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Essential tips for working from home. Working remotely seems to be a more comfortable option for any worker. But there are many setbacks, distractions, and interruptions that can drastically affect your productivity and even any creative process.

Working from home seems like a solution for many, but most don’t know how to create the right conditions to be as creative and productive as they are in the office.

So welcome to the fantastic world of remote work. Is it flexible? Yes, of course! But it is also a significant challenge—a constant daily juggling at home and of workflow that can’t stop.

The good news is that with the help of the best tips for working from home, you can guarantee the best productivity and growth at the work level.


Tips for working from home in a better way

Here are some of the essential tips for working from home that can help you the most if you put them into practice:

1. Enable one suitable workspace, essential tips for working from home

Ideally, have a room dedicated just for these purposes. If this is not possible, reserve a space in the house specifically designed for working. It should not be in bed or an armchair. Choose a place where you have a large surface and make it your work desk. Clean the space, keeping only what is essential to carry out your job responsibility. Ensure you have good lighting and a comfortable chair.

Working a few hours sitting on your favorite side of the sofa is a beautiful privilege. However, doing this for several weeks in a row can, for example, affect your spine. It is better not to risk it!

Defining a workspace is essential to be successful in this new period. It can be a room (it would be the ideal), a small space, or even a table that fulfills a double function. To spend at least a third of the day sitting producing, it is necessary to be very comfortable.

See if your company offers you any benefits for working from home. Many of them reimburse for work monitors (working with a large screen is a great advantage when producing) and other accessories that can improve your quality of life, such as good headphones or a good mouse. We do not know the difference they make on a day-to-day basis until we invest in them.

And before forgetting it, we must say that lighting is essential. If your work area is very dark, it is worth investing in a good lamp.

Organize your work material and, if you share that space with more people (partner/spouse, housemates, or children), establish rules and schedules. If necessary, work on a shift system.

Nowadays, with the kids out of school and a couple working at home, alternating schedules can be a good strategy for things to go well. For example, one of them may start earlier.

Either way, you need to hold that important meeting or make that weekly call without interruptions that are not part of your work routine.

2. Create a routine, essential tips for working from home

Just as you have a routine to go to your workplace, you must have one to work at home. You do not need to start work from the moment you get up. Take your time. But take seriously the moment you choose to begin your job. Don’t stay in your pajamas: Even if you wear comfortable clothes, add the ritual of changing clothes to your routine. Take a set amount of time, at the same time every day, to take breaks and meals. All this will help you get the right mindset to start your work.

Suppose in the office you never had to worry about organizing and prioritizing your daily tasks. The broad freedom of remote work brings generous doses of responsibility and goals that cannot be missed.

And of course, a good list has to have daily, weekly and monthly planning. The idea here is to do your day-to-day tasks without neglecting future opportunities or extra projects (which will give you a good image) when you have little time left.

Plan your schedule to include a break. A coffee, a walk (those who work at home tend to walk little, pay attention to that), or simply five minutes to check your social networks lying on your sofa (yes, you are welcome here).

Those who work at home tend to lunch at home and doing household chores becomes more accessible.

The balance between the domestic routine and the work is essential for success in this new stage. It may take a few days to break even, but you will.

Distribute tasks, be flexible and create your rules. The dishes accumulated in the sink may have to wait until the end of your work schedule for you to wash them. No problem.

3. Respect the schedules, essential tips for working from home

Schedule and plan your tasks. Those with a busy meeting schedule will have less flexibility to shift schedules and create an alternate routine. But for those who do not have a rigorous work schedule, the advice is to use flexibility to your advantage.

With a bit of self-observation, we can know when we are most productive, and we will work in the best possible way during those hours. Perhaps it is one of those who likes to get up later. Maybe you’ll value a nap after lunch or, who knows, even a few extra hours at dawn. Adapt your schedule and make it work for you, but be consistent.

You can also put into practice some strategies that allow you to optimize productivity to respect the schedules that you establish yourself:


  • Wear work clothes: spending a day or two in your pajamas is very pleasant, but living in your pajamas significantly damages your self-esteem;


  • Open the windows: natural light and fresh air are always welcome;


  • Get informed: a few minutes of daily reading or, who knows, listening to a good podcast will bring new ideas and even inspiration for new projects into your day;


  • Drink lots of water – this makes a big difference to your health and well-being.

4. Set boundaries, essential tips for working from home

You must be strict with the hours that you will dedicate to work. Create ‘Non-Interruption Schedules’ with specific hours where you prevent any type of suspension or stop. Also, define in which scenarios you would agree to make a parenthesis. And something important: establish a “departure time” for your workday from home to avoid a negative impact on your mental and physical health.

5. Take care of your mental and physical health

Working alone at home can be detrimental to your mental health. Have a few minutes a day to socialize and have virtual meetings via video call or telephone. Take several breaks a day, stay hydrated, eat healthily, and include exercise in your daily routine.

6. Use collaboration tools, essential tips for working from home

Use collaborative tools with your work team such as Slack and Trello, which allow you to organize and prioritize your tasks, work as a team, quickly access the supplies you need and thus optimize time. Your supervisor and supervisors will be able to communicate rapidly and report what is done each day.


Final words

Working from home has been a challenge for most people. Still, by following the essential tips for working from home, you can ensure the highest level of productivity and perform at your best.

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