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How to achieve financial freedom? Learn about the best-paid jobs of 2021 to achieve your financial freedom. Many think that financial freedom is impossible to achieve. Most believe that having large sums of money only happens to billionaires, but it turns out that today there are many ways to achieve financial freedom.

In this article, you can learn about the best-paid jobs of 2021 to achieve financial freedom. In this way, you can follow a path that helps you achieve the success you want so much sped up.

But first, what is financial freedom?

As the phrase itself shows, it consists of freedom or independence. But this freedom refers to economic terms so that the Financially Free person does not depend on anyone directly to earn money (such as an employee), and their Income does not depend on the direct exchange of their time for money.

In summary, Financial Freedom consists of creating and structuring a set of Income that does not require an investment of time to continue flowing. The Income that builds someone’s Financial Freedom is Passive Income. They are monetary income that does not generate from exchanging time (or work) for money.

Many will think that it is impossible to generate Passive Income because they are used to exchanging their work activity time for money. However, the Financially Free are not lazy. Quite the opposite.

Creating Passive Income is perhaps one of the most exciting and complex challenges a person can have today.

But what exactly is Passive Income?

Passive Income normally bases on a solid business model that must be very well structured from the beginning to continue operating on autopilot.

Whoever builds a Passive Income has tried much more than an employee would have tried to go to work. But the effort is focused on creating a very good cash flow system (cash flow) at the beginning, later dedicating a minimum time or no time, and continuing to work (generating money).

A silly example of Passive Income is the candy machine we see in shopping malls. The machine requires an effort at the beginning to be bought and stocked, besides the permission that is required to place it in the mall. But once all these stages complete, the machine can work alone, receive coins, and deliver sweets.

This is possibly not the best way to have Passive Income, but it is one of them. There are many ways to generate Passive Income. We can find many of these ways online for free. It is important to understand that to be Free or Independent from a Financial point of view; you do not have to be a bad person, step on top of anyone, be illegal, or be lazy.

On the contrary, you have to be a very intelligent person, and for this, we have to increase our financial IQ. Today is fortunately very easy thanks to the Internet. Just as you are reading this article now, you could educate your inner financial genius. And that is our recommendation today.

So what are the highest paying jobs of 2021?

10. Marketing manager

In 10th place, the marketing manager is still highly demanded worldwide, with really high salaries. In addition, the momentum of e-commerce in recent months makes it even more attractive for 2021.

9. IT systems manager, how to achieve financial freedom

An information systems manager of a company handles the security and effectiveness of the computer systems used. It is a booming position all over the world. Due to the sped up digitization of thousands of businesses since the beginning of the pandemic, it may also grow even more next year.

8. Chief Engineer

It is a very versatile position, ranging from civil engineering to computer engineering. Their job is to plan and direct the production, operations, and safety of any construction, machinery, or computer application.

7. Corporate lawyer, how to achieve financial freedom

In some countries, such as the US, an important branch of any large company is the legal department to avoid lawsuits and properly negotiate any dismissal or labor issue.

6. Dentist

But if a traditional profession continues to be one of the highest-paid in the world, it is that of a dentist. And in certain countries with health insurance that doesn’t cover most dental services, this job can be a real bargain.

5. Doctor, how to achieve financial freedom

Along the same lines, being a doctor can be lucrative. In all parts of the world, medicine became one of the highest-paying careers because of advances in medicine. In fact, during the pandemic, it has become an essential profession.

4. Orthodontist

Another health-related profession that has been one of the highest-paid in the world for years is an orthodontist. It is a specialization within the dentist field.

3. Surgeon, how to achieve financial freedom

In the ‘top 3’ are surgeons, a profession that remains one of the highest-paid in the world.

2. Anesthesiologist

But the highest-paid medical-scientific profession in the world is that of anesthesiologist: the person in charge of sedating a patient during surgical interventions (especially because it entails more risk).

1. CEO or president of a company, how to achieve financial freedom

The highest-paid profession in the world is that of the CEO or president of a company. If you are the CEO of a company, you can earn up to millions of dollars.

Entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve financial freedom

Entrepreneurship today has gained great importance due to the need of many people to achieve their independence and economic stability. The high levels of unemployment, and the low quality of existing jobs, have created in people the need to generate their resources, start their businesses, and go from being employees to being employers.

All this is only possible if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Great determination is required to renounce the economic “stability” offered by a job and venture out as an entrepreneur, but even if it is taken into account that the entrepreneur does not always earn as the wage earner does, who has a guaranteed minimum monthly income that allows you to survive.

In many countries (almost all Latin American countries), the only option to get a decent income is to develop their project for many professionals. Governments have understood very well the importance of entrepreneurship, so much so that they have started support programs for entrepreneurs to help them in their purpose of creating their production unit.

Almost all countries have entities dedicated only to promoting business creation among professionals and those who have enough specific knowledge to offer a product or service.

Given these economic circumstances, entrepreneurship is the savior of many families insofar as it allows them to undertake productive projects to generate their resources and improve their quality of life.


Now that you know the best-paying jobs in 2021 to achieve financial freedom, you can choose a profession that guarantees you the financial and professional success that you so desire.

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