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Find your non-negotiable values to be a strong woman. Values are fundamental for the personal and emotional growth of everyone. They are known as the pillars of a person’s personality and ethics. For this reason, they are extremely important in all aspects of life.

Women are exposed to all kinds of situations in the workplace, as they are perceived as emotionally and physically more vulnerable. However, if you are a woman, and you find out what your non-negotiable values are. In that case, you can prove that you are a strong and determined woman, and you will earn the respect of everyone around you.

How do I find out what my non-negotiable securities are?

Many strategies can help you figure out what your non-negotiable values are for being a strong woman. If you don’t know them, here are some tips that can help you:

· Talk to other people, Find your non-negotiable values

Sometimes it is easy to figure out what is non-negotiable for you when you ask someone close to you what their thing is. When you listen to what someone has to say, it can help you recognize that they have the same or different beliefs. Ask someone you know or trust, as they will probably be the most helpful in this situation.

Sometimes, the perception we have about ourselves is not the right one. It is necessary to talk to someone objective enough to tell us what kind of attitudes and values are part of our personality.

· Accept the opinions of others

Sometimes we find that others know us better than we know ourselves. This can go a long way when it comes to knowing our non-marketable securities. Suppose someone tells you that you are a highly determined and responsible person. In that case, you can be sure that the values that define you are determination and responsibility.

The objective of knowing your non-negotiable values is that you manage to become a non-manipulable person. These kinds of people are always faithful to their ideals and everything they do is to ensure their own well-being and those around them.

· Discuss it with your partner or your parents, Find your non-negotiable values

When trying to determine what is non-negotiable as a couple or family, it is important to figure it out together. Talk about what principles you think they should be, and hopefully, you will agree.

For example, what is not negotiable for someone in the family or partner could be spending more time with others on a specific day of each week, with no exceptions.


It could also be that they eat together at the dining room table or at a specific time, their phones and other electronic devices should be off each night. Or, you can add to the list that you will never tolerate abuse from a friend or someone important. You can add this based on personal experience or after seeing a friend in such a situation.

· Distinguish beliefs from the non-negotiable

When you have the non-negotiable for yourself, you must identify a variety of terms that you feel strongly about. However, there is a difference between what makes you feel strong, and when you really do not have negotiables. Perhaps you agree to do something that you are very against due to other factors.

For example, a common and controversial belief is that a woman should not choose an abortion. However, there may be some cases where the belief is flexible such as when the pregnancy is the result of rape.

· Make a tentative list, Find your non-negotiable values

Give it a few days and then come back and analyze it again. You may feel differently about what you really think is non-negotiable after having had a few days to think. Ask yourself if you would ever go against a non-negotiable in a certain situation. If you would it’s likely something you just firmly believe in.

· Make a firm list

There is something about putting the words in writing that makes it seem very official. Take a pencil and paper and write what is non-negotiable. This can really help you meet them. You may even want to add your signature at the end.

Put the list in a prominent place around the house or keep it in your wallet. Check the list every day. Having it close to you at all times can help you keep it at the forefront of your mind.

· Check the list frequently, Find your non-negotiable values

Life changes and things that are not negotiable do too. Go through the list a few times a year and see what’s there is still true. It is perfectly acceptable to add and remove terms from the list. Keeping it up-to-date is ideal, particularly if it concerns helping you to be strong.

For example, you may have needed to work on weekends in the morning during your career. Still, as you become more efficient, you can switch from non-negotiable to no work on weekends. Something similar is that before, it has been acceptable to exercise 3 times a week. Maybe now you want to do it 5 to 6 times a week.

· Learn to say “No”

One of the biggest reasons people give in to the non-negotiable is because they worry about saying “No”. Maybe they don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or they don’t have the confidence. Whatever the reason, they hurt themselves when they give up.

When someone asks you and to compromise what is non-negotiable, you can simply say No. Then explain why if you feel comfortable doing it.

For example, your best friend may ask you if she can look over her shoulders during a test because she had been upset about her breakup and couldn’t study. However, if you have a non-negotiable about cheating or lying, you can say no and cite the reason.

· Let people know what is non-negotiable for you

Whether it’s work or relationship-related, it’s important to put the non-negotiable on the table. Putting it there before someone has a chance to challenge you is a good way to help you enforce them. If someone knows what is non-negotiable to you, they may be less likely to ask you to break it.

If you and your partner get serious, you could say “Before we continue with this relationship, I just want to let you know what I consider to be non-negotiable for me. When you start a new job, you might say to the boss, ”I’m excited to be working with you, but there are some things I can’t do, like working past 7:00 pm”.

By disclosing what is non-negotiable, you could prevent yourself from investing too much in the relationship.

· Avoid people who can’t respect you, Find your non-negotiable values

You may find, no matter what, that some people just can’t resist trying to challenge you. If you are worried about giving up on this, just stay away from those people if you can. Allowing yourself to be constantly tempted can result in doing something that you regret

For example, if you have a friend who wants you to drink alcohol, even though you abstain because it is non-negotiable, don’t go out with these types of people. If your partner is adamant about having children and you don’t want to, you may need to end the relationship.

Being loyal to yourself is difficult, and having people around you who don’t support your beliefs can portend your well-being.

· Never give up

It is usually easier to give up the non-negotiable than to be firm. However, giving up, even just once, gives others the impression that it is not non-negotiable. It may make them believe that they can challenge you again, which will make you feel weak.


To end

Finding your non-negotiable values can make you a stronger and more determined woman. This can help you improve many aspects of your life personally, professionally, spiritually, and much more. Put these tips into practice and discover your true way of being.

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