Managing a team is definitely not easy. It’s even more challenging when you have an international / virtual team. If you want your employees to work as a real team and achieve your organization’s goals, it is very important to ensure you have regular meetings with all your team members. Your team members may be located in different locations, and perhaps even in different time zones. And some of them may not be native English speakers, which adds complexity in communicating with each of them.

In order to ensure they do not feel isolated but engaged, you as a leader need to have different types of meetings with the members of your organization.

Tips to improve engagement and team building

✅ Have a regular weekly 1-on-1 with your direct reports. This is an opportunity for them to provide their highlights, lowlights/challenges & tell you their next focus. You can help them prioritize, give them guidance & provide them feedback on how they are doing.

✅ Have a regular team meeting (ideally weekly as well) with your direct reports. This is your chance to provide updates, ensure everyone is on the same page & to give them the opportunity to discuss challenges they may face.

✅ If you have a bigger team, ensure you have a wider team meeting every 1-2 months. Some people may not report directly to you but want to hear from you, want to know what’s going on in the company & want to have a chance to ask you questions.

✅ Ensure you have a yearly performance reviews & that you provide constructive feedback.


Why is it important?

By having these meetings, you show your team you are taking the time to listen to them & ensure everyone has all they need to do their job.

Have these meetings via video conference call! This makes such a difference with your team. You’ll be able to see each other & it’s a great way to increase team building.


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