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Mental barriers: Don’t let fear control your mind. There are people who have big goals and dreams that they want to fulfill, the problem is that they are afraid to take the risk and do it. Fear is one of the most common mental barriers in human beings. This is because fear is a defense mechanism that allows them to protect themselves from danger.

However, fear related to mental barriers is relates more to conformity. When people feel safe, in one way or another, they avoid taking risks to fulfill their dreams because they do not want to lose that comfort.

In this article, you will learn to not allow fear to take control of your mind so that you can take risks and achieve all the goals and objectives necessary to fulfill your dreams.

The fear of leaving the comfort zone

Most people in the world think about growing up, studying, getting a good job, buying a house, having a family, growing old, and dying. However, internally they have thousands of dreams that they want to fulfill to give their life the turn they really need.

Now, one thing is to dream, and another thing is that your dreams become reality. Most people do not work, they do not take risks to fulfill their dreams and then they live frustrated because they did not.


Fear is one of the biggest causes of delay and conformity in people’s lives, and this is why they should not allow fear to take over their minds.

When you accept the condition you are in, bad or not, and settle to a point where you do not want to make changes, you are in danger of living a frustrated life without moving forward.

It is important to remember that changes are part of life and that we must learn to adapt to them. In addition, we must continually seek to grow to guarantee our own satisfaction and happiness, as well as those who are part of our life.

A person may have a lot of talent or intelligence, but if they are not willing to challenge themselves and follow their dreams, they will stay completely stuck and will not be able to make strong changes that help improve their quality of life.

Don’t let fear control your mind: Why do most people settle for what they have?

The feeling of conformity results from several factors, which can be internal (psychological) or external (environmental). Among the psychological factors, we can find that people conform because:

• Feel safe and secure.

• They feel superior to those around them, and this gives them satisfaction.

• They feel unable to fulfill their dreams.

They are afraid of changes.

• They have low self-esteem.

• They don’t learn new things.

Among the environmental factors, we can find that people conform because:

• They have a stable job.

• They have their own home.

• Their families are not supportive.

• They have conformist friendships.

• They do the same routine every day.

In this sense, we can realize that conformist people can do the same work for 30 years in a row and not make any changes. While this is not a bad thing, it is not an ideal living condition either.

How does not overcoming fears make us conform?

This is not an easy task for most people, but it is necessary to lose the fear of changes and face the challenges that life puts on us in order to move forward and evolve.

Some strategies that can help you overcome these mental barriers are:

• Assume small goals daily. Don’t let fear control your mind 

One of the best ways to get out of a situation of comfort and stagnation is to create new goals and meet them daily. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction every time you fulfill each one and also give you the opportunity to achieve your dreams more easily.

It is proven that a person who does not set goals is a person who conforms to their current life. If you want to generate changes, this is the best way to achieve them.

• Write your dreams on paper. Don’t let fear control your mind 

Writing your dreams in a notebook, a diary, or on a sheet of paper to stick on the wall is the best way to visualize your dreams come true. In this way, you can set daily goals that help you fulfill your dreams in the best way.
At the same time, visualization can help you not settle for what you currently have. By visualizing that you want something better, you are going to fight to achieve what you want so much.

• Read daily. Don’t let fear control your mind 

One of the main causes of conformity and comfort in society is lack of education. As long as people remain ignorant that there are better things than what they live with every day, they settle for what they have without complaining.
Try reading books on self-help, personal and career growth, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, biographies of people you admire, news articles, and more. This will help you grow on a personal and professional level exponentially.

In addition to this, you will begin to educate yourself and create a higher level of consciousness that will help you be more cultured, create a greater sense of responsibility, develop your own ideas, create vine projects that help you grow, and much more.


Now that you know the strategies to not allow fear to take control of your mind to fulfill your dreams in the best way and improve your quality of life.

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