As a leader, you will sometimes face challenges, conflicts or difficult situations with either your team members, senior leaders, peers, suppliers, customers etc.


A conflict often arises when your values, ideas, opinions and/or actions are not aligned with those of your counterpart OR when there is miscommunication between different parties.


There are 5 different styles of conflicts.

As a leader, it’s very important to recognize them and to know when to use which one.

So what are they?

  • 1st conflict style is: Competing. You should use it in either emergency situations or if you have to make a quick decision

  • 2nd conflict style is: Collaborating. You should use this style if you want to improve a relationship or if you are trying to gain commitment

  • 3rd conflict style: Compromising. This style should be used if you are dealing with time constraints or if you are trying to create a temporary solution

  • 4th conflict style: Accommodating: You should use it if you are trying to create goodwill or when you are developing performance in a team

  • 5th conflict style: Avoiding: When you want to reduce tension or need more time

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