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Family and work: What should I choose? Many women are at a great disadvantage compared to men in today’s society, this disadvantage is known as “emotional attachment to the family.” After a woman decides to have children, it is very difficult for many of them to separate for 6 or 8 hours in a row from their little ones. This is completely understandable to most.

Normally, during the first years, women decide to withdraw from work to dedicate themselves to raising their children. The problem is that, after so many years of inactivity, most companies do not want to hire these women.
Nowadays, all people know that this happens, women take many precautions for it. Many decide not to have children to continue with their jobs (it can even be said that most of the working women make this decision).

Today, the good news is that many laws and regulations support men and women who want to start a family. There are plenty of alternatives that allow you to continue working from home. In this way, they do not need to choose between work and family.

Now, what does it mean to integrate family and work?

Integrating family and work means considering a harmonious development of the person where they can assume their family and work responsibilities without one area being affected by the other.

Being able to achieve this integration is always a personal decision. Each one can choose between spending more time at the office (this will mean that the family waits at home) or deciding that work will wait until tomorrow, which will mean getting home on time. However, the workplace can support and accompany this decision of each worker to the extent.

For the employer, integrating family and work implies creating the environment so that employees can attend to their family responsibilities without feeling drawn or with feelings of guilt in the face of work demands, dedicating the time and energy to work and family.

Why is it important to integrate work and family?

Today’s working life, with its sometimes excessive demands and pressures, has repercussions on the health of people and their families. The intense pace at work, long working hours, and the lack of flexibility to meet family demands contaminating the quality of life of people who work outside the home and affect their physical or mental health and their family’s life and labor.


Work stress creates unhealthy behaviors that influence family relationships and the building of positive bonds. We are in the presence of a problem that must be addressed as soon as possible.

What can be done today?

Integrating work life and family life means being aware of the effects that work decisions can have on the quality of life of people and their families, positively or negatively affecting the development of their members.

Therefore, the first step on an individual level is to be aware of the need to integrate both realities. Second, it is necessary to discover that what happens in the family enriches the work. Therefore, within the commitment to incorporate social responsibility, it is necessary to take each employee’s family as a new stakeholder. Finally, as a society, we have to commit ourselves to take care of the most valuable thing we have: families. They build the human capital of a country.

Today, women also can find jobs and online alternatives to earn money and stay at home with their children. This way, they do not need to choose between work and family.

Online alternatives to work from home

There are a wide variety of options available on the Internet that can help you generate income from the comfort of your home, and best of all, you will not have to be separated from your children and your family. Some of the most popular are:

1. Blogger, choose between family and work

Many writers and college graduates have become bloggers because it is currently one of the best ways to pass on their knowledge, experiences, and advice to the rest of the world. Best of all, this alternative can generate excellent income for you in a timely manner.

2. Virtual assistant, choose between family and work

Suppose you are organized and can efficiently handle tasks such as answering emails, keeping agendas, planning meetings, etc. In that case, this may be your ideal option for working from home. Being a virtual assistant allows you to offer your services without being in an office.

The advantage is that more are joining this modality every day since most brands choose to create web pages, and many of them serve their businesses online.

3. Content writer (copywriting)

Every business needs written content, and if this is your strong suit, you could earn a lot of money working from home.

By becoming a content writer you have an unlimited opportunity to expand your knowledge of general culture. In addition, you can generate income by doing a relatively simple task, which will not take you long and will allow you to be more with your family. Best of all, you can do it from your computer, phone, tablet, laptop, and from any device with Internet access.

4. Affiliate marketing, choose between family and work

This is another of our favorite ways to earn extra money and work from home that we consider the most profitable and easy to implement. Basically, for affiliate marketing, you must create a professional website/blog, gain authority, readers and then find products/services according to the theme of your website.

5. Youtuber

Becoming a YouTuber is a slightly more complicated task since it requires strict prior planning, and you must also expose some aspects of your personal life. However, it is also extremely fun and you can include your family in the process. The best of all is that, if you get to have good popularity, you will generate excellent profits and also become an example to follow for all the people who watch you.

6. Graphic design, choose between family and work

People who are good at designing post logos for social media, infographics, presentations, and much more will feel comfortable with this profession. The best of all is that on the Internet there are many platforms where you can show your work as a graphic designer, and also get a job easily. In addition, you can use the best tools to facilitate your work and also take courses to professionalize yourself.

7. Social media manager

Most people confuse Social Media Manager with Community Manager when each one fulfills different functions. Managing your clients’ social networks can be one of the simplest and most entertaining tasks you must do in this kind of work. You don’t even need to log onto a computer or stay home all day. You just have to make sure you have access to the Internet and the rest is extremely simple.

Besides this, the Social Media Manager creates personalized content for their clients, publishing it, interacting with the followers, and generating strategies to increase the popularity of their clients.

Final words

Now that you know some of the most popular and lucrative online job options worldwide, you have the opportunity to work from home and avoid choosing between work and family.

We all know how important family can be to us, so having the opportunity to earn income from home to spend more quality time with your loved ones is nothing short of amazing.

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