Dancing salsa and effective communication… What do the two have to do with each other? 


A few weeks ago, I posted an article on how to communicate effectively and provided general tips.

And a few days ago, I wrote a post on Linkedin about dancing salsa, taking a break and recharging my batteries…


So again, what do dancing and communication have to do with each other?



When you dance, you also communicate. You do not talk while dancing but you have to be clear in your communication.


You have to indicate to your dance partner what she is supposed to do. Does she need to:

  • Turn once, twice or more?
  • Turn right or left?
  • Dance more slowly or quicker?


This means you cannot hesitate. You need to be clear in how you communicate this information.


The same goes with verbal or written communication. You need to take your audience into account:


  • Are you trying to provide an update? 
  • Are you trying to share a story & convey a message?
  • Do you need some information?


Whatever message you’re trying to share, you have to be as clear as possible so that there is no confusion. People have to know what your values are,  what is important for you, what you stand for.


When you communicate things clearly, your audience will react as expected. If not, you may receive lots of questions  and will have to clarify your message.


I like the expression ‘It takes 2 to tango’. To me, it says it all. It’s about what one person does or say, and how the other person reacts. Action <-> reaction. If the first person has not been clear in his/her message, the second person will be confused, or will react in a strange way. Or will ask questions to really understand the point the first person is trying to make. 

So yes, it does take two to tango!

In my case, I say ‘It takes 2 to salsa!’ ??

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