• Noise isolation, How to create a pleasant workspace

Acoustics are among the main things that people are not satisfied with. For this reason, most organizations and companies must ensure that they have a space with optimal conditions so that their employees can relax for a few minutes before returning to work. In addition, the available space must coexist with other closed areas that allow higher concentration tasks or require some privacy. “A good acoustic system can improve motivation up to 60%”, claim from office.

• Homely appearance, How to create a pleasant workspace

Until a few years ago, offices were much colder spaces than now, where more and more frequently, nods are made to the home. “This is achieved with changes in the configuration and design of the furniture, including simple details such as the placement of curtains, cushions, and different decorative elements,” say the experts.

• Personalized and flexible spaces, How to create a pleasant workspace

Workplaces are becoming “more human,” attending to the needs of each of their workers. Flexibility, both time, space, and functional, plays a fundamental role in this; that is to say, adapting the room and furniture to the requirements of the employees at all times and activities.

• Nice colors, How to create a pleasant workspace

The premise is that if the office is physically orderly, the employee will have mental order. You will hardly be able to carry out your tasks correctly if you do not have a pleasant environment where you feel comfortable. According to the office, some keys to achieving this objective are reducing paper, in favor of the digital format, and making strategic use of color.

We often make the mistake of believing that to have a suitable workspace, it is enough to have a table, a computer, and a few other accessories. Nothing is further from reality.

Keep in mind that we spend about 40 hours a week in our workplaces, so they should be more than comfortable and quiet areas. They must be prepared to promote creativity, improve communication and encourage concentration.

People can have excellent work performance by working in a space that has the most optimal conditions. Best of all, we give you some valuable tips that you can take into account when creating a pleasant workspace on your own.

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